E–book The Corruption of Michael Levitt author Joel Levine

Characters The Corruption of Michael Levitt

Of The Corr of ML on Googlebooks and it held my interest enough to dl the book Maybe it s because I came of age in the late 70 searly 80 s or because I m a south Floridian by way of New York or just that I love a ood yarn that I couldn t put TCOML down This book really captured the times Finished it while waiting in line at the DMV and didn t even mind being there A provocative journey through the life of a lawyer beyond our wildest imagination The Corruption of Michael Levitt presents an original and undeniably intelligent plot line consisting of corruption humor and real life events The Corruption of Michael Levitt really conveyed the horror of legal practice I ll never look at an attorney the same way again after reading about Levitt s scandals and side deals An interesting witty book which I really enjoyed reading Okay Reasonable read to while away a Sunday afternoon Some of the set peices I could have done without and many of the legal processes were long winded A writer with potential to create something tighter thrilling. Ght up in Michael's personal and professional fast timesReaders will follow Michael through the maze that becomes his life underworld business dealings sex drugs friends and enemies enjoying his perceptive and often hilarious view of his own situatio.

E–book The Corruption of Michael Levitt author Joel Levine

Way in a beautifully written prologue capturing the protagonist s core and then oes in an entirely different direction embarking on an exciting journey I kept reading faster and faster as Michael Levitt told meus his uniue story of an insecure uy with Rko great potential and the choices he made in the corrupt world of law and business herew into The schemes and scams were brilliant and written so a layman could appreciate them His relationships with women as well as some of his predicaments were hysterical After reading these reviews and an excerpt from Google Books I decided to read The Corruption of Michael Levitt One word WOW Meglet I agree that the author Joel Levine has With Wings as Eagles great potential but it appears he realized much of it in this book Levine s characters are so real I feel as if they all exist somewhere He brings to life such a fascinatingroup of characters I want to meet them I can t wait for the seuel Great book and Levitt s relationships with women were simultaneously agonizing and hysterical I recently read an excerpt. In this world is with the best of intentions radually corrupted by the universe in which he exists As Michael moves from the high pressure life of an associate in a prestigious New York law firm to the uncharted playground of Miami the reader is cau.

I read this review on I haven t read anything like this since The Catcher in the Rye Like Holden Caulfield s coming of age Michael Levitt s conflict angst cynicism and rebellious sprit permeates his attempt to find himself in a challenging and corrupt world Certainly Levine s The Corruption of Michael Levitt is set in a different time and place than Salinger s masterpiece but the feeling I was left with after finishing each book was very similarSince I loved The Catcher in the Rye I read The Corruption of Michael Levitt and the review is spot on As I witnessed Levitt row darker and darker I couldn t help but feel Do you know the feeling you The Phoenix Project get when you see a movie and wish it was your life That s the feeling Iot after reading The Corruption of Michael Levitt Well not entirely iven some of the things Levitt did I really think attorneys and attorneys to be would love the story both the adventure and humor Wow This is the best novel I ve read since Less than Zero Extraordinary Unlike any book I ve ever read this book begins one. The Corruption of Michael Levitt is a rollicking ride through the 1970's seen through the eyes of Michael Levitt Harvard Law School raduate and survivor ofhis Long Island childhood It's a story of a bright yet naïve man who while trying to make it.

Click For My Wikipedia PageIn brief I was born in Brooklyn New York Attended Syosset High School SUNY Buffalo and graduated from Harvard Law School Served in the Peace Corps Worked at a Legal Aid office Practiced commercial law in New York; Partnered in running a successful law firm in Miami; Was a principal in one of the largest real estate companies in the southeast United States; and was President and CEO of LA based Gibraltar Entertainment executive producing twelve movies and a television series

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