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FuckI have no words I m emotionally drained They say don t judge a book by its cover but the same goes for don t judge a book by its length This little thing packs a mean punch And I was hopelessly unguarded against its brutal attack on my emotions I think what really hit home for me was the last page With nothing but the simple synopsis and Emily s wonderful review I was sold But the message that failed to hit home before I picked this up was that this is ableak and depressing novel Don t get me wrong it s utter brilliance distilled and poured into 140 pages or so but the honesty in which it s written will reduce anyone to tears If ou re anything like me always hoping for a better outcome in any situation and always trying to see the good in other people walk away now This book is not for The Little House in the Woods and Other Stories youA great man once said When a man sits with a pretty girl for an hour it seems like a minute But let him sit on a hot stove for a minute and it s longer than any hour That s relativity EinsteinWhether 12 hours pass or 2 minutesou don t truly get a sense You re suspended in this whirlwind of flashes into the past and then anchored back to the present and The Modern Art Invasion you relive each passing moment with Niel The author does a remarkable job revealing snippets of the past at just the right time that it s not untilou reach the near end that The Faceless Ones (Skulduggery Pleasant, you truly appreciate what has gone on By brutally honest what I mean is that Niel s guilt is not even uestioned once not by a single character It just is The story is told in such a way with multiple perspectives that on the face of it it appears to be a simple factual account of what s gone on and as a readerou inevitably reach a point where ou start to uestion what his real crime is being in the wrong place at the wrong time Being unfortunate and poor Wanting to work hard and prove to society how wrong it was in its preconceptions regarding his class Standing up for someone close to him view spoilerI cannot honestly say how much of this book is based on true events and I m in no position to judge whether Niel deserved such a punishment especially without the full facts but if as the book suggests that his true crime was poverty then it s truly saddening More so when ou consider that this issue is still rife even in today s society Society is uick to judge someone s guilt based on their looks their race their gender their classand newspapers are even uicker to stoke and fuel that fire It s a vicious cycle and one we seem to be incapable of learning fromWith no one left behind to mourn or remember him I hope that anyone reading this takes a moment to imagine themselves in Niel s shoes back in 1853 RIP hide spoiler It s nearing the end of o levels so I had the chance to read this book and I ve got to say it s such a heartwarming book It s about a 15 Neverland (Adventures in Neverland, year old boy who s to be executed which sounds so heartbreaking But after reading the story I guess it didn t feel so sad It s because we get a glimpse of his thoughts and feelings Also we get the perspectives of. In twelve hours a fifteenear old boy will be be executed on Gallows HillThe master carpenter comes to measure Niels for his coffinThe master baker bakes bread for the spectatorsThe messenger posts the notice of execution in

E–pub READ Den sidste henrettelse ¾ Jesper Wung–Sung

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Other people in the town about the execution However it wasn t as emotionally impactful as I hoped it would be so the 4 stars This was a ready good read It s really short but packed with such emotion and food for thought Good for a uick read Dark and deliciously atmospheric this is a moving work Don t let its size confuse ou this is for mature readers This was a very uick read but I did not get much out of it I did not know going into this book that it was based on a true execution in Denmark but I still felt no emotional connection to any of the characters I suppose there was not enough pages to get to fully understand the characters I do think that this book did have some wonderful passages and outlooks on life so that is why it is receiving a three star The world is the meeting place of the strange This is a really positive review with a small caveat the price for this book needs to come down or they need to start getting it in libraries because 12 to read a novella even in ebook format is crazy Apr 8 2016Anyway now I ve finished bitching I m going to talk about how great this story is It s a short powerful emotive read about the twelve hours before a Danish boy is due to be executed He sits in his jail cell with a fly as his only companion reminiscing about his life with his father poor and often homeless but The Last Execution is not just a book about the boy in uestionAs we soon find out there are many people involved in Niel s execution from the carpenter who will make his coffin to the baker who will serve bread to those coming to watch to the poet who will record the events It s a chilling tale about the whole town and the vast array of emotions experienced everything from sadness and pity to excitement and enthusiasmThe boy s guilt of the crime is never really in uestion but it is given context which makes it hard not to side with Niels regardless The book acts as a criticism of society and its failures to the lower poorer classes and also shows the way people are uick to rally around and enjoy another s misfortune As Kirkus said the carefully paced reveals of the specific circumstances leading up to the fatal incident ultimately suggest Niels greatest crime might simply have been povertyBy opening each chapter in the dark simplicity of Niel s cell and reminding the reader how long is remaining until the execution the atmosphere is one of impending doom and the suspense is perfect I really enjoyed the format of the storytelling the gradual reveals and the wide scope of such a small novel incorporating the perspectives of many charactersA hard hitting and memorable little bookBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Store The moment ou let go of the stone it s too late to change B. Altman and Cos Enlarged Store, 1914 your mind But ifou don t say or do something it is also too late I purchased this book because I ve found that for me it s always those under two hundred page books that pack a punch that longer books usually aren t able to reach This book didn t disappoint at all It caused me to He town suareThe poet prepares his best pen to record the events of the execution as they unfoldA fly Niels’s only companion in the cell buzzes buzzesA dog hovers by his The Space Race young master’s windowAoung girl hovers too pitying.

E transported to Denmark in the 1800s I was in the cell with Niels It s so atmospheric Because the setting is for the most part in a cell with a fly and a dog outside everything was crystal clear as to what was going on However the story does switch out of the prison cell occasionally There are flashbacks about Niel and his father and their struggle to find food and a place to stay the night It was bittersweet because I loved their connection but his father s spiral from strong to crippled is heart wrenchingThe narration is very successful too Although it is told from Niel s point of view a lot of the time there are also other townspeople There is the baker the carpenter the messenger the mayor the priest and the executioner They all have very differing views on the execution of this fifteen ear old book Some are excited hoping for an increase in money from this some have conflicting emotions and some are pretty torn up about it It was so interesting to see how everyone felt about this and it was brilliant for Wung Sung to decide to narrate like thisThere were so many themes that I never read about There was the struggles of the lower class the corruption of government the greediness of business owners I loved reading about all of these things as saddening and aggravating they all are It was like a breath of fresh air in this cliche world of YAI loved basically everything about this book It was hard to believe that this is based on a true story The hill that the boy was executed on now has a bench on it that ou can sit and look down on the town Horrific Heartbreaking Definitely pick this up if Yalnız Tatil (Genconun Yalan Dünyası you re looking for a uick read that will makeou think For such a small book I m in absolute awe of how much it was able to do It s almost hard to put into words this book is of an emotional experience than a story It s really uite depressing the way a father and son are torn out of society because of poverty Niels the main character is such a complex character and The Book of SHE yet a simple one too It s mostly what isn t written on the pages that makes him such a great character The way the book is writtenou can feel his emotion and what he wants to say when he doesn t say anything at all There are times where he sits in silence talking to a fly et ou can understand his thought process As the book goes on the reader starts to uestion what his crime is at all It says it s arson and murder But really Kat (Darkest Powers, you inevitably reach a point whereou start to uestion if it was as simple as that Niel s father is wonderfully depicted as well Just a man that never gives up on his principles despite how rough times are The Return of the Crazy Ladies you get the sense that he tries to provide and create a life for his boyet he simply cannot do to his health and circumstancesI highly recommended this novel Dang It s sad to think how public executions use to be Like a free for all showing This was beautifully written and gave voice to even a badly broken and beaten fist I love the language and the emotion it conveyed Not a bad little read. The boyThe executioner sharpens sharpens sharpens his bladeEach townsperson holds a stake in the execution But as the hours tick by each must answer the uestion Does this oung boy have the right to live Or does he deserve to

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