PDF/EBOOK The Trials of Art

Or writing clear entertaining enlightening texts but thiswonderful book with essays from 14 leading academics and lawyers is a notable exception Who shouldhave the authority to etermine what is art artists critics and curators or lawyers judges and juriesShould artistic expression always be immune from legal and ethical constraints Should the law alwaysprotect artists and art works A great look behind the scenes at the art world and its relationship withgovernment and cultur.

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PDF/EBOOK The Trials of Art

When artists and the legal system collide the result is bound to be interesting as this uniue collectionof essays on famous trials of artists from the Renaissance to the present ay shows Edited by art curator lawyerDaniel McClean this crisply written anthology looks at such issues as obscenity religioussensitivity aesthetic value appropriation and artistic freedom within the context of celebrated casesFor example one essay tells the story of the 1927 seizure by the United St.

Ates Customs Service ofConstantin Brancusi's sculpture Bird in Space; the government contended that the sculpture was not fineart and was therefore subject to import uty Another looks at the 1878 case a scandal at the time whenWhistler sued the art critic Ruskin for libel More contemporary cases include the Robert Mapplethorpeobscenity case and the trial of JSG Boggs who was tried as a counterfeiter forhis hand made copies of moneyNeither lawyers nor art critics are famous

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