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910 Ironically it and two of it s sister ships all eventually disappeared the other two in World War II and the fourth was transformed into the US Navy s first aircraft carrier the USS Langley sunk in 1942 Cyclops is a bit like Warahtah in that it s design was a bit top eavy due to euitment used when loading and unloading the ship if you don t know a collier is used as a naval supply vessel that either transports material needed by our naval craft supplies coal etc that is unloaded onto those ships or transports some needed supplies to the US from foreign ports In February 1918 it was in Rio de Janairo loaded with manganese for delivery in the US as well as our counsul general who was returning Secret Africa home Mr Louis Gottschalk the grandson of the 19th Century composer and pianist It s captain Worley was something of an eccentric who was of German birth Later it wasinted that the ship was Crush (Awkward, handed over to the Germans but after the war recofds were combed and there was no report of it s final fate As it was sailing past Bermuda in March 1918 before it vanished itas become listed as another vessel that was a victim of the Bermuda Triangle It s likely it sank in a sudden storm or was torpedoed but if the latter why no recordThe Morro Castle was a successful cruise ship between Cuba and New York City that caught fire on a return voyage in September 1934 it s captain died suddenly the night before the fire and مهارت در بازی زندگی his body never was found after the burned outulk drifted to the Jersey Coast Was the Captain s death natural and just that or was The Dragon in the Clock Box he poisoned and by whom Theread been labor problems by the crew on the voyage and Communists were suspected Finally the surviving officers did such a lousy job in the panic and fire that over 130 people died The one outstanding piece of service was by the telegraph operator George Rogers who became the sole My Amazing Dinosaur (Tib Tumtum, hero of the tragedy But in later years something was shown to be wrong with Rogers who used explosive and incendiary devices to injure enemies ofis and who ended in prison for life where The Nazi Revolution he died for a doubleomicide To this day many wonder if Rogers far from being the Bloods a Rover (American Underworld Trilogy hero of 1934 newspapers was actually one of the most lethal mass killers in worldistoryThe USS Scorpion disappeared in the middle of the Atlantic apparently when following some Russian naval craft As mentioned earlier er wreckage was eventually found in 1968 but she ad been blown apart under water and it looked like one of Wylde Bears (Wylde Bears, her own torpedoes caused the disaster Nothingas ever been fully explained what Cooking Light Lazy Gourmet happened but it appears that she mayave been destroyed in the course of shooting off the torpedoe which for some reason turned back on Arise her A government wall of silenceas followed the tragical discovery and examination of the wreckage Hoehling in Archies Americana, Vol. 1 his notes on the chapter shows thate as also faced opposition from the families of the crew in getting any information on the incident out of them As for the Poet it got lost in some natural disaster but it s details are as buried in it s way as the Scorpion the Cyclops or Waratah Again it is the least interesting of the ships dealt with which is unfair to it s dead crew Possibly another ship maybe the USS Maine perhaps could ave been substituted for it But Hoehling chose Talk to Me his own material for better or worse On the whole the book is well researched and written and seven of the choices remain major sea mysteries Iave no problem recommending this volume to readers who love mysteries the sea and the ships that are part of it s lore Well researched straightforward Interesting re read of some of the best of the ships that went down with no idea as to the wh. Se previously unexplained maritime mishaps with the skill of a detective seeking to uncover a murder.

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PDF READ (Lost at Sea The Truth Behind Eight of History's Most Mysterious Ship Disasters)

Interesting and well written This book gives insight into the circumstances and personalities associated with several previously well known disasters You will leave feeling you know the principal characters as real people The appendix is completely readable and is a worthwhile continuation of the stories Detailed Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles, history that is consuming The authoras obviously done Educating for the New World Order his research This is detailed and fact based while remaining readable I was consumed by each story An excellent read I never realizedow many ships of all kinds and their occupants ad been lost at sea some never to be seen again Technical in parts but very easy to read If Walter Lord s name is inevitably linked by at least two books dealing with the sinking of RMS Tiganic that of AA Hoehling is similarly linked to one classic account of the sinking of RMS Lusitania The Last Voyage of the Lusitania written with is wife Mary Hoehling in the late 1950s shortly after Lord s A Night to Remember Hoehling unlike Lord never wrote a second book on it s own returning to the Lusitania but it reappears in the books Hoehling wrote about the war at sea in World War I in The Character Of An Upright Man his book The Sailed into Oblivion and this volume It s obvious thate never could stop discussing the tragedy of the Old Head at Kinsale Ireland of May 7 1915 any than Lord could stop thinking of the events of April 14 15 1912 But like Lord s second Titanic Book The Night Lives On which I Mr. Malcolms List have reviewedere Hoehling did try to retell the tragedy of the sinking of the Cunard liner differently or slightly differently each time Of course GURPS Conspiracy X he was not trying to changeis comments from the original book but e might see some aspect that needed further probingLost at Sea is a collection of eight essays by Hoehling this time without Mary on ship tragedies that reuired some comment because of lingering uestions about them In this volume the Lusitania is looked at from the point of view of the seeming failure of it s well trained Captain William Turner in following Admiralty instructions As the Lusitania was reaching the coast of Ireland it received word from the Admiralty not to sail straight along the coast of Ireland Reports of submarine activities in the Irish Sea ad been reaching London for nearly three days and these included attacks on several vessels and the sinking of two steamers All of this proved to be the work of Kapitanlieutenant Walther Schweiger of U20 who was showing exactly why e was one of the Kaiser s best sub commanders The Admiralty telegram to Turner told im to sail a zigzag course in mid channel away from the Irish coast and to continue doing so until e reached the port of Liverpool While one can never be fully sure of whether or not a suggested alternative course of action would ave worked somehow this seems to Eat Your Way Through the USA have been uite promising in guaranteeing that the Lucy would arrive safely Insteadowever of following this Turner brought the ship closer to the Irish coast to take a bearing My Dirty Janitor Book 4 his explanation in the court of inuiry before following the instructions Of course ase slowed down the ship to do this it enabled the ever watchful Schweiger to get Stories from Spain / Historias de España his torpedo course ready and to send one into the British liner Perhaps to us this seems uite a technical point but itelped cost the loss of 1198 lives and later would Spanish-American Short Stories / Cuentos hispanoamericanos help propel the US into World War I Hoehling ends the discussion wondering what was going on inside of Captain Turner As mentionede was an experienced man of the sea and not given to stupid blunders But what appened on that fatal afternoon of May 7th In the end Hoehling points out that reading the transcript of the court of inuiry Turner appears. Lost at Sea features the incredible stories of eight ships and their passengers some of which vanish.

To contradict imself several times He admitted Enna Burning he actually did notave any excuse and Hoehling if e ad some physical problem like Paint the Wind high blood pressure or a minor stroke that mayave caused Wayne him to loseis bearings uite literally We shall never know but Hoehling s suggestion is uite provocativeThe other seven ships that Hoehling deals with are the Mary Celeste 1872 the Warahtah 1909 the HMS Hampshire 1916 the USS Cyclops 1918 the SS Morro Castle 1934 the USS Scorpiion 1968 and the USS Poet 1980 All of these ships The Perfect Resume have been subject to serious book study most notably the Mary Celeste and the Morro Castle but all are well known ship disasters possibly the loss of the container ship USS Poet in 1980 is least known today Several disappeared without any traces ever being found most notably the Waratah the Cyclops and the Poet Wreckage of the Scorpion was located but the reason for the submarine s sinking with allands is still a matter of debate not as simple as that of USS Thresher in 1963 during test dives off Massachusetts The Morro Castle is the subject of a classic account by Gordon Thomas and Max Gordon Witt Fire at Sea and is really what caused the fire and who set it As for the Hampshire it is the British cruiser that was The Centurion Code heading for Tsarist Russia on a mission involving the British Secretary of War Lord Kitchener and itit a mine and sank taking most of Antropologia da Criança her 500 plus crew down wither off the Orkney Islands Kitchener included in June 1916 a couple of days after the battle of Jutland Was she a really accidental victim of the war at sea that just Air Terisak Membelah Batu happened toave a national figure on board or was she actually targeted by the German Navy in an effort to kill an important enemy figureIt Canned helps toave a background in these disasters which is why the last about the loss of USS Poet is possibly the weakest of the ships chosen All still regularly are found to be discussed by ship experts and panels even to GIFTED--2005 POETRY COLLECTION having videos on You Tube done on them Mary Celeste is usually considered the greatest mystery of the sea Just whatappened to Captain Benjamin Spooner Briggs is wife and infant daughter and the crew of the ermaphrodite brig which was found sailing abandoned off the Azores in December 1872 ironically by the ship Dei Gratia whose Captain Moorhouse knew Briggs in New York City Was this a case of accident as many believe or of murder and piracy at sea as was suspected by the British Government s chief investigator at Gibraltar the Hon Solly Flood Nothing was ever really established and Hoehling points out something ere not in the other accounts I ve read that the ship s log was supposedly sent after being used by Flood at Gibraltar in the inuest to the US representative at Genoa but that it s final fate is still a matter of uestion The loss of SS Warahtah off the coast of South Africa in 1909 as been termed the Titanic of the South Seas or of Australia where it came from A recent medium sized steamer between Australia and Britain it was on it s third voyage in 1909 when it left Durban but entered a severe storm and never was seen again It s total crew and passengers over 200 souls were lost Yet earlier travelers mentioned serious problems of buoyancy experienced on board and one passenger Clinton, Inc. had a recurring nightmare three days in a row beforeaving Dvorak Keyboard had enough and disembarking at Durban to continue travelling by train to Cape Town this gentleman was one of the few passengers who left Australia who survived Attempts were being made until about 2005 by sea explorers like Clive Custler to look for wreck of the Waratah Noneave ever succeededCyclops was an American naval collier one of four built about Ed with The Muslim Masquerade hardly a trace or no trace at all Veteranistory and mystery writer AAHoehling explores the.