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Hat it s not all about a girl and her horse It s actually partial mystery and partial a girl moves in to a new town type of book I will admit that this book was not my top pick when I looked at the other books but even when I started reading it it wasn t what I expected at all All and all this book is just great and just a bit Miss leading The book Missing by Becky Citra keeps the readers on the edge of their chair throughout the entire story Thea and her father are consistently moving starting with one little Cariboo town then onto the next attempting to abandon the agony of Thea s mother s passing They never remain long enough in one spot for Thea to make companions however when her father gets work remodeling a visitor farm on Gumboot Lake she sets out to trust that their meandering days are finished At the farm she warms up to Van a nearby kid and strives to fabricate the trust of a mishandled pony named Renegade At the point when Thea uncovers the decades old story of a four ear old Hummer young lady who vanished from the farm and was gone forever she asks Van to assist her with illuminating the secret and when some upsetting realities become visible she at long last begins to get closure with the misfortunes in her very own life Citra s composing is strong and Thea is solid and engaging however the story feels split The secret takes up the greater part of the pageset the mystery appears to take up the majority of the feeling and the different sides don t mix The authors style is uite uniue to what I ve witnessed before Different point of views are portrayed throughout the story that made it a little confusing to understand at first After the story had got going the story flowed a lot better The characterization of the characters is very descriptive You can tell that Citra spewing a lot of time evolving the characters personality s and traits I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good mystery I personally decided to read it because it involves horses so any horse lovers would enjoy it to It s uite similar to the SeriesThe Private School Murders because it involves the same type of suspense and mystery throughout the story They both are page flippers and I found them interesting in their own ways Overall I thought the book was really good and would defiantly recommend to anyone looking for a suspenseful boo. Tory of a four ear old girl who disappeared from the ranch and was never seen again she enlists Van to help her solve the mystery When some disturbing facts come to light she finally starts to come to terms with the losses in her own lif.

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Ts of depth and excitement which isn t always the case for the books written for students in the junior grades I will be passing this book along to lots of the students in the new ear Wonderful Canadian mystery set in the Cariboo region of British Columbia This book is ideal for a tween teen or even an older reader It s a lot better than many adult mysteries I ve read this earIt has everything a oung reader will enjoy a horse a mystery and a little romance Only 178 pages means it is a great summer holiday read My granddaughter rated this book as 5 stars She s 12 and loves horses and that is understandable I put myself in her place and rated it 4 stars It was a bit The Alcohol Experiment young for my tastes but I did enjoy it and got caught up in the mystery I thought the ending was a bit abrupt I would have liked it fleshed out a bit After Thea s mother dies in a riding accident she and her father leave everything behind and move from town to town and job to job There s no time for Thea to make new friends because she s not in the school long enough Then Thea s dad gets a job on a guest farm and she becomes embroiled in the 60ear old mystery of a missing child She begins to make friends and dreads the day they pull up roots again This honestly the best BEST MYSTERY BOOK I EVER READ This was a uick and easy read It had so much emotion to it and even to the characters My friend recommended Missing to be and I m uite grateful that she did I LOVE Thea and Van their perfect I could feel how they feel their emotions were amazing Indeed 5 stars This book is good for several reasons here are two1 The author described everything so well and i could picture every part of the book2 All characters were mentioned enogh so that Menggairahkan Perjalanan Halaqah you get a feel of what there like and who they areMising is about a girl named thea and her father Thea and her dad moved all the time from town to town trying to forget the past They never stay anywhere for Thea to make any friends and shes always new But alot changes when they meet the new owner of a guest ranch Thea s dad gets a real job renovating the gust ranch and while doing so gets to live in a cabin Thea gets to stay at at her school and ends up making some friends some friends A horse named renagade a boy named Van and a girl named Chloe This book may just be appealing to horse lovers at first but I can truly tellou Guest ranch on Gumboot Lake she dares to hope that their wandering days are over At the ranch she makes friends with Van a local boy and works hard to build the trust of an abused horse named Renegade When Thea unearths the decades old

Missing is a very cute novel about a girl Thea and her father who are always one the move When they arrive at a ranch things start to change Thea befriends an abused horse makes friends at school and her father shows signs of wanting to settle down While on the ranch Thea and her newfound friend Van discover a mystery regarding the disappearance of a Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian young girl and work together to find some answers I found this a very cute novel Citra is able to write emotions into every scene and there is a strong sense of unsettled characters throughout I felt like I was searching with Thea for peace and stability in her life Great for Grade 5 and 6 Missing is also nominated for a SilverBirch award Perfect story Wish I had written it The setting was so beautifully described it made me want to visit the Canadian ranch except I loved experiencing it exactly the way I did as 13ear old Thea in its pre opening days I savored every single sentence from beginning to end never letting myself rush and just enjoyed letting everything envelope meI loved Thea s close relationship with her father despite the hollow place created by her mother s death which has its own twist I did not expect There was a heartbreaking and intriguing mystery of a missing child from the 1950s lovely ranch history a beautiful but wild horse who needed some whispering the new owner of the ranch who might as well have been a heaven sent angel his trio of dogs and wonderful neighbors down the way A church outh group was also worked in seamlessly despite my reaction to its introduction being very much like Thea s What could one ask for I loved Missing it was an amzing mystery about a 13 ear old girl Thea Thea and her dad move alot ever since her mom died thea s dad finds work they get a home then when he gets fired or someone gets off of there breakholidayyear off they move again looking for help wanted signs and a new home but when Thea and her dad are living in a small town working in a resturant a man comes in and changed Thea s dad s options by asking for help at an old horse ranch Later finds out about a disaperence of a little girl And as things unravel the mystery becomes interesting and the book becomes hard to put down I really enjoyed this book I think that the students reading Silver Birch will really like it as well It is very age appropriate but still has lo. Thea and her dad are always on the move from one small Cariboo town to another trying to leave behind the pain of Thea's mom's death They never stay long enough in one place for Thea to make friends but when her dad gets work renovating

(EBOOK READ) Missing by Becky Citra Author Becky Citra

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