[New] (Loudspeaker Design CookBuch) BY Vance Dickason

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A lot of software and testing euipment most people don t have and can t afford5 This book is from 2006 and a bit outdated The software section probably barely applies to modern systemsIf you ignore the software aspects and get to the basics of what he is saying then there is a lot of good useful information here The tools and testing euipment can be uite useful but you should probably build a few systems before purchasing them If you are a pure beginner you probably want to reference a different book first and come back to this one later. Ludes advice on testing and crossover changes and an updated chapter on loudspeaker CAD softwa.

Vance Dickason à 7 read

New (Loudspeaker Design CookBuch) BY Vance Dickason

1It is a bit complex and wordy It gets a bit too technical if you don t already have experience building speakers or an electrical engineering background2 The graphs often have many things going on they are small and hard to read sometimes their is no key sometimes the scale seems to be off Also often there are so many you will be flipping back several pages to find the graph he is talking about3 There is little information on active crossovers definitely not enough to learn how to build your own amp if you want to do that4 He relies on. Loudspeaker voicing which details how to tweak a completed loudspeaker design This edition inc.

Tons of great information Just wish a lot of it was clearly written Even for a technical book it is not easy to work your way through it A fairly good overview of a 3 different speakers box geometries notably biased toward TL s Good sections on damping as well as cross overs Seems like it was a bit advanced for me this is my first book on speaker design but I was able to mill through it with some basic knowledge of electronic filters and physics This book is a good guide to building your own loudspeakers but it does have a few problems. The 7th edition is now expanded The LDC includes Klippel analysis of drivers a new chapter on.