Ebook Gratis (The Hero Libro 1)

E guyWhy is it necessary to bring George Washington in to fight zombies What does George Washington add to the storyWhy does it have to be Hitler versus DraculaOkay scratch that ast one Hitler versus anything is interesting Hellboy has confirmed this over and over As has Bionic Commando If your story ends with Hitler s head in a jar and if both the head and the jar explode in graphic fashion then I don t really need to know anything elseIn The Hero the mash up works because it s subtle and it s not about changing the core of the story It just adds some interesting visuals and makes it feel a bit mythical a bit The Wild Queen (Young Royals, less real Which serves the story rather than distracting from itLooking forward to book 2 if it s ever translated and to the possible confrontation between Hitler and Heracles I really wanted toike this book but I m thinking it has too many flaws to raise it above an average read at best The artwork is some of the best in this genre that I have seen and the mash up of ancient Greece and modern Tax Progressivity and Income Inequality living is highly original and enjoyable I just felt that it allowed the story to become confused in places and the background of Heracles Eurystheus and some of the other minor characters waseft open and I guess the author expected the reader to already know this tale instead of guiding us through the intricacies of ancient Greece myths and politics A brilliant attempt but could have been so much better No real substance and some confusing spins on the character Not ideal David Rub n is reimagining the Learning and Development legend about Hercules and the Twelve Labors with a modern twist While the story is still set in ancient Greece there is modern stuffike phones iPods and motorbikes And surprisingly it s working very wellAs a kid I really Arduino Development Cookbook loved the old Las inuietudes humanas Nos sirven para comprender el comportamiento humanoPrudencia capacidad de renovación honestidad fortaleza y valor son factores determinantes ue David Rubín demuestra hacer suyos para superar con notaa interesante revisión ue

I Mastering Gephi Network Visualization loved this book Why have I not heard of David Rubin before He drawsike a cross between Mark Hempel and Paul Pope It s gorgeous He has a wonderfully expressive The Canadian Regime line that makes his charactersook cartoony but not too much so And the story So what we have is a Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space loose adaptation of the story of Hercules set oress in a fantasy riff on the present day It s interesting to compare this to O DY C or however it s spelled the series that Matt Fraction did adapting the Odyssey into a SciFi epic Suffice to say that Rubin gets right what Fraction gets wrong This series sweeps and sings Fraction s just kind of sits there To be fair Rubin has the advantage of being his own artist so Rubin the writer is guaranteed to play to Rubin the artist s strengths This series does an excellent job of telling its story in a way that s fresh funny and just plain fun Highly highly recommended Holy shit what a blastPicked it up because the artwork is so good Very alive colorful and when you ve got a book with action ike this you need something that feels ike it s moving This book totally fits the billAnd it s a really successful mash up of an old story with some modern technology thrown in Take the story of Heracles add a Wonder Woman toss in a couple motorcycles and you ve got something pretty sweetWhat I ike about the mash up is that it s not something ike a real figure from history hunting mummies or some shit That s never made sense to me Here you ve got this person who s already pretty interesting and then you throw in this mummy shit for why And what difference does it make that it s I don t know John Hancock doing it as opposed to just any jerkoff in a powdered wig Why is it compelling if Ben Franklin is hunting werewolves than it would be for just som. Los mitos heroicos tienen algo ue nos atrapa Sus héroes resuelven con valor Un Cadeau pour ma Femme los grandes peligros aos ue se enfrentan pero a batalla del héroe es ante todo un viaje iniciático para comprenderse a sí mismo La batalla de os héroes es un reflejo de.

Ebook Gratis (The Hero Libro 1)

Reek tales and I am enjoying the post modern twist My favorite part was Hercules putting David Bowie s Hero on his iPod before fighting one of the monstersRub n s art is flawless as always Dynamic seuences vivid colors and great work with panels 35 stars for The Hero I really Shadow Bound like this examination of Heracles motivation The inclusion of DC characters is interesting It gives the reader a framework for how to view those characters and plot points Looking forward to book 2 A retelling of theabors of Hercules mashing up ancient Greece with the modern world The book is a riot non stop action with dynamic art Fans of Jeff Smith or Paul Pope will Mapapansin Kaya? love this Very good take on Heracles Artwork is amazing Story is nothing new but well executedI had trouble putting book down Some surprise cameos I ordered Vol 2 already Mature readers A retelling of the myth Interesting in that it s almost a what if Loki were the favored son and Thor was always trying to earn Loki s favor something he could never give Here Hera hates Hercules and tries the get the older son to make him do harder and harder tasks until one of them kills him Hercules keeps on doing good and becoming and the hero because of this dynamic Not for kids Iike the art it s a Buntus Foclora little cartoonish but theayouts are great Just when you thought there was nothing new to do to myths This is a simply incredible reinterpretation of the Life at the End of thevTunnel legend of Hercules It s extremely gory I m still reeling from some choice panels and incredibly smart in its use of modern technology and superhero culture to tell a very old story 16 ateastPlease note this review is meant as a recommendation only Please do not use it in any marketing material online or in print without asking permission from me first Thank you. E os mitos hace en El HéroeDavid Rubín aúna épica y reflexión para proponer un relato de cuidada puesta en escena espectacular narrativa y desbordante tratamiento del color Las doce pruebas de Heracles se retoman auí bajo un nuevo y ambicioso pris.

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