Screwtape Teaches the Faith (KINDLE)

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Discover the power of the Catechism like never before with ScrewtapeIf you enjoyed CS Lewis Screwtape Letters but need a guide book of defense strategies based in solid Church teaching this is it De La Torre breaks down Lewis' perennial classic chapter by chapter identifying the devil's specific temptation in each The.

Marlon De La Torre ↠ 6 summary

Screwtape Teaches the Faith (KINDLE)

Ghlight the Truth all the De La Torre gives you exactly the right Catechism teachings to use as effective weapons against Screwtape's whispered lies Individuals catechists teachers and parents will delight in the clear presentation of truths which are sure to suash the temptation to do evil whenever and wherever found.

N he provides you with solid references and explanations from the Catechism of the Catholic Church which highlight the opposite virtue truth or good Despite his best or worst intentions the devil cannot help throwing into glorious relief all the beauty and richness of the Faith His temptations are the shadows which hi.