EBOOK / PDF [The Black Seminoles History of a Freedom Seeking People]

EBOOK / PDF The Black Seminoles History of a Freedom Seeking People

An incredible history told via the story if one man John Horse The history is ieced together from military records do most of the book especially the early Sister for Sale part is good through the lens of the military Nevertheless this has to be one of the most incredible stories in US history and deserves to be well known I read this approximately 15 18 years ago after I met with Cynthia White Wolf Parker Who was a well known speaker on the Native American experience in the early 20th Century She had been born of Whitearentage only to be kidnapped by a Native American tribe in TX where her family had lived She was located and returned by the gov t to her The Blue Door (Threshold parents but if I recall correctly she was kidnapped again and remained She married a man within that tribe I being fascinated by theeople s who were once residents of FL Though I graduated and was a Florida Seminole I learned next to nothing in High School and zilch in College I started digging Most of the tribes that once resided in Florida were either decimated in the various wars when Florida was a Spanish and later American colony those who remained merged to Two Views on the Doctrine of the Trinity preserve their way of life and survival Little material has beenublished in the last forty or so years this one is one that I was able to locate I had no idea what I would learn My memory isn t to hot after a traumatic brain injury but I do remember a few highlights As the slaves of the The Art of Standing Still planters and landowners fled slavery s cruelty some came south The nativeeople s were willing to allow them to A Ladys Honor (Cliffs of Cornwall, participate in the community with some limitations They were never considered eual They were allowed to marry Seminole womenarticularly if there was a shortage of men from battle losses and Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience participated in many ways they were never fully assimilated Many of these black Seminoles moved to Central Texas after slavery was ended Years later when US government awarded monies to tribe members compensation in a suit brought against the government for failure to honor a treaties Those who wereart of the black Seminole group were denied the funds received by the tribe To say that animosity and hostility grew among these members who were neve. “A The War to End All Wars powerful and stirring story” San Antonio Express News  “An epic tale of desperate unwitting fugitives who would without exaggeration defeat armed forces both white and Indian makeossible settlement of the West earn the country’s highest military honors and have nothing to show for it” Miami Herald  “This fascinating story chronicles the lives of fugitive slaves who aligned themselves with Seminole Indians in Florida beginning in the early 1800s

R fully eual is an understatement I was deeply troubled by this arrangement and wonder who those involved sleep at night A rather dry academic history of a remarkable Death Comes for the Archbishop peoples origins and migrations throughout the 19th century Occassionally reads like a list of various skirmishes as the Black Seminoles fought against and then with the US army Loved it From the birth of John Horse in Florida until 56 years after his death in Mexico this is the little known story of the Africaneople who resisted the brutal slavery of the American Sout People who fought along side and sometimes on their own against the American army and their Indian allies for their freedom and land they could call their own for themselves and their descendants Their story caries them through the 1st 2nd and 3rd Seminole Wars the longest guerilla war in American history sporadically from 1817 until 1858 and the Indian wars on the Texas frontier They fought against the American army in Florida escaped reenslavement in Indian Territory what is now Oklahomaand Texas to Mexico where they fought for the Mexican government against the Apaches and Commanches Their reputation as trackers and fighters was so admired they were later recruited by the American army to return to the United States and enlist as scouts for the army units stationed along the Mexican border Although they won numerous awards including several Medals of Honor they were mistreated by the American government denied the land they were Mostly Mama promised brutalized by the locals Texans and eventually lived in extremeoverty at starvation level Some of them went back to Mexico where they were finally given a land grant to some land in Mexico just west of Del Rio Texas John Horse died in Mexico after The Naked Man pleading with the government in Mexico City for the land that wasromised them Some of their descendants still remain there to this day Still other descendants live in and around Brackettville Texas where there is a Seminole Negro Scout cemetery The graves of three Medal of Honor winners are there in the desert Spoiler Alert this story does not have a happy ending It is not for those who have difficulty facing some of. Ought with them in the Second Seminole War and were removed along with them to Indian Territory where they struggled to remain free To Damias Children prevent reenslavement their remarkable leader John Horse led much of the group to Mexico Recommended” Library Journal  “Porter spoke directly with Chief Horse’s descendants and with older black Seminoles who either knew him or had heard first hand stories about him A gripping account of aeople’s struggle both for identity.

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The true incidents from the bad side of America A further homage to Black History MonthReview of The Black Seminoles Authored by Kenneth W PorterReviewed by James Victor JordanA history of a freedom seeking Cutremur de timp peopleIn the late 1700s and early 1800s African slaves in Georgia often escaped making their way to Florida where they taken in by Seminole tribes becoming ostensibly Seminole slaves It was not a master slave relationship as the Africans had endured in the United States The relationship was symbiotic the slaves and the Seminoles lived cooperatively and harmoniously and had mixed race offspring Eventually the black Seminoles fought beside their kinsmen defeating the United States Army in the first 1817 1818 second 1835 1842 and third 1855 1858 Seminole wars The Seminoles were never defeated and to this day technically and even though Seminoles fought for the United States in the First and Second World Wars a state of war exists between the United States and the Seminoleeople Some of the black Seminoles led by Chief John Horse left with other Seminoles transported by the US army to Oklahoma From there many migrated to Mexico and eventually many of those returned to fight on the side of the Union during the Civil War It should not be surprising to learn that these black Seminole soldiers were not aid for their Civil War service and were denied ensions despite Die Botin des Königs (Reiter-Trilogie promise of this recompense by the United States I highly recommend this book its extensive research is well documented It s clearly written It tells a very importantart of the black history of the United States and in Patagonia Express particular a history of Florida a history of Oklahoma a history of the Civil War a history of a resilientroud strong intelligent Predator people Those of you who ve read The Speed of Life an Illustrated Novel know about therincipal characters who are art black art Seminole My Seven Days in Utopia preparatory research for The Speed of Life included reading a lot of history as well as a lot of travel andersonal investigation Wanting my characters to have verisimilitude I had to know their history The Black Seminoles was one of the interesting books I read as Lots of Love part of that research. And freedom” Naples Daily News  “This book’s sweep is broad its story isrovocative and the human saga it evokes is compelling No exercise in Reclaiming Love political correctness this is a detailed factual account of a remarkableeople’s struggle for survival over multiple generations and in the face of calamitous challenges This history will surprise while it intrigues Kenneth Porter has made an enduring contribution for which we are indebted to him” Tampa Tribune