PDF Scepter of Fire The Mirror of Immortality #2

PDF Scepter of Fire The Mirror of Immortality #2

Scepter of Fire is the brilliant seuel to the first book in The Mirror of Immortality series Crown of Ice Read of my review here This was a really good story Second book in the series It continues the story from the first book A retelling of The Ugly Duckling Full of action The main character Varna is a healer Very lain in looks Her second mentor Sten Rask is a sorcerer unknown to Varna He offers Va. This edition is now out of rintThe current editi.

Rna beauty and ower Varna has a war going on inside her What will Varna do Looking forward to the next book 45 StarsScepter of Fire was a really fascinating novelIt was filled with adventure magic and romance I enjoyed the Flood Legends plot of the novel and the charactersI liked Varna because even though she isn t really beautiful that never stopped her from being kind She would also do anything torotect those. On is ublished under the author name Victoria Gi.

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She loves Erik and Anders were also a nice addition both being brave and strong willed It was also great to see Gerda Thyra Kai Luki Bae and Sephia againScepter of Fire was a great read and recommended to fans of fantasy She did it again Although I have to say for myself the ending wasn t what I had hoped But non the less it was a great book I love the characters and I Secretly hope she writes another. LbertFind it under Victoria Gilbert's author age.

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