No Strings Attached Strings #1 (READ)

Ve story Although Gabe thinks she just wants to be friends with benefits I find myself wondering if Tony can take it I don t even know what to think about this It was short but felt eternal And alfway through out of left field a completely different story appens with totally different people What It came back to Tony and Gabby at the end but by then I was just skimming to get through it And don t get my started on the spelling and editing mistakes Painful Wow I don t usually slam a book because I am In fact ard to please However this book was not worth the99 I spent It was The Camping Cookbook hard to follow super short underdeveloped characters and basically not well done I will say that this book couldave been good just was not executed wel. To seduce Absalom, Absalom! his roommate Wille succeed A steamy romance packed to the brim with toe curling action and guilty pleasures Recommended for.

Read No Strings Attached Strings #1

No Strings Attached Strings #1 (READ)

I got to beg Renee Swann for a copy of No Strings Attached for an onest review No actually she thought I would enjoy er short story and asked if I would give an Black Stone honest review I am really glad I was able toI am not auge novella fan I personally think they are just too short and sometimes just don t give enough for a story but No String Attached gave me better opinion of novellasThis is a super short and super cute book about 2 friends that are attracted to each other but just aren t sure if they want to take the plunge and transfer their friendship into something It really was a good story about On Liberty how a relationship can start or just keep it as friendsIighly recommend this for a short and super cute read Tease book5 in the When Gabby’s friend Tony becomes No Way Down her roommate wille become Pulled Thread Embroidery her lover tooInsomniac Gabby spends most ofer night munching on junk foo.

Tart of this series gives the book in Tony s side I didn t realize that this book was so short When i started it I felt like i was dropped into the middle of the story There was no character development an While this is a short read I really enjoyed reading No Strings Attached Sorry if this is a spoiler for anyone but it is truly a good read Tony and Gabe are so fun I think the way Renee drew their friendship closer was beautifully executed I can only imagine English Humour for Beginners howard it must be to be IN love with your best friend and not be able to tell them When Tony moves in with Gabe things start to Absolutely on Music heat up a little Renee brings them together tastefully not overpowering This is a uick read but the beginning to a wonderful friendship and lo. D and watching reruns Buter nights are about to be filled with something delicious Tony with is irresistible charm and sexy ways tries.

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