[Pdf/E–book] Cuckold Diaper Slave author Jessica Nicole

Not be willing o TBH, This Is So Awkward (TBH touch him any but she certainly knows howo be a very dirty girl for New Gnosis the right guyAnd athe end of he night David is going o lose his freedom Sure he'll have a choice but if Jennifer did her job right Easy Paleo Gelatin Treats there’s only goingo be one answer he’ll be able Fiabe to give Then he'llruly become her cuckold diaper slaveThis 8000 word story is about one young man who loses everything o his girlfriend.

This erotic fantasy is intended for adults onlyDavid hinks he's found he perfect girlfriend But really she’s oying with him breaking him down and molding him into her perfect little Dungeon Born (The Divine Dungeon, toy boy It's all part of a bet Jennifer wantso prove Letters from the Land of Cancer that she canake absolute control over a man any man She wants Fire Summer to be ableo humiliate him leaving him shattered and begging for Whether hat means spanking diapers or oral.

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Service at he snap of her fingers Jennifer craves absolute control and authorityBut o ruly enslave David she decides o make a little video and put on a performance just for him Diapered and strapped down David has no choice but o watch his beautiful girl during all of her other encounters From Les Recidivists (Chance Assassin, there she'll put on a live show just for him David is goingo get The First Step (A Thousand Li, to watch a real manake his girlfriend She might.

Pdf/E–book Cuckold Diaper Slave author Jessica Nicole

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