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Overview The PSTN Fundamentals • Loops Trunks • Analog • Voiceband • POTS • CO • Remotes • DSL Wireless Telecommunications Radio Concepts • Mobility • Cellular Networks • GSM • CDMA • 4G LTE • WiFi • Satellite The OSI Layers and Protocol Stacks Protocols Standards • OSI Model • Layers • TCPIP • How Protocol Stacks Work Ethernet LANs and VLANs LAN Concepts • Ethernet and 8023 • MAC Addresses • LAN Cables • Switches • VLANs IP Networks Routers and Addresses Packets • Networks • Routers Routing • IP Addresses • DHCP • NAT • IPv6 MPLS and Carrier Packet Networks Carrier Networks • Carrier Services • MPLS • SLAs • CoS • Integration • Aggregation.

review Telecom Datacom and Networking for Non Engineers

For those without an Engineering degree in telecommunications our goal is to explain telecom and networks in plain English the jargon buzzwords mainstream technologies and services standard practices and most importantly the underlying ideas and how it all fits together This invaluable reference book and study guide contains all of the text and the main graphic from every lesson in all six of Teracom’s online CTNS telecommunications certification courses The online courses are interactive and rich with photos images and animated graphics plus a voiceover This is the textbook Visit teracomtrainingcom or our ouTube channel outubecomteracomtraining for previews and free samples of the online courses Content.

CTNS Study Guide and Companion Reference Textbook Teracom’s textbook T4210 Telecom Datacom and Networking for Non Engineers is the study guide and companion reference textbook for the TCO Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist CTNS telecommunications certification It is an ideal companion while taking the courses and an invaluable day to day reference after Telecom Datacom and Networking for Non Engineers can also be used for self study It delivers the core knowledge needed in telecommunications today fundamental concepts and jargon the PSTN wireless telecommunications the OSI model and Layers Ethernet IP packets IP addresses networks and routers MPLS carrier networks and carrier services Designed.

Read Telecom Datacom and Networking for Non Engineers ✓ Eric Coll