Life Drawing [E–pub/Pdf]

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Oy oy oy. Deleuze's publications have attracted enormous attention but scant attention has been paid to the existential relevance of Deleuze's writings In the lineage of Nietzsche Life Drawing develops a fully affirmative Deleuzean aesthetics of existenceFor Foucault and Nehamas the challenge of an aesthetics of existence is to make your life in one way or another a work.

Life Drawing E–pub/Pdf

Y oy oyyy. Becoming is beyond conceptual characterization it promises a sensualized experience akin to what Kant called free beauty In this new aesthetics of existence the challenge is to become beautiful by releasing a Deleuzean becoming becoming becomingBearn's readings of philosophical texts by Wittgenstein Derrida Plato and others will be of interest in their own right.

Oy oy oy Of art In contrast Bearn argues that art is too narrow a concept to uide this kind of existential project He turns instead to the enerous notion of beauty but he argues that the philosophical tradition has mostly misconceived beauty in terms of perfection Heraclitus and Kant are well known exceptions to this mistake and Bearn suggests that because Heraclitean.