(Last Night in Ghosttown) PDF/EPUB Ô Kathryn McKade

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(Last Night in Ghosttown) PDF/EPUB Ô Kathryn McKade

Rfu. Ets out of this Dev doesn’t know What he does know is that he keeps putting off his departure date and he can’t deny that Rishi is the reasonDoes Dev stick around or Holi help the people trapped in Ghosttown and risk getting branded a deserter Or should he clear out before he gives up his heart to Rishi.

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Nde. Dev In ive days he leaves or Misra 7 a planet entrenched in a war so deadly it’s known as The House of Death So it’s one last hurrah before he ships outDespite being on a strict time table Dev allows a would be thief Rishi talk him into handing out expensive med gems to the sick and needy What Rishi

Wo. In the Maharajah's Consortium every aspect of citizens' lives is monitored by the GRID Throughout the galaxy on every planet money property even lives are tracked by General Resource Interactive Display Everywhere that is except or Ghosttown Ghosttown slum theme park holy city the city that time orgotEnter.

Kathryn McKade is an artist author and avid reader since she was old enough to hold a book Her novella LAST NIGHT IN GHOSTTOWN a sci fi romance releases May 2014 from Eggplant Productions She enjoys reading and writing about vivid complex characters and exotic worlds of fantasy She can usually be found wandering among the otherworldly landscapes of northern ArizonaHer alter ego’s artwor