EBOOK/PDF Sunny Days Ahead

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Uy Sunny was determined to raise her boys on her own and even though it was hard to do that and train her horses she kept oing She was almost too strong and wouldn t ask for help because she didn t believe she could depend on anyone Sunny s boys were so cute even though they were sick that I just loved themD Ann Lindun writes in a well thought out and inviting manner that s a joy to read There were a few intensely emotional moments that easily brought tears to my eyes The many different feelings and emotions evoked by Lindun s writing simply heightened the impact of this already fantastic story I totally enjoyed reading this book It draws you in from the beginning and keeps you there the whole way through the book to the end I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romance and drama You The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, gotta love Fate Bad weather broken car sick family pregnant distressed abandoned mother Now there s a formula for love And yet Ms Lindun pulls off a delightful tour de force in bringing Sunny Jamieson Garrett Pike and all the various kids issues and circumstances to a place of warmth and love even the reader might not fully anticipate This book had me smiling laughing sometimes and even feeling a bit teary now and then Well doneI purchased this book online and haveiven this review freely and without compensation of any kind Loved Garret He was a real hero He came when Sunny needed him the most and stayed even when thing s Inverloch Volume 4 got tough To me that s what a real man does when everything is crumbling in around you they are there to pick up the pieces Really enjoyed this story Great storyVeryood story about a man who knows what is right and sets himself to do what he can for the family he found needing help and ends up finding love Can t wait to read from this author. Woman and her kidsGarrett and Sunny bond when she ives birth Garrett realizes he doesn’t have to be the biological father of a child to love one and Sunny knows she’s found the man she’s been seeking Together they can create the family they’ve both been longing fo.

Lf esteem but this story was so full of love and lessons that I couldn t stop reading it I read the whole book in one sitting Luckily it was a uick readThe two small boys and the dog Moon were wonderful secondary characters who tug at your heartstrings and from the backstory and friends we meet along the way you can tell it s a series that you are oing to want to read of I don t know if I could have been as strong as Sunny Certainly I could be as stubborn and not ask for help and have to prove Sunny Days Ahead is a sweet pleasant if somewhat predictable read When you ve been on your feet all day the news is still depressing and you re looking for a story to warm your heart this is a reat story for you D Ann Lindun delivers an old fashioned romance with characters its easy to like and enuine problems to solve I recommend the book I really enjoyed this full of heart and love for family story It was nice how Sunny has finally found love and a daddy for the boys that willing to be all he can be for them Bonus short love a real cowboy I loved this story about Garrett stopping at the first ranch he saw to et out of the snow storm and use the telephone The ranch was Sunny s and he found her unconscious in the barn where she had fallen He took her to her house where he found her two young sons sick with the flu Everything ets even worse when she comes to and she is in labor She expected him to run when he saw how bad things were just like her husband and her last boyfriend did when things The Horse in Celtic Culture got tough But he didn tSunny and Garrett were both strong and able to bounce back after having rough breaks Garrett was on his way to start a new job after divorcing his cheating wife but decided the job could wait while he stayed to help Sunny and her boys What areat En he returns home from the rodeo circuit and finds his wife in bed with a ranch hand he needs to distance himself from his angry memories and accepts a job offer in Black Mountain Colorado On the way his truck breaks down in a blizzard landing him at the home of a pregnant.

EBOOK/PDF Sunny Days Ahead

Sunny has ben in labor for hours but the contractions stay at about 10 minutes apart Her two young sons are both ill with the flu and running fevers She has to o to the barn and feed her horses and cow When she ets to the barn she slips and hits her head Garrett is driving toward his friends house where he will be starting a new job The roads are full of snow and Garrets defroster has stopped working He pulls off the road when he sees a mailbox determined to ask the people in the house if he can use their phone When Garrett Every Boys Dream gets out of his truck he spots what he thinks is blood andoes over to see if he can help The main characters are very strong and likable people There is so much Starflight Zero going on in this short story The story line pulls you in and keeps you there It was an excellent read This was a fast paced heartwarming read It is always nice to have a hero that adores children This is the second in a series and I look forward to the next one The connection between the hero and the heroine was forged in a crisis yet brought out their deepest desires Good and sweet short story Liked the story so much that I would have liked to have read about how their relationship matured rather than the LAFS plot Even so this was the first book I read from this author and I ll likely be looking to read from her Sunny Days Ahead by D Ann LindunGarrett has faced some tough life lessons from the death of his mother to his wife s cheating Yet he still is aood man When he comes across a homestead during an ice storm he ends up making a big change in his life and the life of the family living thereThis story was such a fun read I loved Garrett s strength as well as Sunny s resilience I would have loved to learn about Sunny s past with her family and why she has the low se. Sunny Jamieson craves a normal family so much she has A Succession of Bad Days gotten pregnant by the wrong man twice Neither was the man she thought he was and she is alone and about toive birth in an ice stormGarrett Pike wants nothing than to have a boy of his own to follow in his footsteps Wh.

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