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Aynie would rather be at the business she is building mainly with sweat euity in an ld morgue This place has a soul too a friendly protective The Greatest Survival Stories Ever Told: Seventeen Incredible Tales one and she s named that palpable presence Divinity She s added a woodshop to the lower level near the morgue drawers and a showroom for her wood crafted creationsn the main floor where she also plans to have a bar and a place for Tarot readingsBut Shaynie has a secret ne that she d rather not confront about a time when she was in so much pain she went ut seeking Cómo ligar con esa chica que tanto te gusta y a la que le gusta otro oblivion in shameful behavior And it s a smallish groupf people who know her mainly in the circles Death Threat of hockey mad Edmonton Whof them saw her shame and do they know about it than she doesThis is a FIRST RATE mystery people with enough twist and turns for a serious roller coaster ride f intrigue hints reversals and reveals Add to that a seriously hot romance and all the paranormal help and hindrances she gets from various spiritual agencies and it was electrifyingRECOMMENDED I thoroughly enjoyed every page f this book It was so fun to read a book in a familiar Canadian setting I read it in ne sitting as I couldn t put it down I fell for the main characters Shaynie and Cameron The pictures painted by this talented author were so real and intriguing I loved the twists and turns along with all f the paranormal which I didn t think I was as into but really enjoyed in this book Getting to knowing the characters and their story left me wanting and I can t wait to read f Bonnie Randall s books First the legalese I m n the Panverse street team free EARC s for an honest review Yes please so if it seems I m putting up a review awfully fast well I read it last month And soHockey and Tarot two things I know almost nothing about but which figure prominently in this book Luckily the author keeps things pertinent to the plot so I never felt ut f my depth and was able to enjoy the story Although New Age Paranormal Romance isn t my genre Satire of choice I actually liked DtP Certain aspectsf the mystery kept me guessing and the characters engaged me enough to want to keep reading Although this review sounds like a serious case Deflower the Boss of damned by faint praise I can honestly say the book earned the four stars given and I will be looking forward to Bonnie s future work Just finished Bonnie s Randall s Divinity the Python I thoroughly enjoyed this book for several reasons First it s a beautiful love story Well actually it s multiple love stories You may see it described as a paranormal romance but the cool thing is the primary romance is between real people Shaynie Gavin has many loves and this makes her very interesting She falls hard for Cameron Weste He s described by Shaynie s friend and mentor Cele as a hockey god an ice deity Inther words he s hot And he plays professional hockey Shaynie isn t a typical puck bunny She s a new age gal who tends bar in the Python a very trendy club in Hebrew magic amulets order to make enough money to launch her dream Divinity a new business venture where she llffer Tarot card readings and sell her handcrafted furniture She loves Divinity and Divinity a repurposed morgue loves her Really Shaynie also shares a strong sibling bond with her brother detective Andrew Gavin And Shaynie loves her friends One f these loves will betray her and ne will save her The book s setting Edmonton the City Being There of Champions in Alberta Canada is fresh Ms Randall s descriptions show that she too has many loves andne f them is this city Beautifully written with evocative images I ffer this warning expect tears in a good way Not just a love story there s suspense mystery and paranormal elements I m looking forward to from Ms Randall Bonnie Randall s writing is electric It moves it grooves it rocks and it rolls Divinity and the Python is like a strobe light Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom on a disco round colors and sounds in constant motion shadows taking shape for a moment before dissolving into the floor Divinity and the Python is not my usual reading fare so it s the appropriate time to insert a Notef Disclosure The publisher provided a free copy in exchange for an honest review It s healthy to step utside f ne s wn zone and see what s happening in ther writers and readers worlds in this case psychological and paranormal thrills with some sexy bits thrown in for good measure But this is not a novel that can be pigeon holed and I love that I love that Bonnie flips a double bird to genre classification and does her wn thing staying true to the story she wants to tell In the hands f a less skilled writer I would not have gone past the word Go to read a story f hockey players tarot cards and a seedy nightclub in Edmonton Canada but Bonnie s writing makes the ride well worth the price f admissionThis is ne f the talkiest novels I ve read and for tha. S departed souls allow her to feel satisfied when the cards she draws there reveal Wands the Tarot's symbol for work And yetShaynie would be so grateful if the Tarot would also just nce illuminate a Hellnight from her past A lost evening whose scars still slither The War at Home: One Family's Fight Against PTSD over her skin Hellnight haunts Shaynie Yet when she calls the uestionf that chilling evening into her deckThe Cards Forecast Loveand love appears in the form f pro hockey star Cameron Weste Weste is haunted by scars and superstitions f his wn and he wants Shaynie.

Man I loved this book I became fully invested in the characters and the plot immediately and was thankful for the attention to detail that Randall provided If you have never had the pleasure f experiencing Edmonton in the middle f winter Divinity and The Python can take you there frozen toes and allI started ut planning Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle: A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story and Verse on reading it justne chapter per sitting but it turned Set Theory, Logic and Their Limitations out to be much too thrilling and compelling to put down and I finished it inne glorious and very late night This was my first experience with the paranormal subject matter and it has become my gateway to the genre Divinity and The Python will feature prominently in my Christmas shopping as I know it will be a can t miss giftI m looking forward to Randall s next book and am preparing for another full night f reading This book was completely beyond anything I have ever read before It was a really intriguing mysteryromance all wrapped up in a very different take n what I can nly think to describe as paranormalOn that note however I must say that I spent a rather large portion f this book utterly perplexed I could not for the life The Stringbean Murders of me figureut if the main character Shaynie Gavin was schizophrenic أساطير شعبية من قلب جزيرة العرب: الجزء الرابع or if there was something else really goingn Several times I had to refer back to the book blurb to see if I was just being completely daft Stricken (Asphalt Cowboys, or Shaynie was a little bit crazy And for the first partf the book the schizophrenic assumption fit the bill much betterThere were two reasons why I thought this1 Shaynie keeps thinking someone is following her but there really is not any proof The Sporty Game of this just what appear to be her delusions at least for a good while into the book She ll just be walking along and then think Eyes No shadow following her No sound in antherwise uiet alley Nothing but Eyes I think if American Yakuza II onef the main themes Inventions That Changed the World: Working Wonders of the book is a stalker there should be no doubt for the readerf this fact after so many pages And it went way past that point for me2 Shaynie keeps talking to a building And the building keeps replying But this idea Love Onboard: Cupid's Caribbean Cruise of a personified building a morgue she is repurposing and has named Divinity is not explicitly laidut It basically has to be inferred and having never read a book with such a premise I had no idea that is what I was supposed to interpret So naturally I again turned to the conclusion that she was schizophrenicNow that I have read the book and know better I can tell you the idea Vertical Mind: Psychological Approaches for Optimal Rock Climbing of assuming her schizophrenic is completely inaccurate and wayff track I do not believe it is meant to be a mystery that Divinity is alive in its Blood Love own way given the tagline for the book is that Everything has a soul But I think it could have and should have been made clear exactly what that meansAll that initial confusion aside this really is a very good very well written and very different bookShaynie works at a bar The Python with her longtime best friends where she brings in pretty good tips as a bartender but all at the expensef working somewhere that just is not her a bar where the town s hockey stars show up in all their fame and glory She wants her wn place Divinity and is working to pen it up but she just doesn t have the full start up funds without her tip moneyHowever her dream to pen Divinity and her efforts to do so are continually thwarted by someone who appears to have a personal vendetta against her And to make matters worse there is the hunky hockey heartthrob Cameron Weste who shows up and won t uite leave her alone And she does not know how she feels about that Or himIn fact Shaynie does not know how to feel about anything really because she is still haunted by the events f a year prior events which she cannot uite remember but terrify her nonetheless And because she cannot remember she really does not know who she can trustYet in the midst f her fears her uncertainties and what she dubs her burdens Shaynie still has Divinity And Divinity she can trustWhat follows is a whodunit type mystery that I am sad to say is really very bvious I mean the culprit becomes rather blatantly so to me when view spoiler he is the nly ne who never seemed to make the suspect list hide spoiler Understand Tarot is not my thing in fact it s against my religion It s therefore astounding that I simply could not put Divinity the Python downI will admit that the Tarot is a wonderful device for foreshadowing misdirection theme atmosphere and characterization And protagonist Shaynie Gavin is a student f the Tarot who lives a double life Half f her time is spent making enough money to keep body and soul together as a barmaid at a club called The Python The club has a holographic snake that winds its way through the place and it s a place she d rather not be since that hologram is a fair representation DIY, Dammit!: A Practical Guide to Curse-Free Crafting of The Python s soulSh. Divinity Where desire and deception both hide in the darkThe Cards Forecast WorkShaynie Gavin is so much than the sexy siren who mixes cocktails at The Python A carpenter with a business plan Shaynie is trying to amass enough funds to launch herwn dream Divinity a place where up cycled furniture from the past is sold alongside Tarot readings forecasting the future and all in a setting that could not be perfect a former funeral parlor Shaynie's belief that Divinity is attuned with the passions the loves and even the lies f it.

T the pacing is fast and furious Her dialogue is crisp and realistic the voices uniue and engaging There s a hard boiled edge to Shaynie Grace and her posse f men some threats some protectors worthy f good crime noir I was distressed by Hellnight as much by the incident as by reactions to it and what led up to it I m flirting with spoiler territory here so I ll nly say I felt the style Civil rights, tool of communist deception of the book too light to treat this kindf violence with the gravity it deserves But a smart sassy strong willed heroine kickin ass and takin names in the rough and tumble prairies f Alberta Canada is something to behold Divinity and the Python is a paranormal suspense romance novel set in Edmonton Alberta a city well known for its cold winters and famous Edmonton Oilers hockey team Of course they are not mentioned by name but you know who they areWhen we meet the main character Shaynie you can tell immediately that she is not your traditional romantic main character She is an independent not afraid to get her hands dirty carpenter who builds ne Cutthroat of a kind furniture pieces that are worksf art In addition to being a carpentry artist Shaynie has a dream An Eastern Orthodox Response to Evangelical Claims of transforming anld downtown morgue into a Tarot lounge which she calls Divinity Shaynie and Divinity share an interesting relationship and the building definitely shows up as a character in the storyUnfortunately to finance her dream for Divinity Shaynie must supplement her income with her job as a bartender in the popular yet sleazy nightclub The Python which is The Claiming of the Shrew owned by her long time friend Jude Jude and his cousin Gray who is the DJ at the club have been Shaynie s friends since childhood ties that also make it difficult for her to leave The PythonWorking at The Python is a double edged sword for Shaynie she definitely needs the money but it also makes her feel like someone she is not The Python too has a personality all itswn and Shaynie feels vulnerable to it especially since Hellnight a night Summoned of which she hasnly vague memories but those memories have shaken her to her coreWhen Shaynie meets Cameron Weste handsome star f the city s famous hockey team there is a definite connection between the pair But word n the street is that Weste isn t a fan f the frigid city and is campaigning to be traded to a team in California All the while there is a mysterious person in the shadows following Shaynie breaking into her apartment leaving reminders f Hellnight There is also vandalism happening at Divinity Who is trying to sabotage her plans for Divinity Are the two connected Shaynie s brother Andrew a city police detective is trying to solve the case and protect Shaynie a role he is now reluctantly sharing with Cameron In addition to the main characters Randall has created a very interesting supporting cast including Shaynie s metaphysical mentor Cele and her partner Barnabas There is also Cameron s jealous team mate Noel Nelson who also seems to carry a bit Baghdad, Mon Amour: A Journey of Exile and Return of a torch for Shaynie Other characters include a jilted ex boyfriend a puck bunny Chrystal who might be dangerous than she seems and a pairf red headed bartenders who would be than happy to take all the tip money for themselvesYou can tell that the author has a great love for the city Dead Inside of Edmonton Alberta readers will enjoy reading about familiar streets and landmarks mentioned as Shaynie travels about the city Finished this book innly a couple sittings It was hard to put down sadly I found I did not want to let go f this books main characters Shaynie and Cameron at the end f the book This was a fabulous well paced storyline and uniue plot I LOVED the Canadian perspective and the symbolism The Taste of Spruce Gum of the goodevil lightdark divinitypythonwell researched in the metaphysical aspects and I give this book a FIVE STAR LOVED it Can t wait for another book from this talented author Well done Ms Randall I believe the publisher calls this book a paranormal romantic thriller note not paranormal romance which is a related but different cornerf the genre I d have to agree It s sexy it s spooky and the tension keeps ratcheting up all the way to the endOur heroine is Shaynie Gavin a carpenter an artist really who s making money tending bar at the Python while fixing up Divinity an ld morgue to be a Tarot parlor and New Age lounge While the romance is great the most important relationship in Shaynie s life through most f the book is with Divinity Like it says She Stoops to Conquer on the cover all things have a soul and Divinity is most definitely a character For those notpen to the paranormal Divinity s interactions give Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile off a creepy vibe but for Shaynie Divinity is protection friendship home From the soundf the furnace to the well timed unlocking Orb of doors and switchingf lights Divinity is imbued with personalityShaynie herself is great Though. 's Tarot to answer far deeper uestions than she first guesses this sexy lothario to be capable The Dandy and Lady Penelope of Who knew Weste was this intense The Tarot apparently And yetThe Cards Forecast The DevilWhen Cameron Weste lands in her life a stalker surfaces too dropping clues to a connection between Shaynie Cameron and her lost brutal Hellnight Suddenly every card warnsf deception and nowhere feels safe Shaynie and Cameron have to fight for their love and their lives as The Devil their stalker is determined to turn the Death Card for them bo.

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Bonnie Randall lives in a forest at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta CanadaScribbling stories in coil bound notebooks from the age of 9 Bonnie’s first attempts at prose featured wicked dolls evil grandmothers—oh and a romantic hero who just happened to be a professional ice hockey player go figure Clearly much has changed yet nothing has changed; Bonnie is still a sucker for true