E–pub [The Great Trials of the Twenties The Watershed Decade in America's Courtrooms] ¸ Robert Grant

Y But they usually on t have introductionsWell anyway this is a textbook about some legal cases you ve mostly heard of Sets out the facts in an evenhanded way Avoids controversial conclusions Some worthwhile background such as the argument for putting John Scopes on trial But not my idea of casual reading Few if any anecdotes and even the A Celtic Miscellany dictionary contains humor. Nearly every facet of American life Each case is a fascinating story and the fierce jousts in these courtrooms impart to the reader both howifferent things once were and how much the nature of argumentative individuals has remained exactly the sa.

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E–pub The Great Trials of the Twenties The Watershed Decade in America's Courtrooms ¸ Robert Grant

An informative read about an era whose importance is lost on current culture I was not living uring the time but knew of a few of the trials included through hearsay The authors efforts and expertise shown in the volume added to my knowledge and understanding of the historical significance of the great court cases iscussed Introductions to books can be revealin. 1920s America was at peace at home and abroad but issues facing the nation were highlighted by a series of trials including baseball's Black Sox Al Capone John T Scopes Sacco and Vanzetti Leopold and Loeb and the court martial of Billy Mitchell Amer.

G though not necessarily in the way the author intends Take The Great Trials of the Twenties Why Foxs Feud (Farthing Wood, do the authors have to tell you what s in a non fiction book and why it matters Maybe because if youon t finish the book you at least know what they were trying to The Culture Code do Seemsefeatist On the other hand I could use the help when I read obliue fiction or especially poetr. Icans will find this book on trials of the “Roaring Twenties” provocative Great Trials begins with an extensive introduction Banish Clutter Forever describing “the setting” of that tumultuousecade and follows with an in epth examination of 10 trials touching on.

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