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T there could have been a much different tone set between the dream state and the waking state I iked how the dream state was usually written but I would have iked the waking state to feel concrete real We are told rather than shown Jimmy s state of mind and his feelings rather than feeling them ourselves I really wanted to get into Jimmy s emotions but the way the author wrote the story I was kept at a distance I wanted to really feel Jimmy s horror at the changes happening and his anxiety and his fears and Jimmy s strong feelings of insecurity of being unwanted by anyone Instead the emotions were conveyed on an intellectual evel but not at a gut or heart The Accidental Startup level One of the times I felt strong emotion is the significant event that surrounds Fen about half way through the book That was heart wrenching If the author had shown those kinds of feelings instead of telling of emotions then this book would have been aot better I also felt emotion when Jimmy found his Dad and all that happened around that time Since I felt emotion coming from those scenes it makes me wonder if the author did really The Man in the High Castle lose a close friend or have to ever find aost parent Anyway I think my main disappointment is the distance from Jimmy s feelings However the author did do a good job of describing the environment and scenery where emotion wasn t necessary Not overly done or under describedThe relationship between Jimmy and his younger brother Jacob or Jake is very touching and heartwarming The author did a good job of showing us how close the two brothers were and how protective of Jimmy is of JakeWhat I found interesting was that the author gradually revealed to us that Jimmy was bisexual He had feelings for both Fen and Loki I don t think I ve read a YA book before where a teenage guy realized he was bisexual I was surprised and happy the author brought it up in the story It wasn t made a big deal but the fact that Jimmy was in Essays from the Visit of Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas to Heidelberg love with two of his pack mates plays an important part of the storyThe author slowly reveals to us the history of werewolves and what it means to be a werewolf through the dreams visions and through the teachings of Fen Fen is intelligent but also closed off We slowlyearn about him throughout the book In the end I felt sorry for Fen he was a wolf that had A Taste of Darkness (Mackenzie Vampires lost his way and was handling things the best that he knew howJimmy s other two pack mates are Loki the Beta and Geri the Omega Of course there is the high school bully Jack and his sidekicks Malcolm and Bo The author did a good job of showing us the personalities of the other characters through Jimmy s eyes We eventually meet people tied to Jimmy s biological father s side that help Jimmy grow further on his journey The characters in the story were not perfect everyone was flawed but most of the characters grew and some regressed The character development was well done Walking Wolf Road was filled with the mythology of werewolves Shamanism and philosophy All of this hit exactly the right spot for me I thoroughly enjoyed this book Even though the background of the book was centered around high school it wasn t really about high school it went beyond that I suppose the story could end where it did but there are someines that indicate that the story could continue on I for one would be very happy to be pulled back into this world again My only complaint is that I d In Darkest London like to have the feelings shown rather than told I d reallyike to feel what Jimmy feels I would Naturalistless like to give this book 5 stars but because of this one major issue about the book I can only give 4 stars However I d recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a YA paranormal bookaden with uniue wolf mythology and spiritualism and has a male MC who is not overly whiny This is a book that I would read again and I would read a seuel if the author ever decided to write one hide spoiler This one was a bit weird I don t remember buying it and it wasn t until told me I needed to update the copy that I realised that I even had it and then I couldn t find it kept bugging me and I eventually did manage to find it hiding out of one of my devicesAs the five stars suggest I thoroughly enjoyed it the author deals with characters and their emotions very well and it made the story compelling Although the book did have an overarching plot it was focused on the MC battling with depression and The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook: Recipes and Techniques for Every Hunter and Angler learning to accept himself his wolf andearning to be mindful of those around him and generally becoming aware of himself as a human beingI get the feeling it s a great one for those who are trying to find themselves or who are going through tough times but who also Babys Mealtime love wolves the paranormal and a splash of romanceCons There were a few typos but nothing massiveI m glad I read it on a sick break as it meant I could just binge read it What a great read This is not your everyday werewolf read This story is about Jimmy who is moved around and is aoner Then he is thrown in a small town and where he meets new friends and his ife changes for the better This story is well written and fast paced I really enjoyed the Native American aspect of it Brandon Herbert is a great writer and I can see he has a great future ahead of him. And BirthHerbert kept the tension high right up to the end and provided a great finale using all of the elements he began building from the start Needless to say I was satisfied and I am not so patiently awaiting a seuel JD Wiley award winning author of The Bitter Bullet Sky GalaWalking Wolf Road was filled with the mythology of werewolves shamanism and philosophy All of this hit exactly the right spot for me I thoroughly enjoyed this book KC Faelan author of If At First You Don't Succee.

FREE READ Walking Wolf Road The Wolf Road Chronicles #1

Walking Wolf Road The Wolf Road Chronicles #1 (FREE)

Extremely well written book Walking Wolf Road takes the reader on a journey of the heart that ultimately eads into the supernatural This journey is not an easy path and this book presents many obstacles and curve balls as readers work their way through the story This book begins Jimmy s evolution from a struggling awkward teen into a young man Along the way Jimmy moves to a new town has to make new friends in high school deal with his overbearing step father and he experiences grief school violence and transformation on several The Dawn of Modern Thought levels The author uses vividanguage painting breathtaking settings and the extra details allow the reader to experience this journey through Jimmy s mind heart and eyes This book takes on themes that include The Infamous Ellen James (Infamous, loss bullyingove sexual tensions bounds of friendship and a supernatural world that is not far from reality Readers Samael Aun Weor, The Absolute Man like me rabid fans of Young Adult Supernatural novels as well as Urban Fantasy willove this book and the subtle commentary on difficult topics rarely addressed in mainstream novels This book will make you Dragonfrigate Wizard Halcyon Blithe (Halcyon Blithe, laugh cry and fall inove all while you read along this incredible unforgettable journey I can t wait for the seuel Bearing Raven s Mark and hope it comes out soon First Satria dari Negeri Tayli 1-28 let me start by saying that Walking Wolf Road wasn t in my usual genre I had no idea what to expect in an urban fantasy but thankfully I was not disappointed Herbert managed to deliver a very engrossing and personal story about a young man with aot of inner conflict I found myself relating to him and his experiences as well as his coping mechanisms He made me feel Goethean Science like I was in highschool againThe writing style allowed me to go beyond seeing through Jimmy s eyes From early in the book I began to feelike I WAS Jimmy The character was portrayed in a very emotionally rich fashion which allowed for a Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets! lot of build up and ultimately a much greater payoffater in the book His exploration of self is something that I think we all go through at that age though not all of us get the answers we d Digital Crossroads like I enjoyed the relationships he formed with his friends especially the unlikely ones no spoilers here and the unexpected way they developed over the course of the book The characters all held a sense of self and Herbert s strongiterary voice kept me engaged the whole way through I also really enjoyed the Native American theme and mysticism throughout It really gave a original take on the fantasy approachWhat was most impressive to me however was the way the plot culminated in the end Several different plot threads had been established up to that point and many things were hinted at and foreshadowed There were so many uestions going into the final stretch that I was unsure if Herbert would be able to answer them all and provide a satisfying end to the book Not only did he answer the uestions I d formed throughout he delivered an ending that I was unable to predict He kept the tension high right up to the end and provided a great finale using all of the elements he began building from the start Needless to say I was satisfied with the conclusion and I am not so patiently awaiting a seuelKeep writing I l be ooking for Wow The Einstein Theory of Relativity let me start by saying that this was a really great book I never read a book by a male author before because I thought they wouldn t bring out the emotional aspects that Iove to feel when I read Let s just say I was so wrong Brandon Herbert you have changed my mind I will not be so closed minded about male authors any I felt How to Negotiate Your First Job like I was right there in this book It was great because some of the events that took place in the story happened in myife so your story was able to get my emotions stirred up I also iked how you put a spin on the paranormal because this is not your normal werewolf story What a great read This story is about Jimmy Walker who is moved around a ot a Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, loner and a guy just trying to figureife out Jimmy is thrown into a new town and he ends up meeting new friends that change his The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore life forever I would recommend this book to others I will beooking forward to reading books by Brandon Herbert I originally purchased and downloaded this book when I first bought my Kindle in 2012 as the blurb intrigued me though only read and reviewed it in 2014 due to my Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber large readingist I was recently contacted by the author this year 2016 saying that this story had been re written in certain scenes and would I be willing to re read it I agreed However the original book had been pulled so I re purchased the newer version as I couldn t update the version I had I New Exploration loved it as much as I did the first timeJimmy Walker is an intriguing character I reallyiked him a The Shaping of Western Civilization lot He is a teenage boy full ofoneliness and angst Bullied and overweight he is struggling to find a place to fit in It s not easy when his family has just moved to a new town However a fateful encounter will change his ife foreverI ove the idea of shapeshifters wolves bears big cats etc and have a soft spot for these types of books I m glad I The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles ll start by congratulating the author Brandon M Herbert in bringing toife a very different and interesting tale of teenage ife and the paranormal aspects of werewolves Isn. Uprooted and dumped in a small town at the edge of the Colorado mountains Jimmy Walker is at odds with everything He feels adrift alienated from his classmates and even his own family It's hard being a teenager in a new town struggling with grades depression hostile classmates and a stepfather bent on making his ife hell–Until a collision with fate The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, leaves Jimmy bleeding under theight of a Full MoonPraise for Walking Wolf RoadWalking Wolf Road has everything Ghosts werewolves romance.

T it funny how the moments that define our Valentino lives the most are almost always the smallest A scattering of almost inconseuential seconds that steer our course the proverbial butterfly wings which produce the hurricane of ourives Single sentences concepts and choices especially choices which make or break who you are and who you will become Jimmy is your common teenager insecure having a hard time dealing with high school and feeling ike an outcast I found him to be very mature for his age and enjoyed his voice very much It was great to see how he developed into a young man throughout the story He accepted his fate ived with some very painful events in his Shunned life and eventually found his place in the world His journey through all this made for a very interesting readThe author s writing was very good filled with a wide range of emotions humor and playful banter between the characters I got to know aot of the characters very well and their story really resonated with me Who doesn t want to belong These characters had this in common and the bond they found through the Pack really made a difference for them The author managed to really engage me into this world so very different from any I had read before However I did find that the pace dragged for a while Enough that at times I had to step away because it became too slow for me to keep my attentionThe plot and its resolution was very exciting I really wanted to know what happened next and it kept me guessing as to who was the bad guy in the story This and the fact that I wanted Jimmy to find himself and accept his fate is what ultimately kept me reading when at times I just wanted to give upI received this book as part of the R2R Read to Review program in the group Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Fanatics and would Craving (Willow Creek, like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to read and review this title I m struggling for words on this one I really enjoyed this story and it will definitely be one Il read again and again It was very difficult for me to remember this was a story I was reading I often felt I was Oba, the Last Samurai looking through Jimmy s eyes That s weird for me considering he s a male and I don t often relate to guys On top of that the story felt so real that I caught myself searching for my own inner wolf hoping there really was one to find There were a few times I was sure I was catching a clueeft inadvertently as to who did what and I was seriously shocked to find out I was far off track I was pleasantly surprised though I don t Yonen Buzz, Volume 1 (Yonen Buzz, like too much predictability I m really happy with this find it was very obviously well thought out and full of interesting ideas some I ve never heard of or considered Its always nice to see something new and non traditional The way this story was written well it makes me wonder how much of it is actually possible one can hope right Great book Very well written Totally grabbed me from the start and held my interest all the way through I was given this book to review through the Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Fanatics R2R for an honest review thank youJimmy Walker s step father has once again uprooted the family and moved them to a small town in Colorado Over weight insecure and depressed Jimmy feels aimless and alienated from everyone Hisife takes a sudden drastic turn when he is viciously bitten by a strange creature during the Full MoonUnexplainable transformations start to happen to Jimmy and his dreams are haunted by a white wolf Jimmy is soon sought out by Fen a fellow student and given information about the changes that eave Jimmy thinking Fen and Fen s friends are crazy But the bizarre changes happening to Jimmy aren t stopping and he fears he is osing his sanityview spoilerThe changes that happened to Jimmy as he grew aware of his wolf were fascinating It happened The Wood Demon like I imagined somethingike it would happen and I First Shapes liked how the author went into depth and slowly revealed what was happening to Jimmy I d imagine the majority of people would act justike Jimmy did if they were bitten by something strange You d possibly think you had rabies but then weird things start happening to all your senses your body starts changing and to top it off some person tells you that you re changing into a mythological creature One you re afraid but don t want to admit it Two you re probably in a Dispatches from Dystopia lot of pain Three the bodily changes areeaving you confused about what s happening Four strange people who confront you or act Max and the Tom Cats (More Bob Books for Young Readers, Set II, Book 8) like they know what is going on are getting on your nerves And five the dreams and visions make you think you re going crazyExcept at the start of the story the author did a good job of indicating at the very beginning of a new paragraph if Jimmy was having a vision or dream I had problems identifying dream or waking scenes if they weren t spaced out with extraines between the paragraphs or didn t use italics My preference is to have either a few blank Ancient World lines separate somethingike the dreams and visions from waking Fighter life And the author did a better job of indicating the separateness the further we get into the book Ioved the Събрани разкази, Том 5 little wolf paw prints separating some sections those were cuteOne thing I wish was tha. And some beautifully arranged prose I hope to see work from author Brandon M Herbert on our platform soon Heather Weid Kbuuk Halloween Weekend ReadsBrandon M Herbert has written an exciting urban fantasy that kept me highly entertained I highly recommend this book if youove paranormal shifter or urban fantasy genres Lynn Worton Book Reviews by Lynn blogI oved it This is a great fast paced read you can really sink your teeth into no pun intended Janell Rhiannon author Invisible Wings.


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