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Nt where the next line is saying the character can smell the sweet scent of tobacco Can a oint or roach be made tobacco The dictionary doesn t say soI sometimes feel that this was written in a language I know a little bit where in still missing subtle nuances The nuances are so subtle and roundabout that sometimes I have no idea what s being referred to or what exactly has happened Like Ethan s gaze darted animal back and forthMissing contractions pulled me out of the story because native English speakers would use them all the time It wouldn t make sense to use one contraction in the same sentence that also had the same words not contracted eg She could not go to the story and he couldn t go to the movies and they could not go anywhere together It needed some copy editing but for something not even published it was damn goodSam is such an asshole sometimes There are too many useless any flashbacks scenes that took place time wise after the previous chapter but then told from a slightly future perspective Beau is right that he shouldn t be seeing a client who had emotional investment in the case He s very vulnerable and not making good decisions in general Ethan isn t acting like a man When Beau is nasty to him ordering him around he s angry for a minute then he apologizes like it s his fault and tries to ingratiate himself It s stereotypical female and doesn t fit a loner like he is who s worked with hardened criminals where he couldn t appear weak I was very surprised he didn t run off not that that would be mature Great that they use condoms for oral sex I m glad Sam improved and that Hank s attraction to him was explained as was why he was such an ass so often I love that both couples are very different but they work in their own ways The ending wasn t uite what I wanted but almost view spoilerI wanted Beau and Ethan to say I love you to each other hide spoile. E detectives illegal happenings and lusty romance in the Bay Area Words 87566 comple.

Lly for being either a first or early novel Some of the dialogue read a little off to me though and also multiple characters have communication and miscommunication issues which were helpful for some story progression but was also frustrating at times to read and also made things sometimes confusing This lack of communication even sometimes in the narrative also led to me feeling less connected to the characters So even though the ending is goodHEA I didn t have a really strong feeling of catharsis or satisfaction As a heads up there is some non con I m not a huge fan of this in general in stories but the author here dampened the intensity by either simply referring to it for past events or writing the scene from a limited POV So it s not overly drawn out or explicit On my internal scale of surprise sexual violence where 0 is none at all and 5 is Yakuza Pride s Surprise Endless Scenes of Sexual Torture I rate this as a 25 I really dislike sexual violence though so my scale is probably heavily weighted than othersBut overall for a free first novel this was a solid read with some good suspense and romance and an original story Your mileage will most likely vary on how the communication issues and what not will affect your reading If you re looking for an mm mystery romance read this may be up your alleyADD Oh hey there s a short story seuel on the author s LJ Pieces Fall Part 1 and Part 2 45 StarsThe title is misleading It sounds like a humorous novel and it isn t at all It s good but it s not funny I easily would have paid money for this I want a seuelLots of telling in the beginning Gay people were adopting kids and becoming families long before this guy was in grade school Maybe the era the author s talking about is when who were out and proud started doing those things I m really confused about what Ethan is smoking It s been called a cigarette a roach and a oi. To the rescue even as he tells himself it's only the case he wants A story of privat.

This was a good read I did like it Also read the short seuel that was necessary for the story to end semi properly Pieces fallI appreciated how the author began the story It s novel being thrown in all of the Very urban noirish I like how we ump into the middle of the story without a lot of build up Might have used the beautiful and fascinating city as even of a character God I loved this story SO MUCHI m so sad it s over I don t wanna part ways with the characters coz I fell in love with them And I loved the ending it s no fairytale but it s really as happy as they can reach in their situation and I love how deeply they care for each other so I m sure it ll work for them Also I wanna say that Beau s my favorite 3 I like all of them but he s ust so good Ethan s lucky to have him I think That was some pretty enjoyable stuff I didn t care much about the plot I admit because I was mostly interested in the characters I liked Ha 35 stars This mm mystery romance novel was pretty good especially for being available free online The story focuses on Beau and Hank two private investigators in San Francisco as well as Hank s boyfriend Sam and Beau s new client Ethan who knew Sam in the past and came looking for help on how to deal with his shady boss that he couriers for As Beau investigates he finds a much darker mystery that relates to some missing persons and the possibility that a killer is still on the looseWhat I liked Overall the mystery portion was pretty good and things got a little tense near the end even though what led to the climax wasn t a huge surprise The MCs were pretty interesting and for those romance followers the story focuses on both couples one established but with issues and the other growing tentatively throughout the story Yes there are sexy times but it in no way overwhelms the story What was harder for me The writing overall was good especia. Asking for help is hard to do but Ethan doesn't have a choice Beau is happy to come.

EBOOK or PDF (Fiend By the Bay) Ô Bean Montag

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