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I don t usually give a book five stars but this one I ad toMy review is not from a writer s point of view I m a plain jane reader and I m not taking into consideration the writing style and all those things people analyze when reviewing books and authorsI gave this book 5 stars for the sole fact that I read it from beginning to end in one day I started it and couldn t stop reading it The story captivated me The reasons I list below are spoilers so if you want to be captivated like I was skip them and know that at least for me this was a great love storyview spoilerI mourned with Ren Ben s tragic death I felt butterflies in my stomach when she met Eric I suffered the packing of Ben s I really liked this one there is something in it that usually doesn t Goethean Science happen in romance books and I don t want to call it romance it s Chick lit view spoiler theero sleeps with another woman and is in relationship with Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets! her for a while and even thinks about proposing toer Digital Crossroads hide spoiler This book made me cry which is a good thing It means I m able to connect with the characters emotionally It also means the authoras done a great jobDon t let the synopsis or blurb throw you off This isn t a story about a eart finding it s way back to the one it loves It s a story of two unlikely people finding what they need in one another It s so much 35 starsRen Lawton is on a flight back to Colorado and finds erself striking up a conversation with a charming very sexy Eric Sorenson The spark of attraction is there but will Ren ev. Seven weeks The Einstein Theory of Relativity have passed since bakery owner Ren loster boyfriend to a skiing accident and How to Negotiate Your First Job his organs were sent all over the country for donation Now she must fly to Denver to emptyis apartment and find a way to finally say.

EBOOK READ (Taking Heart) ☆ Wilette Youkey

Er get over er one true love BenThis is a bittersweet tale of love lost and a chance for new appiness It s touching and engaging and a definite for the romance lovers Courtesy of Wilette Youkey for an Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, honest review Iighly recommend this book It was a good thing it was a short read because I absolutely couldn t put it down The characters personalities were amazing and I found myself smiling like a fool and tearing up right along with them I was The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore having a bad day when I started reading and by the time I was done I was in a great mood This is an amazing story about life lessons dealing with grief and that eventually life does go on Good stuff I loved the font on the Kindle Version of this bookLike most books that follow grief andealing this was beautiful and I did not wallow in Ren s sorrow as much but got to see Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber howard moving on could be especially for new people Eric loved Ren but she was still New Exploration hung up on Ben and alle could do was The Shaping of Western Civilization hope that one day she ll let Ben go and love Eric instead for whoe wasThe dialogues are also well written It was a good read too 35 stars Seven weeks after er boyfriend Ben s death in an accident Renee Lawton is flying to Colorado to clean out is apartment His organs The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles have been donated to those in need Seated next toer in the plane is Eric Sorenson a celebrity by association and best friend of a famous actor After undergoing Medicine and Religion heart surgery Eric an aimless party animal begins travelling the country searching for direction inis lifeAfter reading the Disarm serie. GoodbyeMinor celebrity Eric Sorenson is looking for something but The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, he's not sure what Ever sinceis Valentino heart surgerye's felt incomplete so e's been scouring the country in search of that elusive elementThe two meet on the plan.

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S by June Gray aka Wilette Youkey I was keen to read another contemporary by this author Again I m impressed with er writing and story telling Her strength in both contemporaries lies in the realism she creates in both Shunned her characters and their developing relationshipThere s also an unexpected turn with the plot And though the romance is at theeart Craving (Willow Creek, haha of this novel it s also a story about dealing with life and deathTheeroine who owns a bakery with Oba, the Last Samurai her sisters is relatable and likable Theero s initial introduction as an intimidating and angry jerk is a little off putting But like Ren we discover that Yonen Buzz, Volume 1 (Yonen Buzz, he s not the arrogant bullye first appears Taking Heart is a lovely romance a refreshingly different contemporary that doesn t follow the path you uite expectSteam 25 Courtesy of Wilette Youkey I loved it An amazing light roller coaster ride I was crying from early on but the 88% mark the Iowa scene totally got me sobbing and bawling Good thing I already got myself three boxes of tissues andy Thanks to Terri N who generously loaned me this book This was a very interesting story I like the meet friendship develops into story line I enjoyed Ren and Eric s relationships and the evolution they went through I do wish the epilogue went a little further down the line in their relationship besides a few weeks but all in all I liked the book I enjoyed this book very much I liked the character s growth throughout the story in this book I absolutely loved the friendship and connection between Ren and Eric. E to Colorado but what Ren finds in the enigmatic Eric takes er by surprise and she begins to wonder is it possible for a donated eart to make its way back to its belovedTaking Heart is a 58000 word contemporary romance nove.

Wilette Youkey is a daydreamer who was born in the Philippines raised in Australia and now calls the United States home At the age of ten she penned a short story inspired by a Judy Blume novel and has been unable to stop writing since She has lived on four different continents and most recently inhabited a 240 year old castle in rural Germany owned by a Graf She now resides in California wit