(La increíble y triste historia de la cándida Eréndira y de su abuela desalmada Siete cuentos) [E–pub] ↠ Gabriel García Márquez

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Short stories is deathbesides the story of Innocent Erendira these four stories was interesting to meThe third resignationi think this one is extraordinarydescribes the fear of deathburialsolid ate and abandonmenthe has gone furthest in dramatizing the terror of burialThe woman who came at six o clockit portrays the conflict between good and evilthe innocence of Jose a restaurant ownerand Reina a prostitute who used to come at the restaurant at 6 o clockshe murdered one of her clientsand wanted Jose to cover itand lie about the time she arrived and say it was five thirtythe naive Jose agree to her reuestafter she succeeded in extracting from him a declaration of her love and his promise to defend herat the end Riena decided to make a big transformation in her life and leave prostitutionand seek a better life were she cant be victim any Death constant beyond loveabout obsessiveness political corruption and love that has no chanceEyes of a blue dogdescribes the feeling of loneliness and fearthe two lovers in this storya man who suffers instant amnesia upon awakeningand a woman who is madly chasing this man whom she meets in the dream she wanders through the city muttering eyes of a blue dogmarking her passage hoping that one day that man will see her marks and remember her If you want adult fairy tales lore then this one s for you Garcia Maruez has his own genre to contend with and it s works such as these that make him a recognizable figure in your literary consciousness His short stories are fables and allegories they contend with time and death and love the images are pulled out of dreams and Latin American culture what wasn t there before is invented NOW all with wicked mastery all the while a dreamscape becomes well established in the reader s inspired noggin This is like reading artwork For me not one of the high points in Maruez work the poor Erendira attempts to escape her fate as a prostitute in choosing a hapless guy who reminded me a little of Fabrice from Stendhal s Chartreuse de Parme to help her The other stories are ok as well Yes the writing is great but the sold into prostitution and wants out trope feels a bit worn to me at least in this tale Oh the first story A very old man with enormous wings is absolutely fantastic and it reminded me of this wonderful painting by Romanian artist Stefan CaltiaI haven t always liked reading short stories But I realise now what amount of work it takes to tell a story in only a few pages to concentrate all the ideas you would put in tens or hundreds of pages supposed you were to write a novel in ust a few paragraphs And sometimes I guess writing stories gives you the freedom of exploring new techniues as in one of these stories where the first full stop is actually at the very end and I had to read it in full speed holding my breathI finally made up my mind Maruez kicks Pamuk s ass This collection of earlier work features stories abound with love affairs ruined beauty magical women and perspectives on death Are all similar in style but only about half are really good with Innocent Erendira the one stand out You feel like most of these are rough idea s that would later show up in his full on novels and novellas You also know right from the off this is Maruez that is of course if you have already read him For anyone that hasn t this isn t a bad place to start before venturing off into his recognizable work I have always been enthralled with his style not so much with some of his themes He drags his heels through the dust at times with whimsical insi. 孩,也能从阴间驶进阳世。魔法师会为死去的仇人造一座最坚固雄伟的陵墓,然后让他在棺材里一次又一次复活。残忍的祖母会押着孙女当妓女,陷入爱情的男孩能听到千里之外情人绝望的呼唤,渴望自由的女孩什么都可以抛弃。.

Words or rather an outline of a novel which probably was why the author doesn t get explicit idealize the prostitution or condemn it One thing leads to another and readers are left without the space to empathize with the victim or even feel an aversion for where the story is going I enjoyed reading The Third Resignation that described the much shared fear of death burial and solitude that follows and Someone Has Been Disarranging These Roses one that traced observations memories and needs from the other side of death In all I felt that Innocent Erendira and Other Stories is a mixed bag of timeless stories with magic woven into poetic text Not rating this book as a whole since I was unable to finish this Just wasn t the right time for me to read this and I hope to get back to some of the stories I did not read at some pointRead this book in SpanishUn Senor muy Viejo con unas alas enormes 1968 4 starsThe imagery in this story was ust beautiful An old man with wings comes in from the sea The people of this small seaside town are affected by this event GGM can totally suck you into his world and make you believe that this is all realEl mar del tiempo perdido 1961 3 starsThe smell of roses emanating from the sea brings with it the dread of death Don t know what to make of these stories sometimes but once again the imagery is fantasticEl ahogado mas hermoso del mundo 1968 3 starsA giant beautiful man floats in from the sea The whole town prepares him for his funeral out at sea Imagery comes through once againMuerte constante mas alla del amor 1970 no ratingDid not read but what a beautiful line for a start Al Senador Oneismo Sanchez le faltaban seis meses y once dias para morirse cuando encontro a la mujer de su vida Translation Senator Oneismo Sanchez had 6 months and 11 days left to live when he found the woman of his lifeBy this point I ust couldn t read of these stories as captivating as the first line of this story isEl ultimo viaje del buue fantasma 1968 no rating Did not readBlacaman el bueno vendedor de milagros 1968 no rating Did not readLa increible y triste historia de la candida Erendira y de su abuela desalmada 1972That title still wows me The incredible and sad story of the candid Erendira and her soulless grandmother The story sadly did not wow me It actually made me feel icky as I read it and had to finally call it uits halfway through the story It made me not want to finish the rest of the stories I read them out of order being excited to read this one before the others This deals with child abuse and child prostitution The subject is never easy but the imagery in this one was Home Emergency Pocket Guide just too hard to take and made me want to cringe Very dark and depressing This amazing book brings together the short novel that gives the book his nameand six fantastic short stories Each of them a masterpiece on their ownall of them world famous It s hard for me to pick a favorite from this collectionor from any other by Garcia Maruezhe sust such a good and powerful writera magician I really enjoy and love the ending for the story Blacaman el buenovendedor de milagrosI thought I was reading something from The Arabian Nights And that s the feeling you get after reading itthe magical realismthe miraclesthe legends that come alive each time Maruez takes a penEven the titles are awesome Un senor muy viejo con unas alas enormes El ahogado mas hermoso del mundo Muerte constante mas alla del amorEl mar del tiempo perdido El ultimo viaje del buue fantasma A classic of world literature the theme common in most of these. 变回年轻时的模样,乘着洋流漂过全世界,带着所有经过的地方的鲜花和水草。大雨下得太久,你一觉醒来可能会看见天使掉在你家院子的烂泥里。触礁沉没的巨轮会变成幽灵船,一遍遍重复不祥的命运。但若碰上执拗聪明的小男.

This was a collection of one GGM novella Erendira and a couple of other short stories some of which I d definitely read before A Very Old Man W Enormous Wings some of which I think I ve maybe read before El ahogado mas hermoso del mundo and a few others I don t think I ve ever heard ofWhoever was in charge of editingpublishing this edition did an amazing ob of pickingseuencing the stories It almost read like a linked short story collection even though I don t think GGM ever deliberately published this particular set of stories as a collection There s lots of seadesertCaribbeanmagical realism vibes in these stories and it s all very enjoyable Un senor muy viejo con unas alas enormes What else can we say about this one a classic El ahogado mas hermoso del mundo The part when the town ladies are all he looks like an Esteban ha Ha I find GGM so funny at times I feel like it is hard to translate his humor into English El mar del tiempo perdido This one def felt like it was from the early GGM experimentation with magical realism era Still the image of a sea that smells of roses is one for the ages El ultimo viaje del buue fantasma Def the most challenging one to read and a precursor to the endless run on sentence of Autumn of the Patriarch Muerte constante mas alla del amor Always fun to read the GGM material that is about politics en el Caribe Blacaman el bueno vendedor de milagros This one was definitely from the GGM leans hard on magical realism era Nicely sadistic twist ending La increible y triste historia de la candida Erendira y de su abuela desalmada I thought this story was hysterical the bitchy grandmother what a character The climax when the grandmother gets stabbed and starts spurting green blood like mint filling is so epic Bonus points for being short This is a good start for ggb readers The title story at 60 pages practically a novella is beautiful Innocent Er ndira has moments of colorful magical realism particularly during the grandmother character s bouts of sleep talking There is a series of vaguely connected shorts on the blur between sleep and death in the middle of the collection These I didn t enjoy The stream of consciousness techniue and inner dialogue made them difficult to followTwo stories The Sea of Lost Time and Eyes of a Blue Dog were amazing Especially Eyes of a Blue Dog read it This was a strange assortment of surrealistic stories that tug at your heart and leave you contemplating long after you ve left the pages Most of the stories are set in a blur between the real and unreal and without a reread the subtle emotions evoked by most of these stories ust kept ringing in the mind like the distant echo of a much loved songMy favorite was Eyes of a Blue Dog that felt like stepping into a parallel universe where our dreams synced perfectly with others In it a woman chases a dream she longs to live but believes that she is let down by her lover s inability to recall dreams upon waking up rather than the fact that it is ust a dreamscape she is pursuing And The Woman Who Came at Six O Clock is a perfect take on the manipulative power of love wherein a fat puffy faced restaurant owner mellows out to the whore he loves and agrees to do what he wasn t aware he was capable ofI didn t think much of the titular story Innocent Erendira and I attribute it to the author s neutral approach to child abuse as if it was a norm The story of the domestic and sexual exploitation of the 14 year old Erendira who is conditioned to obedience to her bitch of a grandmother felt like was a mad rush of. 那个尴尬的傻子死了,人们这才发现他美得动人心魄。马尔克斯短篇小说集收录《巨翅老人》《世上最美的溺水者》《令人难以置信的悲惨故事》等名篇,入选高中语文教材欢迎来到马尔克斯的暗黑童话世界!在这里:死去的人会.

(La increíble y triste historia de la cándida Eréndira y de su abuela desalmada Siete cuentos) E–pub ↠ Gabriel García Máruez

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