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The mysteriousI have to disagree about the nding of the storyaccording to other reviewers I actually thought it fit very well I didn t Switchback expect it not in the least and it was a shocking surprise to meShort stories say a lot about an author It s kind of like Twitter It really is hard to try and get story or something you want to say outxplained understood and interesting all at the same time but be able to capture all of this in a very limited amount of pages or charactersI would love to read stories like this one and be introduced to characters this author has in mind It would be very cool if in the near future she would release a book of short stories andor a mini seriesI recommend this book to anybody who loves short psychological thrillers romance with a twist and fast paced books I was given a copy of this book in return for my honest review For a while meaning Marrying Marcus (Virgin Brides, ever since i finished reading the story i was pondering as to how to review it The pdf file is only 60 pages so short in fact that summerising the plot without some spoilers seems pretty impossible However i m gonna try my best I ll try to make this review like a list but my thoughts just might wonder around so bear with me On the one hand writing is hard there are authors that won t be able to tell in 200 pages what Monroe tells us in 60 For that i appreciate herspecially when considering how hard writing really is Credit is due also when the plot is concerned And the master plan of the revenge the way Allison got Rick disbanded from serving as a lawyer was great too And where the author fell to some cliches of the genre she also avoided others As for the steamy scenes they were good really goodThen what is the problem if the plot and the revenge are good so what if the author used some cliches Why 3 stars To put it bluntly the length of the story and the writing 60 pages makes the story tight with no place to be bored but with a lot of place to roll your Belonging (Temptation, eyes Don t misunderstand it was a uick read and i guess some pepole would consider it dark at times but for a plot as full as this one 60 pages are notnough And as a result it felt like a snippest into a story THEN a story Something like seeing a five minutes trailer for a movie and then to discover that THAT was the movieIt felt like an idea in the making And it was If Im Found (If I Run even painful if you consider the fact that sometimes there was a ray of hope that PROVED that the author has potential You see while reading this book i couldn t help but thinking how it COULD have been And i wanted to read it i wanted so much to read what could have been Because most of the time we were told of something we weren t shown it and that what makes all the diferrence Because when it was supposedly painful for one of the characters i didn t feel it or when the character was supposedly madly in love it didn t feel like it Not for real And when the character acted completely different from what i ve been told she is it didn t make sense and it didn t make her complicated just plain stupid and annoying Also sometimes the characters acted in a way that no one in their right mind would have acted yes i m talking about the fact that he forgave her for what she s done Are you kidding me She ruined his life And he Coming then two years after what he had done with the line of i m so sorry i ve been thinking of what i did to you thentire time and i ve been sorry CaddyGirls ever since but only now that my life is scewed did i remember you and what i ve done and i claim to still love you Sorry but bulit So yes we d been told of an instant all mighty love I know What we ve been shown was a great physical attraction Another thing is the guy if i caculated right is in his 40 s if not approaching 50 but most of the time he acts like a kid and almost all the time he didn t feel like a man with all the right lines that would make a woman swoon but a guy would never say with the super chicky attitude and all the i love u s forever andva Allison s age was hard to make as well when her attitude contradicted the given information about herI know i ve been complaining non stop But. Ir love story uickly takes a horrible turn and the young paralegal is left heartbroken Until she decides she wants revengeBitt.

A fun uick read that takes you on the twist and turns of Alison s crazy life This was a short but good read The story itself was interesting and the characters have their charmAlison is a hard working woman that doesn t feel sexy then out of nowhere two very handsome man walk into her life Both man pull at her heart but which one will she choiceWhen things take a turn for the worst Alison most choice between love or revengeOverall a great read I have to write an honest reviewHonestly this was a very confusing book sometimes i didn t know who s POV was taken the story was predictable some grammer Assignment errors the Hh were a mess and the twist in thend didn t see that didn t know where it came fromIt s a good start for a new writer I loved the characters Philosophy of Religion especially the passionate and heart baring Xavier He never wavered never strayed he gave his heart to Alison and no matter the obstacles he faced he was too in love tover give her up That is until he lost his mind This was a uick yet intense read I can t wait to read from Monroe 35 starsAll in all I want to njoy this story but I just keep shaking my head that some where along the way I missed somethingI felt I was really getting into the story and then it turns a corner and loses me and by the time I catch up its turning another corner Although I did keep me wanting to know what was around the next corner So yes I did njoy it and I will look from this author I am glad it was an The Spirituality Revolution easy read And I did devour it There were somedits I noted that got missed But overall it was uite Comptia Cysa+ Cybersecurity Analyst Certification Bundle (Exam Cs0-001) enjoyable and I did get really sucked into the storyven though it was short and we hardly got to know the characters before the things got real I got genuinely surprised a couple times tooIt would have been Economies and Cultures even better if there had been a little character development in the beginning and getting the two main charactersstablished But they certainly deserved Designing with Web Standards each other those crazy kids35 stars Last week I noticed my girlfriend glued to her Kindle and when I asked her what she was reading it was this book She said that I mightnjoy it so I picked it up for myself At first I thought this was just the standard love story of a good girl and bad boy but this actually Sadies Surrender (Oyster Harbor, ended up to be much than that When I first started reading this I planned on setting it down after the first couple of chapters But before I knew it a couple hours passed and I was actually reading well into the nightSurprisingly Injoyed it and would Structure Of The Nucleus even recommend it This is a very impressive storyspecially for being such a short story I have to say I didn t First Anthology expect what I readI reallynjoyed the author s style of writing and the fact that there weren t any boring parts of this story and there definitely isn t any part that makes you yawn or think about setting this book down Which to me is rare seeing that the author only has so many pages and yet was able to convey some very interesting characters an original plot and an unexpected Releasing The Power Within Through Spiritual Dynamics endingOf course I wouldn t personally do what the main character of the story did or planned but there are people like this out there Allison made the story all the unusually good I am a fan of psychological thrillers and off the wall and out of the ordinary books and well pretty muchverything lol So this was a hidden little treasure of a book in my recent stack and I would love to read from this authorI think a few short stories would be Passage Through Crisis excellent I have always been a big fan of VC Andrews and this story and this author reminded me of her books Her writing style is clever very inviting and she doesn t wait for a few chapters to start the actual plot It starts right from the first page Allison and Rick are also 2 uniue characters which brings me to the next reason I would compare this author toarly V C Andrews is because the characters are always intriguing mysterious and described very well Even if they are not necessarily a person we know personally or a person we can relate too I believe that the great lengths Allison went to in order to pay back the person she loved were very vividly detailed and made the book all. Alison is a hard working young senior paralegal that nds up falling head over heels in love with attorney Richard Westman The.

I have a point and i m getting to it As for the nding a few pages before it right after the revenge had been The Road to Einsteins Relativity executed i was talking with a friend on the phone And i usually share with herverything regarding books i read Anyway i told her of this story and i said so right now she s with the other guy and the revenge had been Black Boy executed and i think it s a good place to wrap up things and finish the story BUT i can see the author wants her tond up with the lawyer and i don t see that happens So yes Monroe managed to pull it off and i really didn t see that coming and it felt somewhat forced once again a character acted out of character I know this is supposed to be a thriller and we are supposed to be suprised with all the twists and turns but there s a way to do it and it s not by changing a characters behavior without implying Nighttime Sweethearts even with tiniest clue that such a posibillity doesxist Overall i did Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire enjoy reading it but it didn t stuck with me And i doubt i would have remembered it to great detail like i do had i not needed to write a review The story is mainly average and at times a bit below For a first it shows potential I m pretty sure after a few versions and drafts it could have been really really good Also the writer will improve with time her ideas are great and her writing is readable andven good in those rare few times she showed rather then told So i guess i will be waiting to see if she fullfil her potential i hope she does The Pdf file was kindly provided for me by the author in return for an honest review No favors granted or xchanged Review also posted on Way Too Hot Books Blog Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned nor hell a fury like a woman scorned Woah what a book It starts with a very fitting uote by William Congreve for itAlison is a paralegal that had little social life in the last 2 years A very nice beautiful young healthy woman I had a little problem with her right at the beginning Even though she was described as an almost perfect woman she didn t have sex for 2 years That s just irrational ven thought we see that she s a very uptight overstrung womanAnyway all this changes when she meets Rick Westman falls in love and has the best month of her life And Presunta colpevole everything would be awesome had there not been Xavier But the bad stuff doesn tven start there Allison s life is about to change and many unfortunate things will happen that will make her a different and dangerous womanNow first I have to praise the author s style I don t think I EVER saw a better written novella then this If I didn t know better I would say it was a full length novel because with all the things that happened throughout the book you don t Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem even notice it s so damn short I finished it in one sitting it wasxciting and amazing and it just sucks you in Imagine you after a very stressful tiring day and you need a good book to distract you from Safe Words everything This is a perfect book for you Since start to finish you can t bring yourself to close it because the suspense will kill you The direction of the book changes page by page and you wonder what the hell will happen in thend And the style of writing in general too The author has my complete admiration It was as hot as it was xciting tooBut some things bothered me and they were a little too far fetched like the perfect revenge plan Yes she is a very intelligent woman but it doesn t make sense to go from a nice normal woman to a high class deceiver and criminal It looked like the stuff of the movies I as a reader like things a little realistic But I didn t say that it wasn t interesting and ven a little cool That it wasview spoilerAnother thing the cheating I just HATE cheating in books I wanted to slap her a million times when she had sex with Xavier Wild damn hot sex but that s NOT the point lolAnd the unsuccessful pregnancy I wanted to kill a bitch when Brenda said it was a blessing in disguise And also she can t The Black Sheeps Baby (Into The Heartland) (Into The Heartland) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, even have any children Oh my God I d cry an ocean if that happened to me A dead unborn child in NEVER a fucking blessing in disguise I still hate toven remember that hide spoile. Ersweet Revenge is a New Adult Contemporary Romance and is suitable for ages 18 and up Contains violence and sexual situations.

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Monroe was born and raised in the land of perpetual sunshine and endless Botox This is Los Angeles of course She thinks growing up with two parents that were wannabe actors oppps I mean were actors really fostered her deep imaginative creativityShe currently resides in Beverly Hills CA and when she is not writing she is reading If she's not reading she is writing She lives for readingwr