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Where the first chapter got repeated I just now ooked and no there s nothing to indicate One week ago or anything Men like that Just moving from one chapter to the next This is one of those things that kind of messes with my mind and causes me to get all annoyed and angryike Yet I just shrugged caught up in the hypnotic pull of the writing So There was that The writing was good Interesting fantasy world overlaying the non fantasy world A world of vampires werewolves magic users fae and others who are awake and then there are those who are not awake Who travel the world refusing to know the truth Looking grey and uncolorful These would be the humans and any unawaken creature who shares some human dna Isotopic Carbon like say werewolves which are born in this world not made though they have to be awakened There s this neat way that the awake world and the unawake world is shown in this book When Dakota goes outside for the first time after being awoken she s confused It sike the film Pleasantville not mentioned in the book where some people are in color and others aren t Those not awake appear grey and without color Those awake share two characteristics they are in color and they have aura s mostly uniue to themselves That s also why Dakota s attacked for the first time she s awoken now and so others The Robotics Primer (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents) (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents) (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents Series) like say a Vampire sees her as something interesting And unprotectedBefore we go too far down the road of vampire evil it should be noted that only one seemed to be described that way One of the magic usersmentalists Dakota encounters has a vampire boyfriend and Dakota herself is circling a female vampire Did I not mention that yet Well until it actually matters it didn t matter For most of the story the fact that Dakota is aesbian doesn t really matter Sure near the beginning she mentions being attracted to a certain female she meets but then she also checked out the man that woman was with in noticing what he Step Out of Your Story lookedike and that he appeared handsome The Eyes of the Dead less in the drooling way she was checking out the woman Of course at some point it does matter I mean this is in addition to being a fantasy aesbian romance And that rears its head to sniff the air and bounce around I appear to finding weird word choices and phrases Odd that I had a point I think I Rules for a Lady lost the point before I successfully conveyed said pointRight so this is a fantasy It mostly takes place in an urban setting Knoxville Tennessee and Nashville Tennessee Calgary Alberta Canada and a moment or two in Dallas Texas and takes place in a dwelling that may or may not be in a suburbrural area I forget now just that it is in the mountains Still there s a certain feel of being in a city but the urbanness of the story doesn t really seem to matter So should I call it an urban fantasy Maybe Paranormal activity occurs Has a kind of different vibe though Hmms Well um it s a fantasy that includes a bit of romance a bit ofesbian stuff mystery magic and stuff This is a good solid great story It just didn t feel Calebs Tempting Mate (Saber Chronicles like a five star story And I have no real idea why that might be So Il mark it down as a 45 story for nowDecember. Her hands Dakota's powers are a danger to herself and everyone around her and she has to ABC learn to control them uickly or riskosing her one chance to finally fulfill a ifelong dreamWhile coming to terms with her new reality she stumbles up.

This was a really fun book The world building had numerous fascinating elements to it and I m really ooking forward to seeing of it in future books As this was the first book in a series much of its Palace Intrigue (A Medieval Tale length was dedicated to fleshing out the rules and background so it was vital that all of said information be delivered in an accessible entertaining way It was While there might not have been much action or conflict in the story it was chock full of funny dialogueikable characters an interesting mystery a few emotional moments some family drama and probably a number of other things I m not remembering right nowIf there s a part of the story I m not completely sold on it s the Parking Lot Rules 75 Other Ideas for Raising Amazing Children love triangle I m not a big fan of that device in general but if you re going to do it make it work I just never felt the connection between I won t get into too much details in fear of spoiling the read What I will say is that this book sparked the reader in me to escape into a story The characters are well developed the pacing is great and the ending is satisfyingThere are many elements that make this book stand out For me though if you a an avid reader that has been finding many books full of the same old story and wouldike something different to spark your interest and get you back into reading this book is for you Awakened is one of those urban fantasy books that absolutely eats my time and provides the force that makes me want to gobble up and writing I ve not read as exciting a book as this since I was first introduced to the Dresden Files series and Shei definitely evokes the same Carlyle Marney level of can barely contain myselfet s stay up until 6 in the morning reading excitement that Butcher does Awakened has a few Shameful loose ends that areeft hanging at the end of this story but with the promise of many novels to come in this series I m sure they l be tied up I certainly ook forward to Dakota Shepherd and even so to of Shei s writing My first work by these authorsI m not exactly sure what I was expecting when I decided kind of randomly to try this book I even did something I had somewhat gotten out of the habit of doing checking out the preview before startingdownloading Read the first couple of pages and got sucked in immediately There s a kind of hypnotic uality to the writing that grabs the reader by the scruff of the neck and tugs them further and further along Somewhere along the way this tugging Sacred Landscapes lessons and the reader is gentlyet to walk on their own four paws I do not know why I pictured a mother cat carrying along a kitten these be werewolves not catsOne example of the hypnotic pull The first and second chapters seem as if they move from one moment to another Flow naturally together A security guard is prowling around at night gets caught up in a robbery captures that guy and has something magical happen to them They are all shocked and trembling and confused They curl up to eat some food and attempt to rest Second chapter starts She s clocking in at work apparently the next day but somewhere along the way I realized that this was a flashback Probably around the point. Geeky esbian Dakota Shepherd was just a bored night security guard working at a museum in Knoxville Tennessee until one fateful encounter changed it all A rogue wizard A demonic ritual A silver chalice Dakota Awakened Hellfire blazing from.

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Awakened Auralight Codex Dakota Shepherd #1 EBOOK FREE

17 2015 The story is okay there s not much conflict but it has a ot of potential in which I hope it will be address in the second book This whole first book is mostly about finding identity and Gold Rush lost memory The main character s personality is not to myiking I hate Girl Reporter love triangle especially when the main character can t even differentiate her feeling yet stillet her mouth keeps saying the wrong stuffs At time I did felt embarras 35 stars Overall a nice adventure a bit mundane at the beginning as well as at the end Somehow I expected excitement And the romance part was severely undeveloped They met Hunted like four times didn t really get to know each other and already the Iove yous are flying around that was straight outta Gingerbread Heart left field But other than that it is a solid readGonna grab the next book too To me this is the best FF paranormal book series available for free with Kindle Unlimited Don t have much to say than Ioved it I really hope the author puts out book 3 uickly the wait is a killerDo not hesitate to read this if you enjoy story of Vampires Werewolves and magic This book was AWESOME I was very ucky to get an early copy and I m utterly floored This is Shei Darksbane s first book and I ve paid good money for books by established authors for books that were not as exciting as this one The world of the Auralight Codex Auraverse CodexVerse is deeply rich and I feel ike we ve only barely begun to scratch the surface in Awakened But wait I m Biz Talk-2 letting my ramble distract me Ahem Let me actually review the bookOkay so Dakota Shepard is an adorkable protagonist just making ends meetike all of us do until her whole world gets turned upside down and Ugh I feel Ricky Ricottas Mighty Robot vs the Stupid Stinkbugs from Saturn (Ricky Ricotta, like I m just parroting back the blurb mmmh What to say without spoilers This is a great story about a fantastical snarky protagonist who I was cheering for every step of the way She meets some AWESOME characters all of which I WANNA KNOW MORE ABOUT along the way of trying to figure out who and what she is The ending was a real surprise and I cannot WAIT for book 2I don t know howong the author plans on making this series but she s got a fan in me This month I m doing ReadAtMidnight s TheReadinguest and Awakened fulfills my book with one word title along the mage path and gives me 20EXP and 33HPDefinitely an interesting read Nice addition to the urban fantasy genre and I A Historical Atlas of Tibet love how Dakota s identity is just a part of her and the only contention comes near the end and is memories of her mother Nothing new or spectacular in different beings but still a good story I definitely wannaearn about Andrei but overall this was a well concluded story with just enough open uestions to continue Dakota s story I really don t The Last Awakening (Curse of the Phoenix, like books that start with a scene fromater in the book The first chapter of this book is actually part of chapter four fortunately I found the story interesting enough to forgive thisThis wasn t an action packed story but it has a kind of charm that pulls you in and keeps you reading Having established the main characters I hope the author adds a Italian Warships Of World War II little excitement in the next book. On a secret that changed the course of herife Now she wants to know who is responsible for the holes in her memory the blocks that hold back her powers and all the years she spent aloneWho put her back to sleep when she Awakened years befo.

Shei Darksbane is the author of theDakota Shepherd series an Urban Fantasy series featuring snarky lesbian geek girl Dakota ShepherdShe writes alongside her wife author Annathesa Nikola Darksbane working on both of their projects together contributing in various ways Shei is a proud pansexual feminist and natural bluenette

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