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Return home following the death of their father and steady decline in their mother s mental and physical health At this point I seriously felt the drop in the previously ubilant atmosphere yet I Charming the Firefighter (In Shady Grove, just couldn t wait to see what happened next Monica sourney back to Biddlestone and everything that unfolds from there was Making India Work just brilliant Not only was she reunited with her mother and sister but she was also catapulted back towards Thomas her father s groom who uite simply was delectable Everything about this man was masculine and Rachel s descriptions of him drove me wild Broad roughaw usually set in that determined way that passionate men have he was the perfect hero in this story Rachel s storytelling of Monica s and Thomas s past was spot on and the chemistry that had been between all of those years before was still very much present It was torturous for me as the reader to read about the sexual tension and feelings between these two characters What made it even enjoyable was that Rachel switched the narrative between Monica and Thomas the entire way through the book which gave me a fantastic insight into how each of the characters were feeling and also into what they were thinking It was so bloody exciting and the tension was constantly fizzing in the air and I Everwar (Cal Leandros, just couldn t get enough Thomas was such an incredibly loyal and loving man which contrasted perfectly against his hardened exterior His love and care for Monica went so deep that I could barely breathe whenever he spoke or thought about her It was beautifully romantic and I seriously wanted something to explode between themust to clear the air Besides Thomas and Monica Jane also stood out to me as a brilliant character to add to the plot Being the younger sister she seemed innocent and subdued to Monica and there was a clear shine of innocence about her which I found endlessly endearing Their mother on the other hand was someone who Monica did not look forward to seeing again Set in the Victorian era What a Woman Desires was fantastically descriptive the language and settings highlighting this perfectly I loved how the characters spoke how they acted and dressed and the emphasis on social boundaries was kept at the forefront of my mind right the way through Rachel did a fabulous ob of whisking me back in time and I really really enjoyed my reading of this book Becca s Books is rating What a Woman Desires by Rachel Brimble with FOUR GORGEOUS CUPCAKES Despite it not having a lasting effect of me I can say that I really enjoyed Monica s story in it s entirety and I hope to read of Rachel s work in the future Her descriptions of Biddlestone and Marksville house easily transported me back to a time which I ve been fascinated with ever since I can remember Rachel thank you so much for the chance to read What a Woman Desires such a talented author with a clear talent for historical romance If you want a book that keeps you guessing till the end with will they or won t they then this is it Rachel kept my attention with her wonderful writing skills all the way through this book it is a definite 5 star read and I did not want it to endMonica and Thomas are the two main characters and they have had feelings for each other from when they were young but with Thomas being the family groom a romance between them was ust not allowed she was above his station So Monica after a failed relationship to a man that was abusive to her with no support from her family told her parents that she was moving to Bath her father called her a disgrace and she left and No Way Home joined the theatre there she became a successful star of the stage Five years pass and Monica receives a letter from her sister saying that her father had died and that she needed her to return home as her mother was ill too and she could not manage the large estateThomas is a country lad and hates the city in the last 5 years he has been the masters right hand man and is a valued and trusted employee for the Danes and he tries not to think of Monica s return and what it could mean for him the rest of the family and the tenants if she is left the estate because she hates it there and feels trapped Thomas never really stopped loving her even though he thinks her spoilt and selfish for leavingMonica did not want to return because she loves the city and hates it at the family home and she is not sure of the reception she is going to get from her mother however when she see s Thomas again it is obvious that their attraction for one another is still strong and as the days pass they find it hard to suppress their passion for each other The story evolves around how they try to get by living so close to each other without touching There are twist and turns to this story thatust keep you turning the pages it is one of my MUST READS Well Done Rachel Brimble on this fabulous tale I enjoyed reading this wonderful book by Rachel Brimble She is a remarkable storyteller which keeps the reader wanting to know This book has characters that seem real with faults and desires all their own Monica Danes is the oldest sister in the little village of Biddlestone She has always wanted in her life When Monica turns down her parent s choice of husband she flees to Bath There she works hard to become the actress in a theater and severed ties to her family It took five years in Bath to become the leading ueen of the stage and the life she desired Being an independent woman she answers to know one and has made a family of sorts with her friends in the area But one day she receives a letter stating her father has died and her mother is in decline of healthMonica then travels home to see about her family dreading the confrontation sure to come Once there she only wants to return to her life after the fun. Ong He knows he isn’t a suitable match for his master’s daughter despite the special bond he and Monica have always shared and their undeniable attraction But now that she’s returned Thomas has one last chance to prove himself worthy and to show Monica a life and a love she won’t want to give

Actual rating 45Posted here What A Woman Desires is a fascinating dramatic Victorian romance and another winner of a novel by Rachel Brimble Monica Danes is called upon to return to Biddestone after learning about the death of her father She s forced to return to the place she was so desperate to leave from Bath where she is now a popular theatre star She s eager to leave Biddestone again as soon as possible but there s one man determined to stop her and Thomas does not want to see her walk away again I loved so many aspects Monica Danes left home five years earlier to pursue her dream of becoming an actress despite her parents disapproval She has had no contact with her parents or her sister Jane in the intervening years but when she learns of her father s death Monica returns home for his funeral Intending to leave as soon as possible Monica is torn between duty and desire but it is her love for Thomas Ashby her family s Jack of all trades that causes her the most turmoilas before she left they were in love but each never told the other Thomas and Monica are both passionate about what they want in life and there doesn t seem to be a compromise for their very different desires she the city and him the land he was raised on Both of them are incredibly stubborn Will a happily ever after ever be possible or will they never find each other and the love they haveThis was a great book I loved that I didn t know what would happen next The whole book was one suspense after another You will love this bookReviewed for Renee Entress s Blog Although I m a reader of all genres historicals are never my first choice That said Rachel Brimble scored an absolute winner with me and What a Woman DesiresI m not sure the reasons behind my reluctance to reach for the historical romances but I think it s mostly to do with my lack of knowledge on most period times However there are a few booksauthors in this genre where timings do not matter as you become so swept up in the characters everything else becomes irrelevant In this instance I felt rather than was informed of the book s settingMonica s reluctance to be back in Biddlestone is truly suffocating her moments of panic as she fears being trapped within the walls of the estate once again are engaging and I found myself constantly uestioning how everything was going to pan outIf Monica and her plight had me engrossed then Thomas and Monica s relationship had me enthralled With each of their scenes together I willed something to happen if only to relieve a fraction of the sexual tension that builds every time the pair speak A true gent Thomas presence on the pages is a powerful one and as the reader you know he is the only man for his strong willed mistressA lot happens over the course of the story and a fair few characters are introduced something I also enjoyed immensely as the momentum never slows giving the book a natural pace that won t see you bored for a secondThank you Ms Brimble I honestly couldn t have started 2015 off with a better book I received a copy for an honest reviewI m leaning toward 45 on this one Ms Brimble knows how to create conflict This is the 2nd title of her s that I ve read and once again she didn t disappoint Inner and external for not ust the MCs but supporting cast as well is clear and believableThe setting is rich Spot on In 3D detail I got swept right up in hearing seeing smelling each scene LOVE when that happensPlot is perfect for an independent woman of the 19th century desperate to make it on her own and society s hindering her every decisionOn to the charactersmy only nitpick of this bookThomas the male MC is a passionate man About many things Too much so for my taste While I realize that it was up to the men at this time in history to care for their families and elderly parents Thomas emotional level over the conflict he faced was a bit much His anger roused over the littlest things and he reacted to Monica s actions and words without consideration for her feelings than I cared for While some women might not mind a man like that there s nothing worse IMO than being misunderstood and having a man react before giving proper thought to what he s seen or heard Had he been a bit calm and level headed What a Woman Desires would have gotten an easy 5 from me Without uestionWould I recommend this book Absofriggin lutely If you re a sucker for historical romance with tension and passion then nab a copy You ll be glad you did What a Woman Desires is a fantastic read I am really enjoying historical romance novels at the moment and will happily add Rachel Brimble to my ever growing list of brilliant historical fiction writersI thought that the character development and all the plot twists and turns were extremely well mastered by the author The tension and drama between Monica and Thomas is noticeable from the first few pages onwards As much as I loved these two I sometimes also felt slightly frustrated with them both are so incredibly head strong and didn t want to move away from their own ways and opinionsI also really liked the supporting cast in this novel The relationship between Monica Jane her sister and her mother was really interesting and I found it astounding to read about the influence Monica s father still had over the characters long after his passingIf you are looking for a powerful historical romance novel I strongly recommend you delve into this book What a Woman Desires by Rachel Brimble is a charming second chance at love romance This well written historical love story is full of angst but the sweet ending makes all the drama worthwhileMonica Danes left home five years earlier to pursue her dream of becoming an actress despite her parents disapproval She has had no contact with her parents or. From country girl to actress of the stage one woman dares to live her dreams but is she brave enough to open her heartMonica Danes always wanted than the village of Biddlestone had to offer After a failed courtship to a man of her parents’ choosing she fled for the city of Bath and never looked back.

Her sister Jane in the intervening years but when she learns of her father s death Monica returns home for his funeral Intending to leave as soon as possible Monica is torn between duty and desire but it is her love for Thomas Ashby that causes her the most turmoilMonica is a strong independent woman and while she is likable she comes across as a little thoughtless and selfish She is definitely conflicted about leaving her family behind again but she still feels confined and stifled by family expectations and country life Despite their time apart Monica is still in love with Thomas but overcoming their differences seems insurmountableThomas is very loyal and dedicated to his family Monica s family and the Danes tenants He loves his life on the estate and while he might visit the city occasionally he has absolutely no desire to live there Thomas wants nothing than for Monica to stay but he will not stand in the way of her leavingThomas and Monica are both passionate about what they want in life and there does not seem to be a compromise for their very different desires The near constant conflict between them is wearisome and they spend most of the story going in circles Both of them are incredibly stubborn and for much of the novel a happily ever after seems impossibleDespite a few frustrations with both characters What A Woman Desires is an entertaining and engaging romance The characters are well developed and the overall plot is interesting A lovely epilogue wraps up all of the loose ends for Thomas and Monica but Rachel Brimble does leave few intriguing uestions unanswered All in all a fabulous love story that fans of historical romances are sure to enjoy 45 ratingI was swept away yet again by Rachel Brimble s world buildingThis time the author took me to Biddlestone the place actress Monica Danes had cut her virtual bounds from with no regret Or maybe ust one In her haste to flee from the control of her over bearing parents and the ramifications of their meddling ways Monica had to push her feelings for Thomas Ashby her father s groom aside in a bid to escape to the city which she loves When she s given news about her father s death Monica has no choice but to return Her mother is ill and her younger sister needs support But when Thomas arouses her suspicions and her father deals her a blow from his grave Monica begins to feel trapped by her family duties and the estate she refuses to acceptThomas can t deny the feelings he buried deep inside for Monica but her return could impact on the future of his family and the village he loves But he has to deny them because he isn t worthy of a woman of Monica s standing Neither will she stay in the place he could never leaveThere s so much conflict between Monica and Thomas especially as there s a hint of intrigue threaded through the story And than a hint of attraction They both want what they can t have each other Being together would be a compromise too far Monica belongs in the city and though Thomas starts to understand the reasons why he has to protect those he loves by staying in the place she hates Personally I don t know how she could resist I would have umped on Thomas s horse faster than he could say saddle and unlike the strong independent woman Monica is I d have swooned at his feet Though Monica s strength and independence is a reason why I loved the character It s a battle of wills and hearts as Monica and Thomas fight to be together but by winning will they lose who they are meant to be Originally posted on Danes escaped to the city of Bath and became the star of the stage She escaped a life of social climbing and in the process escaped the clutches of a violent man who had been matched to her by her parents Now Monica is known throughout the city Her pretty face graces the posters that advertise the theatre s latest shows and she s beautiful than ever now that she s living the life that she loves with a passion When Rachel introduced me to her character Monica I was made instantly aware of the woman s fierce determination to be independent She refused to be forced into a life that would grind her spirit down and had flourished in Bath in front of an audience who absolutely adored her Monica s love for the theatre and the life that she now lived was hugely written upon and in turn I felt like that was where Monica was truly meant to be I highly respected her life choices but knew without a doubt that something was going to come along and tear her dreams to pieces As Rachel began to describe Monica s past to me it became apparent that not only was going to Bath something that Monica had wanted to do but also something that she needed to do Her previous years spent back at home in the village of Biddlestone had been nothing but constrictions rules to follow and uite simply Monica had hated it The Danes family were and still are well known and wealthy yet Monica hadn t wanted to live a life so bound together by rules and expectations From Rachel s fantastic descriptions I was able to fully understand and even feel the sheer frustration at being told how to live a life I did not blame Monica in the slightest for fleeing to Bath especially after she regales the tale of how badly her arranged courtship turned out to be and dangerous for that matter uite simply Monica Danes really struck gold with me as a character within the story She was such a strong woman with dreams and ambitions and who knew exactly what she wanted from life I loved how happy she was when at the theatre surrounded by her friends and glowing superbly in the stunning dresses It truly was a sight to behold in my own imagination but that pleasure was swiftly shot down when a letter from Monica s younger sister Jane arrived and urged for Monica to. Today Monica is the undisputed ueen of the theater a wealthy independent woman But when she is called home in the wake of tragedy Monica returns intending to leave again as soon as possibleThomas Ashby has been a groom at the Danes estate since he was a boy and has been enad with Monica for almost as

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