E–pub [Biologic Designing With Nature to Protect the Environment] ✓ David Wann

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E–pub Biologic Designing With Nature to Protect the Environment ✓ David Wann

S in everything from the simple tasks of our daily lives to the construction techniues of major developments In addition to thinking logically we must learn to think biological.

Since Biologic first appeared it has received widespread raise from architects lanners and environmental consultants as well as concerned citizens for its balanced well reaso.

Ned approach to raising our collective environmental consciousness Its remise is that we must all consider the environmental conseuences of our individual and community action.

David Wann is President of the Sustainable Futures Society; a board member of the Cohousing Association of the US; a fellow of the Simplicity Forum; and recipient of various lifetime achievement awards for his work on sustainability He’s been a passionate gardener for 25 years and now coordinates a neighborhood garden in the cohousing community in which he’s lived for 11 years – Harmony Village