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En an annoying neighbor poisoned her two cats because he wanted all the mice in their apartment instead of his 9 Chin Yong Yun Makes A Shiddach by SJ Rozan This has a lot of humor in it too Chin Yong Yun is a Chinese immigrant legal to New York and has raised 4 sons and a daughter Two sons are married with kids the third is gay and has a partner the fourth son is a well off lawyer deemed too nerdy by many women and the daughter is a police detective Mom ust wants to marry off the last two and would no doubt like to see the son and his boyfriend get married and hoped to do a shiddach match making When the youngest son tries to get in touch with his sister the detective to help with a kidnapping for ransom Mom takes over Yes there are 8 stories I hated but the 9 I loved are so good Read on the WondrousBooks blog When I reuested this book on NetGalley I was expecting something creepier complicated and also full of interesting little facts about New York This book was none of these things NoneI remember reading Mary Higgins Clark a few years ago since my grandmother is a big fan and she borrowed many MHC books from the library I m not a die hard fan of the mystery genre but I do love me a good crime novel from time to time That s why of course as usual why not I had high expectations about this anthology For one Ms Clark participates herself in it for another she was the editor so naturally I was sure she d have chosen really good pieces for Manhattan MayhemIn reality the book started off really well In the first 5 6 stories there really was the element of creepiness and I liked the style and the flow as a whole That was soon ruined by American writers obsession with America s glorious past full of mafioso wannabe s I ll get back to that later After too many bad stories there was a spark of something with the story about the two step sisters And then we were brought back to the dull reality of this bookAs I mentioned above too many of the stories are set in the past too many of them have Italian mafia types too many seem to lack a concrete idea and are in my opinion a rush order to fill a couple of pages The authors felt that they needed to be part of this anthology or they were asked to participate and the result is obvious a string of unimaginative and boring short stories which lack a lot in the mystery department too much considering that this is a mystery bookIn particular I knew the book had totally lost me with the Broadway Executioner which was dragged out and with an ultimately unsatisfactory ending which left me wondering whether I missed something The total low was the short play which was Going Om just so dull and lifeless The last 5 stories were so boring I barely had the willpower to finish themI think the biggest issue is that all of these people the authors decided that one can create a much better mystery in the past than in the present I think the opposite is true which the present is not a good arena for a few types of genres mystery is not one of them With our level of development a much complicated case can be presented and with a much creative way to be solved However it is obvious that these authors were not really willing to put too much effort in a short story for an anthology Their lack of initiative and interest is obvious by their sloppy plots I haven t read anything by most of them but I m sure they put a lot effort in their own stuff because all of the stories in Manhattan Mayhem were made by a formula a character with humble beginnings a couple of sidekicks you don t really get what s going on and by the time you do the story is done and you are left with the feeling that all of the authors were in this for an easy buck All of the stories that don t fit in this category are somewhat worth reading though not groundbreakingust a little bit bearable than the rest I received this book for free through BookLikes Giveaways I really enjoyed this anthology of short stories I loved the concept of each story taking place in a different part of New York City I thought that was really fun and creative I especially loved how there was a tiny little map of the area at the top of each story I liked some stories than others My favorites were The Five Dollar Dress White Rabbit Serial Benefactor and Trapped I gotta say while I m not a huge fan of books that comprise of many short stories I thoroughly enjoyed this very much I won the book through Goodreads and I want to thank uirk books for being so generousWhile some of the stories weren t nearly as exhilarating as others many were extremely well written Each author clearly has expertise in writing mysteries I forgot how much I loved mysteries until I read this I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for uick thrills and impressive curio The Five Dollar Dress Mary Higgins ClarkA young woman looking through her deceased grandmother s things makes an unsavory discovery regarding an old crime It s not bad but I expected a bit The writing style felt a bit clunky and overly straightforward She did this Then she did that In addition the way the eventual discovery was presented felt too easy leaving a detection loving reader feeling a bit cheated White Rabbit Julie HyzyThis one started off playing into one rather tired trope and then twisted into a different but eually tired trope At Central Park s Alice in Wonderland statue a young woman reading is approached by a pushy and annoying young man who insists on making small talk But what are the real reasons either of these two are there on this particular day The Picture of the Lonely Diner Lee ChildBrief piece featuring Child s popular character Jack Reacher It s not bad it does an especially nice ob conjuring up Madison Suare Park but I found the interaction between Reacher and an FBI agent he encounters to be a bit unbelievable why on earth would she be so forthcoming Overall I think readers who are already familiar with the books in this series would probably appreciate it Three Little Words Nancy PickardA doctor tells a young woman that unfortunately her cancer is terminal and suggests that she make a bucket list However ust a few days after her diagnosis the woman is violently murdered Whodunnit The story gets a lot of suspects into a limi. Mchair detectives and armchair travelers alike“The Five Dollar Dress” copyright © 2015 by Mary Higgins Clark“White Rabbit” copyright © 2015 by Julie Hyzy“The Picture of the Lonely Diner” copyright © 2015 by Lee Child“Three Little Words” copyright © 2015 by Nancy Pickard“Damage Control” copyright © 2015 by Thomas H Cook“The Day after Victory” copyright © 2015 by Brendan DuBois“Serial Benefactor” copyright © 2015 by Jon L Breen“Trapped” copyright © 2015 by Ben H Winters“Wal.

(PDF DOWNLOAD) Manhattan Mayhem ò Mary Higgins Clark

Ted amount of pages but I finished it feeling like I d been led around by the author Taking Stage just a bit too much Damage Control Thomas H CookA man s former foster child is found dead of an apparent suicide The tragic death leads him back to consider the reasons why he kicked her out of his house Were theyustified The story does a nice Pulling the Vampires Braid (A Loving Nip job of illustrating how different perspectives on the same facts can lead people to come to very diffe This was a great find at the libraryI love mysteries and so a book full of short mystery storiesYes pleaseExcellent choices some better than others but that is to be expectedI very much enjoyed this and would recommend it to others My favourite part of the novel was how 17 short stories came together The theme was New York City Each author wrote a mystery story about 1 locationneighbourhood in NYC I loved seeing the pictures and maps of the area Some stories were historical so it was nice seeing NYC in a different time period There was some good stories in here but also a lot of not so good ones My favourite stories were Trapped Sutton Death Overtime The Five Dollar Dress White Rabbit Three Little Words Damage Control Red Headed Stepchild Dizzy and Gillespie and Chin Yong Yun Makes a Shiddach A brief summaryreview on each of the stories is below 1 The Five Dollar Dress by Mary Higgins Clark 3 stars Jenny s grandmother has died and it is up to Jenny to go through her stuff While going through her grandmother s things she discovers her grandmother s friend was murdered and Jenny figured out the murderer I felt a connection with Jenny but oh man the ending took me a long time to get2 White Rabbit by Julie Hyzy 3 stars Jane is mourning a friend at the White Rabbit status in Central Park She ends up talking to a stranger Mark and turns out they have in common than what we think I enjoyed the twist ending but the whole thingust felt a bit creepy in a not so good way3 The Picture of the Lonely Diner by Lee Child 2 stars I don t get the appeal of Jack Reacher Reacher walks into an investigation and ends up getting information from the secret agent in charge Does these things happen in real life Side note I was talking to my mom this morning she s a huge Jack Reacher fan and turns out that Lee Child as a young boy had a fascination with NYC and the Flatiron building which is the setting of this story When he began a famous writer he ended up buying 2 apartments in the building 1 for home 1 for his office which is his childhood dream come true I liked the backstory of it and you could feel in his novel that he really loves that areabuilding 4 Three Little Words by Nancy Pickard 3 stars A woman was diagnosed with cancer and has come up with a bucket list to tell the truth A few days later she was killed Her doctor goes to her funeral and everyone has a secret I enjoyed this one but there was some icky stuff going on that I didn t enjoy 5 Damage Control by Thomas H Cook 3 stars A family took in a foster daughter a number of years ago but because of a situation they can no longer handle the girl and return her to her family The now adult woman is killed and the father reflects back to on the family s time with the girl Interesting story about different accounts of a certain situation 6 The Day After Victory by Brendan DuBois 1 star A sweeper meets a guy in Times Suare the day after WWII ended I couldn t get into this one 7 Serial Benefactor by Jon L Breen 1 star About a 100 year old man and his great great granddaughter He tells her about a crime that happened in the Broadway scene Meh didn t care for the man or the mystery A bit all over the place past and present 8 Trapped by Ben H Winters 4 stars A play about a murdered producer and everyone is a suspect Wow I never thought I would like this so much So funny and I didn t know what to expect9 Wall Street Rodeo by Angela Zeman 1 star A man getting a young boy to con an old man Very odd but I didn t see the ending coming 10 Copycats by NJ Ayres 1 star About friends before and after being solders in WWII Again couldn t get into this one 11 Red Headed Stepchild by Margaret Maron 3 stars A stepdaughter s view on living with her father new stepmother and stepsister Good read I The Survival List just guessed the ending before it happened 12 Sutton Death Overtime by Judith Kelman 4 stars A writer tells others including a reporter about the new novel she is working on about the disappearance of her friend who was a millionaire beauty Good ending Really enjoyed the writing 13 Dizzy and Gillespie by Persia Walker 3 stars A daughter s view on a fight between her mother and a new resident in their building Sad story with a good mystery 14 Me and Mikey by T Jefferson Parker 1 star About a mafia family I ve had enough of mafia families for a bit 15 Ever by Justin Scott 1 star Going back in time as well as forward to pull off a robbery Just wasn t realistic 16 Chin Yong Yun Makes a Shiddach by SJ Rozan 3 stars About a chinese mother doing what s best for her children and living a secret life that her children don t know about Liked the surprising factor of this one 17 The Baker of Bleecker Street by Jeffery Deaver 1 stars Spies during WWII Didn t like this one at all There is no reason for anyone not to read Manhattan MayhemThis novel is the first I ve read of its kind I ve read many anthologies but none structured as delightfully as this Iust loved how each story took place during a different time in a different part of one of the greatest cities in the world All 18 of the short stories were uick awesome reads all entertaining and all of them leaving me wishing there was to read I feel like it s impossible to review each one because I enjoyed them all so much There were three that definitely grabbed me than the others Ever by Justin Scott this my favorite Copycats by NJ Ayres and last but not least The Baker of Bleecker Street by Jeffery DeaverFor readers who have not read a lot of mystery and crime there is a little something in this book for everyone I highly recommend it to readers who want a taste of great crime stories by great authors but are unclear where to start and who to start reading first I was only familiar with Mary Higgins Clark but now after reading this I intend to read by each of these authors. L Street Rodeo” copyright © 2015 by Angela Zeman“Copycats” copyright © 2015 by N J Ayres“Red Headed Stepchild” copyright © 2015 by Margaret Maron“Sutton Death Overtime” copyright © 2015 by Judith Kelman“Dizzy and Gillespie” copyright © 2015 by Persia Walker“Me and Mikey” copyright © 2015 by T Jefferson Parker“Ever” copyright © 2015 by Justin Scott“Chin Yong Yun Makes a Shiddach” copyright © 2015 by S J Rozan“The Baker of Bleecker Street” copyright © 2015 by Jeffery Deave.

I m not going to wait until this book comes out in early June to discuss it Mary Higgins Clark edited a collection of stories written to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of Mystery Writers of America And the stories set all over Manhattan are intriguing and interesting But it s the book itself that is impressive If you love the part of the city that we tourists think of as New York City you should pick up a copy of Manhattan MayhemThe publishers uirk Books have put together a beautiful book physically Because each author set their story in a different neighborhood the covers are maps showing the author s name and where their story takes place There s even a legend for this street and transportation map of Manhattan and the Bronx And the inside of the book is eye catching Each story is labeled with the street map showing where it s set and set off by the appropriate black and white photo Those photos illustrate the stories perfectly They re amazing And the pages and print match the overall formatOh yes The stories themselves Julie Hyzy s White Rabbit is set in Central Park and it s introduced with a photo of the Alice in Wonderland statue In fact that s exactly where this story is set at that statue It s a story with an unforeseen ending Jack Reacher faces a surprising Manhattan when he reaches his subway stop at the iconic Flatiron Building in Lee Child s The Picture of the Lonely Diner Clark introduces the stories the background and the book itself but she also kicks off the book with a new story set in Union SuareSome of the biggest names in the mystery field contributed stories Jeffery Deaver Margaret Maron SJ Rozan It s an entertaining collection an excellent tribute to the mystery field and the organization of writers that started in 1945 And it s a beautiful tribute to an ever changing city Readers will pick up Manhattan Mayhem because of the authors But I showed it to a friend who normally doesn t read mysteries And I predict some readers like my friend will pick it up because uirk Books did such an amazing An Immigration History Of Britain job compiling this beautiful bo What links this mixed bag of crime short stories offered up by the Mystery Writers of America is the wonder that is Manhattan Island Each author has set their novella in an iconic location and so we get to travel to Harlem Union Suare the Upper West Side and the Flatiron District to name but a fewWhat is great about an anthology like this is you get to read authors your may never have come across before and some lesser known authors get to be in a book alongside some of their famous peers such as Mary Higgins Clark Jeffery Deaver and Lee Child I particularly enjoyed reading Margaret Maron s offering along with Julie Hyzy Persia Walker Thomas H Cook and Nancy Pickard However other readers will enjoy other stories within this collection and that s what makes this type of anthology so great So why not dip in to this pick and mix andust enjoy I am a fan of both mysteries and of short stories especially mystery short stories but it is hard to find short stories these days Mary Higgins Clark has edited this nice collection of 17 stories by well known authors I didn t like a number of them but the ones that I did were well worth the price of the book Let me describe the ones I liked1 The Five Dollar Dress by Mary Higgins Clark Jenny s Gran has died and the newly minted attorney went back to New York from San Francisco to empty out the apartment Her grandmother s dying words were that Barney didn t kill her Vincent did Jenny finds an old file of clippings her grandmother kept about the murder of an old friend who modeled a designer s dress that would be sold to women for 5 each back in 1949 who died in one of the dresses When Jenny begins to investigate the cold case she discovers to her horror that the real killer of the 6 weeks pregnant model was way too close to home 2 White Rabbit by Julie Hyzy Jane is sitting by the Alice in Wonderland fountain in the park in New York holding a copy of the Alice in Wonderland book when a strange brash man sits down beside her trying to dig into her personal life As he makes her and uncomfortable he follows her to the spot where her friend was murdered and an old man pops out of the bushes Shocking revelations follow 3 The Picture of the Lonely Diner by Lee Child This one is a nod to the cafediner seen in many films Noir and features Child s character Jack Reacher in an odd story 4 Three Little Words by Nancy Pickard Priscilla is told by her doctor that she only has a short time live before the 20 something young woman dies of her inoperable cancer and suggests she make a bucket list to fulfill before she dies She decides that the list will center around telling the truth to those she needs to tell off including her cold parents the dad molested and impregnated her her crappy sister and the old boyfriend that dumped her for her crappy sister the bitch who runs the day care center she works at neglectful parents from the daycare and the child she gave away had him by her dad 8 years earlier She begins doing this but is suddenly murdered The doctor goes to the very odd funeral and learns many secrets but then he has a major secret of his own5 Damage Control by Thomas H Cook A young woman Maddox is found dead starved to death in the dark in her own apartment Police uestion the man who with his wife had taken her in for a year when she was 10 as a favor to her single mom and planned to raise her as their daughter alongside their daughter Lana who wanted a sister He said they hadn t seen her in years but remembered how he thought she was a bad seed and shipped her back to her mother Now he finds out from Lana that what he thought was sinister behavior wasn t that at all Heartbreaking story6 The Day After Victory by Brendan DuBois Bizarre story set in 1945 with a weird ending7 Red Headed Stepchild by Margaret Maron This isn t really a mystery at all but a hilarious story of how a little motherless girl dealt with the hateful woman her dad married and the woman s nasty daughter using head lice of all things 8 Dizzy and Gillespie by Persia Walker Very strange story about a 90 year old woman who lives with her daughter in a run down apartment in Harlem and what she did wh. Best selling suspense novelist Mary Higgins Clark invites you on a tour of Manhattan’s most iconic neighborhoods in this anthology of all new stories from the Mystery Writers of America From the Flatiron District Lee Child and Greenwich Village Jeffery Deaver to Little Italy T Jefferson Parker and Chinatown SJ Rozan you’ll encounter crimes mysteries and riddles large and small Illustrated with iconic photography of New York City and packaged in a handsome hardcover Manhattan Mayhem is a delightful read for ar.

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Alafair Burke she wrote the Under Suspicion series With her daughter