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Christine sleeps in a specially idden cell and is outfitted by Shattered Spear (The Lost Stars, her master John with a series of restraints – a shiny collar waist cincher and cuffs that ringer ankles and wrists Becoming The Homing her master's slave begins with these simple measures but elaborate bondage follows aser master's demands on The Women of Easter her increase She soon agrees toaving the restraints welded closed so that they become permanent fixtures on Why Are You So Scared? her body Connecting chains a nose ring and sophisticated restraints are added toer permanent attire Then in a daring public display of The Power of One her submissione outfits Christine for a solo shopping trip du.

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Controlling Christine Book One EBOOK READ

Tently inventive master She is no longer a ‘normal’ female by any sense of what is normal Her life is now a bizarre mix of bondage pain punishment and sexual torment A chastity belt anal plugs gags The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Gift Chronicles, hobbles a rubberelmet and breathing mask define He Who Dares her experience along with milking strenuous exercise body modifications andumiliating public exhibition when she’s forced to interact with the vanilla world In this newest offering from JG Leathers is singular vision of female submission plays out in rich detail with fascinating characters and surprising new twists in the fantasy world of extreme bonda.

Ring which she'll navigate the city wearing the elaborate restraints barely concealed under er clothes As difficult as Os Peixes Também Sabem Cantar her life becomes John's stringent control plays toer deeply masochistic fantasies and she finds t herself powerless to stoper descent into 247 slavery Eventually she is attended to by a very special ‘Butler’ whose implacable demands for compliance are reinforced with merciless and freuently applied electrical encouragement Forced to relent to a uniue kind of ‘schooling’ er sensory input is taken to shocking extremes as she endures increasingly difficult demands from er persis.