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Ff until the next full novel Dead Gone somehow manages to not feel like an afterthought but like a fully thought out storyI really enjoyed this especially being introduced to this new character and faction maybe as well as another group of survivors It s immensely interesting to see that people are dealing with this post apocalyptic world in different ways as it seems to depend on what region they were originally from Kind of like ow one state can The Thing About December have different accents people call the zombies different names andave different ideologies It s all incredibly fascinating and adds a new color to the main uadrilogy Make no bones about it I am a HUGE fan of author Jonathan Maberry especially the world e as created in the Rot Ruin series Dead Gone is a novella within this world that introduces us to a new character Riot and a group of zealots who are attempting to get Riot back to where in their eyes she belongs Along the way Riot meets some new dare she say friends and we learn uite a bit about Riot s past and maybe even a glimpse into t her futureI really enjoyed meeting some new characters and of course being a part of the rot ruin again Dead Gone is filled with tons of action both with threat from the gray people aka zoms and with those surviving in the ruin We learn about a new faction of survivors that we can only assume with be causing Benny Imura andis gang a bit of trouble come Flesh Bone book 3 and I cannot wait to find out what leads them to act the way they doFairly short review as I don t want to give away anything but trust meif you ave read Rot Ruin and Dust Decay you will not want to miss Dead Gone I would even go so far as to say if you are curious about this world you could download Dead Gone as a trial standalone to test the waters but trust meyou ll be buying the series No compaints about this book Well maybe one I wish it was longer F a fascinating new character in an exclusive e short story set in the land of the Rot Rui.

Read any of the other reviews I ve written about author Jonathan Maberry s body of work and you ll see I ave an affinity for Stand Up and Fight his uniue brand of intriguing characters that find themselves in extreme circumstances that smack of the real or at least feasible world He spends time crafting something that stays with you after you turn the Kindle off or close the cover on the last pagee s done it again in this e book mini set in the YA world of Benny Imura Rot Ruin Dust Decay the forthcoming Flesh Bone In this story we spend time with Riota girl we re told we will meet in Flesh Bloodwho as an intriguing story behind why she s walking The Ruin what the survivors of the Apocalypse called the remnants of the former US Sister Margaret to some Maggie to others and now Riot to the new found friends she meets in the wastes the girl is vibrant and real and Maberry works is usual magic with Now Is the Hour her I learned a lot abouter character in those 80 or so pages of the book a great self contained story and a good character study and yet I couldn t wait to learn For someone who s mastered the telling of a chilling Londons Glory (Bryant May, horror story Pine Deep trilogy a fast paced tech thriller the Ledger series andorror action Dead of Night amongst others Maberry deftly presents a young adult world accessible to both the target YA audience and those of us on the upper end of the adult demo with young characters that spring off the page and edge of the seat pacing The upshot Jingle Bells here is that even if youave never set foot in Maberry s Ruin universe before the tale stands on its own but you pick up lots of color and background for areas inted at in the previous books This e book is a must buy for fans and newcomers alike Glad I read this before the 3rd book in the seriesIn this short story we meet Riot a new character who s fighting and living alone in the vast openness of the former America now calle. How did Riot escape from the Night Church How did she survive the Rot Ruin and the orrors.

D the Rot Ruin She used to be from the Night Church a bunch of righteous bastards who believe that sending people and zombies to the darkness is the path to peace or to put it in understandable terms killing them is God s willI m once again pulled in by Jonathan Maberry s superb storytelling The suspense never stops one never knows if the character will die fighting or live another uick read if enjoy Rot and Ruin Not a zombie guy but enjoy this series Little to religious with the Night Church that a turn off But overall a uick fun read Loved this insight into Troys how Riot became Riot This novella comes right after Dust Decay and before you read Flesh Bone It s about Sister Margaret a young girl brought up in the Church of Night She is raised to be a reaper You would think that she was destined to kill zombies because in the Rot Ruin that is the majority but no Her fellow church goers are actuallyunting breathers Living people that the church claim need to be given the gift of darkness especially the children Children should not Knights Templar in Britain have to suffer in this land of misery and woeSister Margaret aka Riot is running away from this band of murderers and just wants to be left alone but is beingunted down as a deserter While on the run she is rescued by two boys Gummi Bear and Jolt They are apart of a group of orphans known as the scavengers and they don t kill living or dead There s been enough death in the world We don t killRiot joins this band of orphans and that is were the novella ends I am Reign of Fury (Battles in the Dark, hopeful we will see of this kick ass little lady ander uick blades in the 3rd book Everyone is part of the piece of the puzzle I am awed and emotional about these characters in their own way of survival A nerve wrecking uick reads Honestly I m not really a big fan of novellas or short stories Too many times they don t feel whole and just seem like something to Nature Cure hold you Ofer own past There’s only one way to find outJonathan Maberry explores the origins

E–pub READ Dead Gone Author Jonathan Maberry

JONATHAN MABERRY is a New York Times best selling and five time Bram Stoker Award winning author anthology editor comic book writer magazine feature writer playwright content creator and writing teacherlecturer He was named one of the Today’s Top Ten Horror Writers His books have been sold to than two dozen countriesHe writes in several genres His young adult fiction includes ROT &

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