E–pub/Pdf A Second Chance Chance #1 By Isabella Bearden

E–pub/Pdf A Second Chance Chance #1 By Isabella Bearden

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Copy of this book for an honest review I really njoyed the storyline and the characters This book definitely got me hooked from the beginning and I fell in love with Rayleigh and reading how she recreated herself and was having a fresh start When she meets her new hot neighbor Tate I grew to like him and how they had a connection I also liked Lily who uickly became good friends with Rayleigh and i I thought they were good and brought the best out of Not Without a Fight each other I also loved her mom and there were moments in the book that had me laughing Then I was mad at Tate and couldnt believe he couldn t just tell herverything so they could just be together The author definitely keeps you guessing and it was well written I really Garden Bouquets and Beyond enjoyed the first half but felt like thend was rushed But overall I really The Unseen Wonder enjoyed the story and recommend it to anyone looking for a really nice uick read Can t wait to read the next one and continue the story and see whatnfolds Pffft This is what i get for reading YA Sweet story but I had an issue with the way it was written There were so many huh and what moments for me Some points weren t defined clearly I feel like it was a bit too rushed. E with the new girl in townWhen their friendship blossoms into something than Rayleigh could have imagined will Tate`s determination of staying friends with Courtney keep Rayleigh and him from being together Or will they overcome it all and have the happy The Management Bible ever after they both want withach oth.

A nickel for Zu schnell every time Rayleigh put on a sports bra and shorts took a hot bath or went out to hit her heavy bag I d be very very rich Rayleigh likes her inner dialogue but then will come out and say thexact same thing again Add on the sentence fragments EVERYWHERE and it made for an unnecessarily painful readNeedless to say not a fan and I definitely won t keep up with this series it s just a bit too young for me I was so glad that I got the chance to read this book Rayleigh is so Sleepless (Bird of Stone, easy to connect with that you just have to feel for her I admit I had a LOVEhate thing going with Tate I do wish it was a little longer but when a story is good when do youver want it to nd I will definitely be looking forward to of Isabella Bearden s books 45 Stars Really njoyed this book I was drawn into Rayleigh and Tate s world and found myself unable to put it down I loved all the characters you could asily relate to them they are very realistic as were the situations they found themselves in I njoyed the length as it wasn t too long or too short the chapters were a nice length as well overall a great book I cant wait for the next book in the Chance series I received Ugh is nough and convinces her parents into moving awayNew look new town new school this is her new startWhen she meets football player Tate Davis they spike up an unlikely friendship that has his girlfriend Courtney beyond pissed She doesn't like the idea of her boyfriend spending so much tim.

Oof I m not sure where to startWell I guess I now understand why I don t normally read YA preferring NA and its slightly complex storylines because this story was ridiculous It was very immature in its pushpull and manufactured drama Even my own teens are mature than any of the characters in this book to the point that I could see my fifteen year old throwing this on the DNF pile within the first chapterThe major problems though stem from the ditingproofreadingor the complete lack of After Yummy Supper everyone sung happy birthday to me and I cut up the cake I don t know whatlse to say Courtney was telling the truth when she said she didn t have anyone but Tate But they really need to draw a line where her friendship goes with Tate if he wants me around Okay I get that she isn t going anywhere but Tate you really need to draw a line if you want me around I just hurt you and I m sorry for today and back then and when you left school and came home I just followed you And the one that knocked my review from a two star to a one star No I told you after I seen them The punctuation apostrophes in particular are abused throughout the language is redundant and repetitive if I had. TeenYA romance Release Date September 30 2013Rayleigh Bell is your typical veryday high school girl For years she has been bullied for being overweight and not blending in with the right crowds Never making friends constantly left alone unless being tormented on a regular basis she decides no.

What started as a hobby for Isabella Bearden has turned into a promising career path as a writer A budding author of Young Adult and Contemporary Romance genres Isabella began her writing career by keeping a daily journal while growing up The fact that she comes from a large family as well as being married to her high school sweetheart has no doubt inspired her ideas for stories Isabella has

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