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SconceptsI liked two stories a lot the ones by Bianca D Arc and Jess Granger Two worlds I wouldn t mind reading about I read this in January Now it s April Yesterday I re read one of the stories I d liked which reminded me of something else in the book which I then perhaps ranted about I thought if I can rant about something in a book three months after I read it I should probably go to the effort of a fuller reviewThis is an anthology You now when you pick it up what that means there will be good bits and bad bits All you can do is hope the good outnumbers the bad and in this case I would say it didThe bad There was one story in particular that really didn t seem to belong in this anthology It was in essence a ghost story There was in effect a prologue in which our heroine travelled back to Earth from Jupiter There was in effect an epilogue in which our heroine Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue kissed someone The actual story in between carried no romance or futuristicness The prologueepilogue felt bolted on as if the author already had the story got offered a slot in a futuristic romance collection so slapped something on to cover the futuristic and romance reuirements Also when I m reading this sort of book I really don t want a completely unexpected unsettling horror which I wind up reading just as I m about to go to sleep The average There were a few stories that could have been set anywhere This is what tends to annoy me in SFR what you get is just a plain old romance in what happens to be an SF setting eg on a spaceship For me that s not enough to make it SFR I need the SF to be an integral part of the story I happily read SF SF with a bit of R SF with a huge dollop of R but not R on its own primarily because I find it boringly formulaic younow you re going to get the happy ever after etc etc However I The Man Without a Face know my complaint here is likely because I ve come to SFR from the SF side Inow there are plenty of people who come to SFR from the R side who don t like it when the SF gets too intrusive while I m sitting here going Too intrusive How can it actually be at all intrusiveAlso if you re going to write SFR and make an effort to incorporate the science part please try to Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) know something about science Yes Inow it s fiction but I like it to be vaguely feasible Try not to describe your technology with phrases such as nanotechnology at a microscopic level or every scientist reading is going to scream Though to be fair at least nobody in this book used a parsec as a unit of time gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhThe good Notwithstanding the above there was one story which I realised after I d Mammoth Book of This and Mammoth Book of That Am I a Mammoth Book of This and That Addict Possibly I m the first to admit I do enjoy my anthologies And what the heck this combined two of my favs romance and sci fi futuristic themesI m not going to apologize for not discussing or mentioning any stories I didn t like Suffice it to say if it is not on this list it wasn t worth mentioning or skimming through I didn t read them either Okay there were some I did read but just shrugged away The ones I am going to mention stood out enough for me to overviewThe stories I really liked are in this order1 End of the Line by Bianca D Arc This was in the middle of the anthology and I had almost given up hope Some of the stories following this list preceded this one but this was by far my favorite The characters had a nobility that was grand and I loved the connection It was a st The Noah by CL Wilson 45 starsSeven Months of Forever by Linnea Sinclair 5 starsTales from the Second Chance SaloonMacawley s List by Linnea Sinclair 45 stars This is NOT science fiction And it has nothing to do with romanceThese are stories about sex and physical attraction and they are plai. Cience fiction stories of future love and lust by Marcella Burnard Biana D'Arc Jess Granger Linnea Sinclair CL Wilson and many are brimming with passion and humour So even though in space no one can hear you scream they might just be able to hear you laugh.

1 Flying is Faster by Jeannie Holmes Rating 32 Star Crossed by Cathy Clamp Rating 25 stars3 Naturally Beautiful by Jaime Leigh Hansen Rating 4 stars4 Seven Months of Forever by Linnea Sinclair Rating 35 stars5 Memories of Gravity by Patrice Sarath Rating 3 stars6 Fade Away and Radiate by Michele Lang Rating 35 Stars7 New Earth Twelve by Mandy M Roth Rating 4 stars8 Red Dawn by Delilah Devlin Rating 4 Stars9 Racing Hearts by Kiersten Fay Rating 35 stars10 In the Interest of Security by Regan Black Rating 3 stars11 End of the Line by Bianca D Arc Rating 35 stars12 Space Cowboy by Donna Kauffman Rating3 13 Tales from the Second Chance Saloon Macawley s List by Linnea Sinclair Rating 3 stars14 Wasteland by Jess Granger Rating 3 stars15 Nuns and Huns by Charlene Teglia Rating 3 stars16 Song of Saire by Leanna Renee Hieber Rating 3 stars17 The Noah by CL Wilson Rating 25 stars18 Written in Ink by Susan Size Rating25 stars19 Nobody s Present by Marcella Burnard Rating 35 Stars Does romance imply sex and violence Some stories in this collection contain adult themes Capsule reviews for a sample Flying is Faster by Jeannie Holmes 35 Fun fantasy romance With wings Adventure on an Earthlike alien planet Momentarily explicit than typical YA but tasteful if you don t find the male gaze skeevy Star Crossed by Cathy Clamp 25 okay Novella in five parts Ultimate suicide mission for two Opposites attract Order her and chaos him Sol Mistaken identity theme dragged for me Shock plot twist but the ending wasn t as dramatic as I hoped I had mixed feelings think Starship Troopers about the wisdom of the mission Naturally Beautiful by Jamie Leigh Hansen 25 by the numbers romance Novella In 2084 the ageing inventor of a eugenic pill and his attractive daughter are being hunted by a powerful unknown force Two marines are all that stand between them and capture view spoilerHot marine rescues your father and saves your ass but doesn t even call Men hide spoiler This was a great book Something I would definitely Gone (Gone, keep on the shelf and intend toeep an eye out for All these stories were good Some better than others but all but one or two were really good Half the stories I didn t want to end This was a great anthology Which is saying something be cuz usually there are only one or two good stories in one Besides being futuristic these stories were definitely a variety Time travel space flight aliens living on other planets cool tech gizmos hunky men in uniforms suspense great steamy scenes and emotions Has it all for a one stop sci fi romance for any and all moods I may make a reserved space for it on my shelf before I even find it Made me water a little laugh sweat hold my breath and turn pages faster than the speed of light Enjoy This book is so awesome You now that feeling you get when you have a book that just sings and calls to you Like the feeling you get when you have a spare hour and a really good book This one is it Flying is Faster by Jeannie Homes 45 StarsHuman doc on a colony planet helps a native humanoidbird woman rescue her brother They are stuck in the wilderness avoiding predators and love blossoms This one has a definite ending and is a great opener It s a shortie and amazingly paints a whole canon or world and history and love story in 20 pagesStar Crossed by Cathy Clamp 4 StarsEarth is at war A Navigator and Pilot set out on an Enola Gay or 30 seconds over Tokyo aka Doolittle Raid type raid on the home planet of the invaders He s a former smuggler that joined the earth rebellion and she s the cop that busted him After an injury together they redefine the concept of team and it has an ending that leaves me going ok where can I buy this book to see what happens next Naturally Beautiful by Jamie Leigh Hen. Love Will Find A Way19 Fantastic Future Set RomancesThe good news is in the future there will be no shortage of romance On space ships on newly colonized planets or on a barely recognizable Earth; life forms whether human alien or something in between will.

Sen 4 StarsSpecial ops hunk saves a genius doc from idnappers Highly imaginative with great romantic banter ie while hiding out from evil captors he calls her Sweetheart and she insists he call her Doctor So he responds by calling her Dr Sweetheart the rest of the story Reads like a Harleuin on steroids Seven Months of Forever by Linnea Sinclair This is a long complicated love story on a military ship I ve read all of Sinclair s works great author I might add but without a background in her canon I think it would be hard for a newcomer to follow This one follows a star ship captain and an admiral from opposite sides working together and in loveMemories of Gravity by Patrice Sarath 3 Stars due to prejudice of reviewerIf I were fair and judged this story on it s writing skill and merits I should give it 5 or 45 stars but I hate ghost stories Especially ghost stories masuerading as romantic sci fi This one is about a girl who fled an abusive home to captain a space ship Grandpop dies She has to come to earth to settle the affairs in person The romance with a childhood friend was barely given a nod by the author I d say this one is 2% romance 10% sci fi and the rest all ghost storyFade Away and Radiate by Michele Lang 35This one is a tepid romance about a scientist widow who has lived in solitude for years Suddenly her husband s best friend shows up with news on her husband s illers The romance is very light it s heavy on political and social canon I d give it stars if I thought the couple were romantically attracted to each otherNew Earth Twelve by Mandy M Roth 475 StarsA colony sleeper ship suffered mutiny by the captain who prematurely woke all the girls from their Clipped this list from somewhere else will check it later I just wanted to add a few thoughts as I work my way through this one I recognized a fair number of these authors from my PNR and UF reading though I actually cut my reading teeth on scifi short stories oh about an eon ago when I was young and the world was new There were actually a fair number of these stories that felt a bit heftier than shorts normally do and a fair number that I enjoyed for that reason Here s just a bit about the ones that stood out since I didn t blurb as I went like I normally doFlying is Faster by Jeannie Holmes A human colonist goes to the aid of a feathered friend I might have liked this better if it had come later in the book it was okay and even though I am a sucker for wings in a romance the relationship sort of came out of nowhere since the short didn t set up the pair s history enough for meStar Crossed by Cathy Clamp A navigator teams up with a legendary pilot to save the EarthNaturally Beautiful by Jamie Leigh Hansen I liked this one a lot action packed and nicely paced with just the promise of a HEAMemories of Gravity by Patrice Sarath She escaped to space but now returns home to face the ghosts of the past she left behindFade Away and Radiate by Michele LangNew Earth Twelve by Mandy M RothRed Dawn by Delilah DevlinRacing Hearts by Kiersten FayIn the Interest of Security by Regan BlackEnd of the Line by Bianca D ArcSpace Cowboy by Donna KauffmanSeven Months of Forever by Linnea Sinclair Games of CommandTales from the Second Chance Saloon McCawley s List by Linnea SinclairI ve heard of Linnea Sinclair buy never read her books I am guessing that fans will appreciate what feels like little snippets from her worlds especially the second one which looks to give a pairing that might not have been a second chance Wasteland by Jess GrangerNuns and Huns by Charlene TegliaSong of Saire by Leanna Renee HieberThe Noah by C L WilsonWritten in Ink by Susan SizeNobody s Present by Marcella Burnard Interesting set of short stories featuring futuristic world. Find their way to loveAs giant corporations grasp new opportunities for profit and future armies clash both in deep space and 'dirtside' former romantic partners try to put the past behind them and time travelling rebels set out to romance the pastThese

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EBOOK or KINDLE (The Mammoth Book of Futuristic Romance) ´ Trisha Telep

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