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EBOOK/EPUB Northern Heat

Excellent Book Love All The Stories In It Highly Recommend It This book is a bunch of short stories by a bunch of authors Some stories were eally awesome while others wasn t If you are looking to find new authors this would be a good book to A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners read It gives you a chance to see how they write and if you would like them The majority of the stories were very good Of course I loved Opal Carew s Three that one was just awesome One Night in Paris Looking but not touching has driven Vivian Sinclair to the breaking pointIt has been only one time yet Aaron Taylor will never forget itKnowing that Aaron is now available Viv decides she cannot take the pressure any longer This could mean the end of her job but it is aisk she has to takeLusting after one s boss is seldom a good idea yet it takes guts to put it all on the line like Viv doesTrick or Treat Thea is nearly crawling out of her skin with the excitement of getting to meet him finallyHe has seen her once for a moment but that is all it takes for Cain to be hookedAlthough she feels a little stalk like Thea makes her move What she does not know is that Cain has his own planNow this is a way to get past tho Some stories good som. In Northern Heat Canadian authors put a pen to the erotic omance genre and show that Canadians are contrary to popular belief incredibly sexy Long before the success of Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James women were writing erotic omance stories that are brazen seduct.

E meh A Gentleman Seduced was good So was AbductionShort stories aren t my favourites These Canadian authors sure do know how to turn up the heat Whew what a delightfully hot Au bagne read this was One Night in Paris By Kayla Perrin This one isn t veryomantic but it is definitely a sexy ead about an assistant finally demanding the attention of her boss Trick or Treat By Anara Bella Definitely a funny and sweet story about two people finally determined to act on the attraction they felt for one another The Stone Heart ByBonnie Edwards A sweet paranormal ead about a woman cursed and the man who was able to break the spell just by loving her A Little Wild Excerpt Chaps 12 13 By Kate St James Not going to lieI skipped this one I thought these were all supposed to be short stories Holiday Spirit By Cathryn Fox This was a eally cute paranormal story with a very sweet ending A Forever Cowboy By Savanna Fox Awww this one was so adorable I loved both the characters and even if it did seem a bit fast for their elationship it worked A Gentleman Seduced By Sharon Page A deliciously naughty egency ead that I eally enjoyed It definitely left me wanting to ead from Page I forgot how much. Ive and sexually liberating Among these women is a group of prize winning Canadian authors including Kayla Perrin and Sharon Page whose novels have eached the USA Today Bestseller List and the pages of Publishers Weekly These stories will leave you yearning for and.

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I love a good egency Abduction By Sasha White I ve already ead this series but it was a great ead Menage By Jan Springer A fun and sexy ead I thought the sex chair was a creative touch Wilco ByChristine d Abo I don t normally like Domme stories but this one was a good ead Lucy has desired Tyler but little did she know that he desired her just as much Unashamed By Leah Braemel This one was not only very sexy but very omantic as well I just loved that you could eally feel the love between Haley and Max since they were an established couple The story didn t feel ushed or incomplete in the least This was all about fulfilling her greatest fantasy and allowing her to enjoy letting go Thee By Opal Carew I m afraid this one is just PWP and I had a hard time eading it because it eally lacked any kind of emotion other than lust and guilt I guess I just expected omance than a wild sex fest with no conseuences considered I loved it I eally liked learning how many top selling Canadian omance authors we have in Canada And this is only a sample as I know of at least a couple yeah The stories were short and sweet but gave me a wonderful sample of how the authors write Way to go. And dispel once and for all the myth that Canadians are as frigid as the northern climate Contributors include Anara Bella Leah Braemel Opal Carew Christine D'Abo Bonnie Edwards Cathryn Fox Savanna Fox Sharon Page Kayla Perrin Jan Springer Kate St James and Sasha Whi.

By day Anara Bella is a mild mannered writer pounding out erotic romance stories on her trusty keyboard but by night she’s the Domestic Avenger ready to take on any and all evil that gets in her way Okay so the evils in uestion are only despicable dust bunnies and dastardly dirty dishes but they are evil And diabolically prolific tooIn reality Anara lives a uiet life in the suburbs jus

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