(PDF) [The Godfathers Lover] AUTHOR Ann T. Ryan

(PDF) The Godfathers Lover AUTHOR Ann T. Ryan

review The Godfathers Lover

Ge by a saintly riest He is the Good Guy with issues of abandonment We meet Jarod the godfather of the title at his mother s funeral where his abusive father socks him around for crying and being less than manly He is also the Good GuyFast forward a number of years and Jarod Greene the Godfather of Los Angeles is in an alley beating up a thug called Carlos one of the few ethnic names in this story I mean come on This is Los Angeles A story set in Los Angeles without any significant Asian or African American characters And only one important Latino character Jarod s right hand man Mike But this dear reader is not the last of the disbelief suspending we are asked to do A drunk man staggers out the back door and instead of offing a otential witness Jarod screws him through the wall It turns out to be Chris whom Jarod uickly gets obsessive about He breaks up with his current boyfriend the nephew of another crime lord and sets Chris up in his stead This falls in with Chris s lan because of course he s not just an intern that s his cover He s a Special AgentJarod is variously described as the Godfather of Los Angeles and the underground boss who ruled over California and Written in Red Ink people are said to be afraid of him but he never actually does anything bad His organization doesn t even sell drugs I m not uite sure what it does exactly except run a couple of nightclubs and have meetings with rival gangs the Smith clan of Nevada or the Giordano gang Seriously The gangsters are either WASPs or stereotypes The incident with Carlos at the beginning is supposed to show how bad he is but my first reaction was Really The Godfather of Los Angeles does his own dirty work And he doesn t do much just roughs him up a bit before he sees Chris and decides with that short attention span how did he ever get to be Godfather that Chris was much interesting You betrayed me Carlos You re going to suff oooh shiny The biggestroblem I had with this book is that there are no real conseuences for anything The ex boyfriend doesn t set his uncle s goons on them the Mafia notoriously homophobic doesn t seem to mind an openly gay man at the head of one of its organizations and Crash Landing (Bear Creek, people don t get killed When Chris uits the FBI because he s fallen in love with Jarod he gets a handshake and a good luck instead of getting his ass thrown in jail for compromising a federal criminal caseBut the thing thatisses me off the most is the fact that this book could have been good Ryan is not a bad writer she tells a little too much and her characters need development but her writing has Piper potential Heracing is good her descriptions vivid With a little research a little effort a little help it could have been an entertaining story But instead we have a sad little mess And it makes me sad and mad and I want someone to blame damn it hide spoiler I could say that this story could have been better if it was longer but I won t because I don t think it would have helped It was a whole story of clich s I did not connect with Jarod or Chris The time jumps were ridiculous If the author is going to do massive time jumps then there needs to be some kind of build up You can t go from no mention of time to saying it is a year later and then another 6 months The Famoux (The Famoux, pass Also mostly everything important was off theage or never mentioned as i 15 starsI did finish The Godfather s Lover to get it out of my system05 stars for the basic idea of a bad boy getting luckybut the realizationultimately was wasted time and money NoteI m so tired of nagging and giving low ratingsjust want to read good booksstories The book semeed Dragons Gap promising but at he end Nonetheless it was a entertaining rea. S cemented in lies two men whose first words to each other were false are about to find out how far they’ll go to discover the truth because nothing true comes without arice to be aid in blood and that’s especially true if you’re the Godfather’s lov.

Nking about a J2 fanfic I don t know why But that is the way it came across to me In fanfiction authors can get away with a lot of oor characterization because readers know exactly who you are talking about and their minds fill in the blanks and their love for the Best Seller (English Edition) persons involved make them willing to forgive holes inlot etcBut in original works the author does not have that luxury and has to flesh out the characters to make them appealing to the rea Adrian explains why this failed The idea was a good one and exciting because who doesn t love a good mobster story Yeah it didnt work out that way wasted opportunity is my kind of MM story What is my kind you ask I love it when there is a tough guy assassin mafia boss special forces who falls for the fun and flirty guy who isn t impressed with all the money or The Lone Star Groom: Bachelor Billionaire Romances power excuse me while I sigh They both keep secrets from each other and end up sacrificing to keep the other safeEven though this is a novella the author was able to create two well developed characters that wormed their way into my heart In therologue we meet Jarod and Chris as children and get an idea of who they are going to be and whyJarod lost his mother and is raised by his father a mafia crime boss He is cruel and unforgiving and taught Jarod ower and money are what matter Jarod inherits his father s osition but tries to do things differently He can t trust anyone and only has relationships devoid of emotion with his kept men He has one best friend his right hand man MikeChris grew up in an orphanage and even though he never had any money the Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company (Helium-3, priest that ran the orphanage taught him that love and family are the most important things in lifeJarod and Chris have a drunken uickie behind a bar and go on their way Jarod can t forget the beautiful and sensual man he had and ends up tracking Chris down He offers Chris the opportunity to be his kept man but Chris isn t what he appears to beI loved watching both men war with their feelings each trying to keep the other at an emotional distance but failing of course My stomach fluttered with every touch and look that Jarod and Chris shared Thelot is To Protect His Mate (Wolfe Brothers, prettyredictable but there is some action smexy loving betrayal suspense and even a gotcha moment at the end This is just a good story from a writing and character aspect I am giving this 5 stars since it is my type of story but I think most readers will find this at least a 4 star read Review by Isabel De ValeraYou know how when there s a disaster or some kind of catastrophe it s human nature to find someone to take responsibility And when there s no one to Star Wars Rogue Squadron II Rogue Leader Instruction booklet pin it on you kind of blame everyone This was a very difficult review to write I kept wanting to blame someone for this disaster and while one would expect that the author is the natural recipient somehow I can t help but spread the guilt around In fact I kind of feel sorry for the author I mean I assume that there was some beta reading somewhere along the line and it had to be read to be accepted by theublisher and then it must have gone through edits and Boom proofreading Didn t anyone stop and say Wait a minute Didn t anyone care enough to sit down with the author and say You have a good idea here but your follow through is a mite lacking The germ of the idea is a good one Mafioso falls in love with the FBI agent who s setting him up and vice versa There s an enormous scope for an edgy darkassionate story with a eek into the grimy criminal underworldThis story ain t itview spoiler Instead what we get is a fairy tale and not one articularly well handled The characters are flat and one dimensional Chris the FBI agent was raised in an orphana. T’s not like Chris Wilkinson’s job or life was going anywhere Why wouldn’t he want to be the kept man of the most owerful mob boss in Los Angeles But Chris Wilkinson is than he appears and so is Jarod GreeneIn the City of Angels where every foundation

I m DNFing this one at about 70% The dialogue is too stilted for me and the characters feel very unrealistic I am a fan of the mobstercop airing but this one is just not working for me Hmmm so lots of bad ratings on this one but I have to say before the 90% mark I would have given it four stars Maybe my standards are lower because the mm mob books I ve been subjected to lately have been so lacking but if I read a book where the male characters actually act like men instead of simpering teenage girls it s already ahead of the game Sad but true But to address some of the complaints I LIKED Jarod and Chris first sexual encounter in the alley It was unapologetic and un sappy I can see where others would take issue with the logic of it but it didn t bother me and hey he used lube What is with all the dry fcking in books lately It is NOT sexy I LIKED the Personal Delivery pacing of how they eventually became full time lovers I can see othereople s issue with Chris abandoning his life to be with Jarod but again I rolled with it Yes Jarod doesn t go around killing La Viña de Naboth ,Tomo I people etc but the book was 98ages I never doubted that he was a crime boss it was all there in the way he carried himself expected to be obeyedhe was Gettysburgs Battlefield Photographer-William H Tipton pure alpha male and I loved that I really liked Jarod s character both Jarod s and Chris actuallyUp until 90% the bigger issues for me were as followsI never really understood what faction of mob the Greene clan was Jarod was called The Godfather of Los Angeles but with a name like Jarod Greene I didn t really get that they were Italian mafia though their rivals seemed to be The author would also make reference to the clan so were they Irish KKK I jest But seriously I couldn t tell She would also refer to the members as brothers of the clan which made things even confusingWhat exactly did the Greene clan DO Ok they ran some nightclubsand that s it They were against drugs in the neighborhood so did they run guns Did they have arostitution ring What was Jarod the godfather of exactly The world building there needed some workStill as I always say I was willing to roll with itThen 90% happenedWHATTHEHELLAt times like this I am convinced that some authors either have no friends family beta readers editors or a Husband In Training publisher Clearly this was self edited and selfublished Ok so it wasn tbut anyone who read this and didn t say to the author ehhhhhh no failed and needs to be fired unfriended or never invited to holiday dinner again The ending totally ruined the book It was not only unrealistic to the oint of being silly it didn t resolve anything My mind is in knots just trying to follow how and why the characters would know the things they supposedly knew and go on about their business like it was all ok and how things are supposed to work going forwardSighAt this rate I have no idea what rating to give the book I really really liked it up until the ending but the ending was enough to detract from my enjoyment of it I ll leave it unrated for now I enjoyed this book but I think it would have benefitted from being longer The reader didn t really get to see the relationship between Jarod and Chris develop although about a year assed during the course of the book Had I seen of the interaction between the two men during this time Words of Radiance, Part 1 (The Stormlight Archive period I think it would have been easier to believe in the decisions that Chris went on to make For a relatively simple book this is somewhat of a difficult review to write A largeart of this is because of the Lauras Summer Ballet (Laura, potential this story had that failed to be realized I don t want to give this book a rating as I think a low rating would be overly simplisticFor some reason when reading this book I kept thi. Jarod Greene doesn’t know anything about love but that didn’t stop him from taking an IT intern from the FBI up against the wall in a moment of confusion andassion It certainly didn’t keep him from asking the wide eyed intern to be his kept lover And

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