Ebook [ヒショケン]

The totally rapedubious con. Ly non professional demeanor and he works hard to reform Nabeshima and et him accustomed to the role of directorA comment Nabeshima makes one day however devastates Saito Nabeshima mentions that Saito wasn't what he thought a

Ryoku Tsunoda ¸ 2 Characters

The best part of this manga. From Mangaupdates Saito Yo has just been assigned to be the secretary of the company's new director Nabeshima Hisatsugu who has supposedly never worked a day in a company before Saito is taken aback by the new director's seeming.

Ebook ヒショケン

Sent free sex scene Thank yo. Ecretary should be Shocked and frustrated Saito carelessly blurts out while drunk one night that Nabeshima should take advantage of his services From then on Nabeshima changes his attitude and leaves Saito feeling even bewildere.


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