EBOOK / KINDLE [Baudrillard's Challenge A Feminist Reading]

EBOOK / KINDLE Baudrillard's Challenge A Feminist Reading

Baudrillard's writings the author ngages in a debate with the work of Luce Irigaray Judith Butler and Rosi Braidotti on identity power and desire the feminist concern with 'difference' as an mancipatory construct writings on transgenderism and the performance of gender femin.

Ist concerns about the objectification of womenThrough this critical ngagement Grace reveals some of the limitations of some contemporary feminist theorising around gender and identity patriarchy and power and in so doing offers a way forward for contemporary feminist thought.

Summary Baudrillard's Challenge A Feminist Reading

This controversial book is the first systematic feminist reading of the work of Jean Baudrillard one of the most pivotal figures in contemporary cultural theory and is ssential reading for students of feminist theory sociology and cultural theory Drawing on the full range of.

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