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Or when you need a uick read that you know will have a HEA Adrienne s story was very origial and that is always a plus in my book I do wish she would have xtracted some revenge on the idiotic villagers that condemed her and her mother to live shunned in such a dismal hut It certainly was not her fault that her husband had died on their wedding night by a jealous vampire I did like how she was happy to spend time with him later ven though she though he was just a fragment of her imagination soo good and a happy nding to boot I kind of wonder why he didn t get a daoctor for her mother though With all of his resourses it seems like he could have at least tried to keep her from dyingDeborah s story was cute but a little rushed I l Bought this pb years ago and only read the last story in the the set It s great Romantic and sweet I picked it up again because I m reading the McNaughton vampires series which is the first story I then decided to read the whole book The 1st story and last are definitely worth the read but Adrienne Basso s story was a zero for me If you read read it knowing the hero is a cheating doucheCallum and his wife Maev are attacked on their wedding day by a vampiress Alexandra and her male vampire assistantcompanion This is a few weeks after Maev catches Callum kissing the vampiress Maev is left for dead Callum is dead His body goes missing after he is buriedMaev is blamed for both his murder and stealing his corpse and is banished along with her mom Meanwhile Callum apparently awakens as a vampire and immediately becomes the lover of vampiress he thinks killed his wife The reader learns this how Maev asks him if he was faithful and he doesn t Uncommon Wisdom even sugarcoat it He admits that yes he d been Alexandras lover but they were no longer together Yes he just baldly admits his cheating to his wife who he claimed to love who was beaten left for dead falsely accused banished and whose only relative and person who lovedloyal to her is dyingWow What a guy He notes he thought Maev dead but he admits it was only after he learns she didn t die that he went looking for her The author brushes past his history but reallyI didn t feel a connection there He obviously doesn t care about Maev He finds her in the woods 3 years later starving freezing andmotionally broken Her mother is dying She has no one Oh and her mother wanted a priesthe offers to go get one but when Maev says she ll do it he uickly agreed that Maev should go knowing if seen she would be killed She couldn t get the priest to come so she holds her mother alone while she dies Callum doesn t show until after Maev has buried her mother she agrees to stay with him But really what choice does she have This was not an HEA but Maev s desperation to not be alone My heart broke for her While Callum constants swears his love he never once showed Unseen City even basic caring toward Maev Ms Basso writes Vampires so well I want Like the MacNachtons a lot will be looking up their books as stand a lone for sureI want to know the rest of the Clan now Debra Raleigh beauty and the beast story was good it was told with a touch of Brave. Me the Beast Deborah Raleigh In revenge for the curse that has forever banished him to the shadows the creature called the Beast of MacDonnell demands the firstborn female child ofach generation Isobella's sister is soon to suffer this fate unless Isobella can save her Unafraid she intends to confront the monster when she finds a strange man instead a warrior with the face of an angel and mesmerizing silver yes who tempts her like no othe.

Kiss of the Vampire by Hannah Howell is a 2 star read Highly disappointed in it actually specially since this author is headlining the anthology The characters were flat the idea of the vampire clan of McNaughtons living in caves ludicrous the feline ancestry of the female lead the horrible in your face Scottish accents I was glad when it God Is in the Crowd endedHis Eternal Bride by Adrienne Basso is well worth 5 stars particularly when I had to pull the tissues out at a particularly poignant scene It is very few stories that make me tear up and this one did Lovely lovely lovely And I didn t cry over the guy To Tame the Beast by Deborah Raleigh is a 4 star vampire ghost story about an ages old curse of betrayal revenge and redemption The ghost storylement gave it a fairy tale feel that was uniue and unexpected Solid Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard ending to a nice set of stories Kiss of the Vampire Hannah HowellSetting Scotland 1478 Cambrun castle where court hanging out flower garden his room her room hallways library Macnaughton s castle and caves Theme love and sacrifice CharactersJankyn MacNaughton vampire though not uite Pureblood takes blood animal in his wine honorable at court to find his son a bride we catch him looking at the flower garden from the safety of the window because he likes flowers attracted lots of female attention and in the beginning he didn t say no but got tired of the the meaninglessncountgersEfrica Callan clan that is conscientiously breeding out their shapeshifting abilities she is at court to find a husband preternaturally fast nails lengthen strong she attracts the attention of the wrong men but also attracts Jankyn s regard David Mistress Fiona David woes Fiona hoping she can accept what he is and she does he sees the love between Efrica and I loved Jankyn and Efrica story All the other stories in this book were good too The fact that in His Eternal Bride a jealous vampire woman destroyed Maev life for a bit by taking her man away on their wedding night which was messed up but The Matriarchs (The Family everything worked out at thend I heard all of these story on the Hoopla app Highlanders AND vampiresI thought this would have been an automatic win for me based on the title alone Unfortanately that just wasn t the caseThe first story Kiss of the Vampire was dreadful The Scottish burr in the first story was one of the most awkward things I ve read in a long time The most uncomfortable Notes for the Everlost example was use of the word mon for man What is this Jamaica Ugh Total failThe third story To Tame the Beast was also pretty lame However the second story His Eternal Bride was my favorite of the three and the only one worth reading in my opinion spoilerWhen the groom is murdered on their wedding night how does this young couple find their happilyver after Why vampirism of course But not before she is blamed for the murder and banished from her clan Forced to flee she lives in a remote rustic tower with her mom for three years He d been told by the jealous female vampire that had chosen him for a mate that his lovely wife had died that night However once he finally realizes she is still alive he goes to her in the night and. Let these seductive tales of When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) everlasting romance transport you to a world where the most dangerous desires awaken after dark Kiss of the Vampire Hannah Howell Seeking the truth of his tortured heritage at court Jankyn McNachton finds something he neverxpected true desire Efrica Callan is beautiful innocent and possessed of a courageous heart She spurns the men who court her dowry but all Jankyn can offer this lovely creature of light is li.

Pretends to be a ghost so they can fool aroundWhen he breaks the news to her that he s not a ghost he s actually undead she is horrified but gets over it pretty uickly and decides that she ll take him any which way she can The two of them abandon the remote tower she s been suatting in over the past several years and take up residence in an abandoned castle that he has had renovated In the No Biggy! end he bites and turns her and they presumably live happilyver afterI know it sounds super ooky but it was actually uite good I might actually seek something out by the author of the second story in the future But I d probably pass on the other two without a strong recommendation from someone who also shares my love of highlanders AND vampires I purchased this book because I was interested in reading a story by Hannah Howell Anthologies are a good way to get an idea of the author and their writing Sadly I was not impressed The story by Hannah Howell was just okay I did Crush It! enjoy the story by Adrienne Bass The Eternal Bride I think one of the big problems for me was the dialogue in Hannah s story I know that she was trying to represent the language of the day but it just kept interfering with mynjoyment of the novel The second story made reading the novel well worth it I loved Hannah Howell s Wherlocke series so I decided to try another one of her series I discovered that I am not so much of a fan of the creatures of the night series I liked Attracting Birds to Your Backyard each of the stories that were included in this book But I am not dying to read the next book in the series as I was with the Wherlocke series His Eternal Bride 4 stars awesome story about a Highland warrior who unwittingly attracts the attention of a female vampire she takes him from his new wife on their wedding night and turns him but his wife gets blamed and banished for his murder and subseuent rising from the graveCallum then searches for his beloved until he finds her inxile and turns herTo Tame the Beast 4 starsgreat short about a vengeance obsessed vampire who takes the Deep Listening eldest daughter of the clan that wronged him fromvery generation and has for 200 years and that is his revenge against the cowardly Foster clan for killing himThe younger daughter of the Foster laird gets pissed that none of the so called warriors of the clan will Bird-by-Bird Gardening even attempt to save her big sis Super cute story loved itKiss of the Vampire by Hannah Howell 35It was better than the Nightriders but still only good not greatI really don t like how thentire series is done in short stories and anthologiesThis review is for the whole seriesI think the world built is cool Hello Highland Vampires fantasticBut I think the writing is merely good and the plot is good but nothing so great I want to buy the whole series as it is I have 4 anthologies to read through now that I m done with the Hannah Howell stories ugh anthologies are not my favoritesI would call these stories fun and asy reads where you know there won t be a huge plot twist or really intricate plot or villain The longest I ve seen is only about 150 pagesSo short sweet not always to the point and I d say they are Fe in the darkness and in his arms His Eternal Bride Adrienne Basso Suspecting her of murdering her husband Callum on their wedding night Maev McCloskey's clan has banished her to a remote tower There she dreams of her dead love and the passion they never knew in life But soon she wonders if the seductive mysterious Callum of her sleeping mind is real and if he is whether joining him in his world would be an act of courageor of madness To Ta.

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