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Good in their world and each other as it is about them as a couple But I kept reading to find out if there is any good solution for themSo a small warning I could see this being a difficult read if you re not in the right mood for it There are also aspects of the story s climax that did not work for me and can t be mentioned because of big spoilers I felt Labyrinthian also suffered from some pacing issues lagging in places especially when the narrative about Taur and Theseus dilemma took precedence I did however like the HFN ending It fit Despite my ibbles I think this is a worthwhile and memorable read A copy of this book was provided by the publisherauthor in exchange for an honest review 4 star review by DanLabyrinthian is a really good example of how science fiction has always been able to easily include gay and bisexual characters The main characters in this story just happen to be gay Although on second thought one might accurately be described as bisexual because of his former relationship with one of the leading supporting characters who is a woman Regardless the sexuality of the characters is a non issue Too bad the real world can t learn from sci fi huhTaur is a genetically engineered human who is only three standard years old but he and his brothers and sisters were put through rapid aging to gain adulthood He has been on the run since he and his eleven brothers and sisters escaped from the scientists who had held them prisoner their entire lives While being held prisoner they were trained and educated but also tortured and beaten Taur has no intention of being captured and forced to return to the living hell that is the lab When we meet Taur on the first page of the book he is in a cargo bay which has been opened to space to kill him The book would have been very very short if it had succeeded so I ll provide a spoiler and tell you he got out of that oneTheseus is a hunter In this far future world hunter is the shortened term for what we today would call bounty hunters In the far future hunters roam the known galaxy bringing to justice the bad folks from murders to thieves to debt runners Think of that next time you re a little late on your credit card paymentTheseus has just woken Programming in Objective C up from a monumental drunk session He wakesp on the ship of his former girlfriend Phae who rescued him the night before outside a bar Theseus still has a few Beyond Band of Brothers unresolved issues with Phae since she was the one who broke it off but Phae has moved on to another woman named Gabe and Theseus is ancient historyWhen Theseus gets back to his ship he finds a reuest for a high riskhigh pay hunt He ignores itntil he gets The Water Of Life up later from sleeping off the hangover The reuest is still available and they are willing to pay a fortune for the capture either alive or dead of the runner Intrigued Theseus accepts the contractTo ensure his continued freedom Taur has just purchased a gun and body armor from what turns out to be Gabe s shop on the station where he had docked to obtain repairs to the ship he obtained after the cargo bay incident mentioned above When walking down the corridor he bumps into Theseus who instantly recognizes himThe chase is on But what happens when Theseus captures him And what will happen when the bad folks who are after Taur double cross Theseus and start firingA really entertaining high action sci fi story is what happens Taur Theseus and eventually Phae race across the galaxy looking for Taur s missing brothers and sisters Since they escaped from the lab Taur hasn t seen thembut he needs to find them because he is the only one who knows that there is a secret buried in each of them that will kill them And they only have about a month before they will all dieI really enjoyed this book It had been awhile since I had read a true hard sci fi. Facility where he was created and raised Taur is desperate to locate his genetically engineered brothers and sisters To rescue them and himself from slavery Waking aboard Theseus’ ship his fury is tempered by curiosity about his captorDespite his doubts about his prisoner Theseus figures it’d be risky to let Taur gontil they’re thr.

35 STARSThis was a good read it kept a good pace with great MC s and good writingI loved the start of the book it was very fresh and had an excellent original plot but as it progressed it slowly descended in and back out of a few classic syfy themes almost like the author was convinced or told to put a touch of plot 59a here and twist number 4D here etcthat sucked and the rather excellent and The Year of Living Biblically uniue writing style changed every time this happened It was my first Sunny book and I ll read It had enormous potential but slipped into the trap where I got the feeling the author possibly had too any people with a heavy input over the book It s very noticeable In saying that though I think a stick to your guns seuel is a possibilityIt s held my attention enough to want to know what happened to everyone they were veryniue characters I ll be reading of Sunny work as this was my first novel of hers Labyrinthian is set in the same niverse as Line and Orbit by Sunny Moraine and Lisa Soem but stands perfectly well on its own It isn t a seuel but does share many of Line and Orbit s sensibilities Taur is a genetically modified human on the run from the people who made him Theseus is a bounty hunter who accepts the job of tracking him down As freuently happens in this sort of tale the people who set the bounty on Taur s head betray Theseus Instead of paying him they try to kill both him and Taur With nowhere else to turn the two go on the run Theseus and Taur discover a budding attraction for each other while trying to stay alive save Taur s siblings and nravel the mystery behind the creation of these genetically engineered super beings Oh and just in case the stakes weren t high enough there s also a chip embedded in Taur s skull ticking down toward killing him The novel is sexy and fun and proves definitively that romance and space opera do in fact mix As it turns out feelings do not ruin a perfectly good story about spaceships genetic modification and bounty hunters They make it better Also it s sexy Did I mention sexy Luckily there are novels set in this niverse on the way 35 Stars If you like SciFi I recommend this book 35 starsThis is an interesting story and as far as world building goes well done It is also a part of the Line and Orbit sci fi niverse Taur is an engineered human I m guessing it s never really explained a sort of test tube baby but with accelerated growth At three years old he s a fully grown man impressively big powerful and dangerous made for combat For what end is what kept me reading the story the why of itBut this story is not so much about the bad guys and why they do what they do as it is about finding your humanity and place in the world When Taur escapes his captorbreeders escapes from an isolated mysterious space station he discovers a world and a freedom he never imagined Taur s world opens even when he meets Theseus Athenia the hunter hired to find and return him to his makers Dead or alive Taur is lucky though Theseus may be a hardened sci fi skip tracer but he s a good guy deep inside Theseus shows Taur compassion he s never experienced beforeI like the world that the author makes It s richly rendered but definitely dystopian Since we get a lot of it via Taur s experiences we get a feel for the darker side Even when we get to the beautiful Earth like planet New Hellas which becomes a kind of haven in the story there is a pall of melancholy and despair While I get a good feel for this world of the Protectorate the story itself is hard to cozy For the Love of All Thats Holy, Dont Buy a Boat When Venus is in Retrograde up to I was sucked into Taur s situation but it is a relentless downer It all seems so hopeless That s part of the problem too I feel somewhat distanced from the characters and their romance There is heat between Taur and Theseus but I think their story is about finding some. A hunter should never fall for his preyA hunter’s heart should never fall prey to hisarry Still nursing his latest post mission hangover bounty hunter Theseus jumps at a high paying high risk job that sounds ridiculously easy Yet from the moment he nabs the alleged supersoldier with sedative gas nothing is as it seemsOn the run from the.

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Action adventure I ll be looking for another soon I recommend this book if you re a sci fi aficionado One notemy compliments on the cover I ve always been a cover shopper If it catches my eye I m apt to pick it Scary Stories 3 up This cover drew my eye immediately Whoever created it did a great jobA copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review Please visit wwwlovebytesreviewscom to see this and many reviews author interviews guestposts and giveaways I bought this book when it first came out but I ve been sitting on it since then because I knew what I was getting into with it and I knew that the day was going to come when I was going to need to read this book that it would be exactly what I was looking for Then that day came and I was right I am alwaysp for the blending of mythology with science fiction and it is The Penguin Atlas of Endangered Species uite deft here plus the emotional core of the story is very satisfying Well this was simply gorgeousLovely and evocativeI sobbed all over my dog The Hunter and The Hunted I just love itAs with the other Sunny Moraine novel I read Line and Orbit and I HIGHLY recommend it the story is not dominated by the romance This is a story about Taur the hunted and his hope to find his family and his struggle with whether he even wants to fight to survive or notTaur was a great character because everything about him seemed to oppose something else in him He was a killer Like woah But innocent in many ways Decisive and fast reacting yetwhen it came to certain things he was lost I loved that about him Theseus was great too I really liked h This is a story set in the world of Line and Orbit I enjoyed it but a couple of things stuck out at me1It reminded meite a lot of Lois McMaster Bujold s space opera novella Labyrinth where Miles Vorkosigan rescues genetically engineered super soldier Nine from a sketchy Jackson s Whole laboratory and falls in love with her She later renames herself Taura This may be due to shared source material the myth of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur or possible homage 2 It seems like this was written as a short story and then expanded into a full length novel There are some slow sections that feel like filler 5 BIG STARS Two men both of them killers One by necessity one by choice but that is not who either of them really are They just trying to find themselves and their way through life in a place that hardly gives people much choiceI m The Bartender usually not comfortable with assassin type characters but this story just grabbed me and after the first few pages I knew it would be amazing Both MCs were so nicely tought out Theseus the bounty hunter who sometimes hasestionable morals but at his core a good man and Taurthe engineered super soilder who has such a brutal and savage innocence about him The enemies to lovers thing is hard to nail down but here it was executed with a near perfection I really liked how their relationship developed It had a gradual and natural feel despite the amount of time it really took but it was perfect given the characters themselvesI love sci fi I love getting to know new worlds and new civilizations I liked the worldbuilding here It wasn t excessive it was just enough to have a well rounded feel to it to know how things work And although there weren t to many side characters everyone who appered on page was worth reading about especially Phea And I really liked that not everything was perfect in the story or had an easy solution It felt real I can definitely see the potential for some kind of seuel though it stands on its own without oneIt had one or two hiccups in the beginning but once I really got into the story I didn t really notice if there were any Took me by surprise how much I liked it but this was a really enjoyable read that instantly went to my favourites pile Highly recommended. Own together by a shared betrayal They declare a tentative truce as they flee from a shadowy and immensely powerful organization that will stop at nothing to find themBut as they wrestle with their growing feelings for each other Taur and Theseus face an even greater danger A lethal threat lurking inside Taur’s own body waiting to explode.

Sunny Moraine is a humanoid creature of average height luminosity and inertial mass They're also a doctoral student in sociology and a writer like object who focuses primarily on various flavors of speculative fiction usually with a decidedly ueer bent They spend most of their days using writing to distract from academics except for the occasions when the two collide They live just outside