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En some very funny romances in the past though I haven t liked her last 5 or so books It made me laugh out loud so I bought it It s a great send up of the Greek billionaire romance trope that has been so ubiuitous in the standard HarleuinSilhouette lines for the last 20 years Yes there s a Greek billionaire but he falls head over heels for a funny feisty tall busty wild haired woman in her thirties not the standard skinny teenaged blonde nervous virgin The repartee is so hysterical and they both genuinely njoy ach other in bed and out of it that the book is a perfect antidote to all the stereotyped romances on the market I grinned all the way through my first reading and am happily rereading it This book definitely belongs on my keeper shelves Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie Talesuick Dirty Steamy goodness and hilarious funOpening Sentence The man in front of her was crazyThe ReviewFate does indeed smile upon those who are willing to be kind to their fellow man When Harry agrees to fill in as manager of a teen pop band headed for a gig in Greece as a favor for a sick friend the planets align and serve up her destiny on a rather large silver platter A gorgeous loveable and rather hot silver platterIakovos is a gorgeous playboy gazillionaire xtraordinaire I mean the man AHS Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers even owns his own private island When he agrees to hire his baby sister s favorite band to play for her birthday he thinks he is just being a good older brother What he doesn t realize is that the one who is to be the love of his life will also be traveling with them and his life will never be the sameWhen the pair meet amidst a scandalous incident involving a member of the band and Iakovos s almost as handsome brother the two instantly butt heads However just as uickly the sparks begin to fly and we find them locking lips in a hospital hallway and a short time later the rest of their body parts get to join in on the funAs their whirlwind of a courtshipnsues the two must overcome a few obstacles a lewd drunk of a younger brother a temperamental lead singer a jealous Let’s Call It a Doomsday ex girlfriend and tabloid rumors not to mention a rather surprise pregnancy when one of the parents wasn tven supposed to be able to have kids But in the nd the two do find their way make beautiful babies and live their HEAI for one am jealous These two are living out their days inhabiting a private island off the coast of Greece It s a beautiful place next to a beautiful country with beautiful people But that s now all They have an apartment in Athens home of gods and goddesses myths legends and awesome sites With just nough time spent in the States so you wouldn t get homesick a girl would be insane not to sign up for this dealAlso I have to ask who names their poor innocent little baby something like Eglantine Where xactly did her parents come up with that one If that were my name I d have people call me something like Harry as wellI love an irreverent smart alecky main character Harry is one sassy lady overflowing with sarcasm and rather adept at the witty comeback Some of the lines given to her are things I could only come up with an hour after having a conversation You know when you re in your car on the way home and you re like Dang I wish I had said such and such I also love a delectable foreign leading man One who can love with his whole soul and isn t asily intimidated Who can be surrounded by beauty and still only have Garfield Swallows His Pride (Garfield, eyes for his wife The kind of guy that opens his home to a gang of teen musicians just to make his baby sister happy If he weren t fictional I d take him myselfven though I already am a married womanPut those two together watch for the fireworks and be careful you don t get burned These pages are so chock full of hot steamy goodness I found my blanket and slippers unnecessary Prohibido nacer even in this weather As a warning ladies this book reuires reading when you have some serious alone time because by page 35 it s already not safe for work children or great Aunt Sally but will definitely benefit the man in your life wink winkNotable Scene Why if it isn t Harry came a cool voice from behind her We haven t seen you in weeks Harry turned her smile growing when she realized that her day really was going to be the bestver Hello Tess Tess Hayerson it was whispered around the gym was a woman who chewed men up and spat them out usually after marrying them Rumor had it that her third Serafina and the Seven Stars ex husband had agreed to a divorce settlement that paid her innhancement surgery rather than money In her Nighthawk (Conard County, early thirties with long auburn hair and anye for the male of the species she was the sexpot of their little group Been putting on a bit of weight sweetie Tess asked giving her a scathing once over I think a little What She Saw (Conard County extra time at the gym and a little less sitting aroundating bonbons is in order don t you I can honestly say that I have never had a bonbon in my life Harry said Nice to see you too Tess opened her mouth to make a response but at that moment she caught sight of Iakovos and his swarm of ladies What do we have here Tess asked her voice a purr My god he s gorgeous Just look at those legs And that chest He s something isn t he Harry asked fighting to keep her lips from betraying her She leaned closer and said softly Rumor has it that he s packing too A man that big I wouldn t doubt it at all I bet he s a handful in bed Or should I say two handfuls Two definitely Harry said pretending her nose itched so she could cover her mouth He looks familiar What is he doing here Tess asked her gaze all but Rivals Break (Sharpe Donovan eating Iakovos up Is he a vendor or something No matter I don t care if he s here to fix the toilets it s clearly time to separate the girls from the women She oiled her way forward all sinuous hips and out thrust breasts Iakovos hadvidently reached the saturation point of female adulation for he managed to Namen-Und Sach-Register Zum Jahresbericht �ber Die Fortschritte in Der Lehre Von Den Pathogenen Mikroorganismen Umfassend Bacterien, Pilze Und Protozo�n extricate himself from the gaggle of ladies and headed straight for Harry Tess stopped in front of him cooing Hello there Hello he said politely not pausing until he reached Harry I love you she told him before she leaped on him wrapping her legs around his hips He chuckled as he hoisted her up kissing her with the passion that never failed to flare between themShe heard gasps behind him followed by a smattering of applause Are you ready to go he asked as she lowered her legs to the ground In just one sec She turned back to the ladies her hand on his arm Tess I don t think you got to meet my fianc Iakovos If he looks familiar it s probably because you ve seen him in magazines I ll miss you all but you know you re welcome to visit if any of youver come to Greece She hugged Soft Focus each one of her friends Tess included accepting their best wishes and promises to stay in touchAs they left the building and headed for Harry s car Iakovos slid her a glance and asked in a misleadingly bland tone Was itverything you hoped it would be Oh that and so much FTC Advisory Penguin Group provided me with a copy of It s All Greek to Me No goody bags sponsorships material connections or bribes were xchanged for my review It s All Greek to Me Katie MacAlisterThank god Katie followed her formula of writing actually I don t think she took one step off the path of the formula she uses If you are a fan of Katie MacAlister as I had been then I think you will know what I meanThe formula A heroine who is strong smart and incredibly. Ounceable name And Harry can't stop herself from falling hard and fast for himIakovoos knew his sister hired her favorite band to perform at her birthday party; he's just not sure where this six foot tall wild haired tempestuous woman fits in or how she.

Being a Katie MacAlister fan I ve read about ten of her novels and have loved them all That is xcept this one I have to admit this book was by far one of the worst I ve read by her And while I m usually one to read a book and Faker easily be able to at least say it was okay I was very close to rating this book a one star The plot was nonexistent the writing was repetitive and the romance was overly unrealistic Thentire premise of the two main characters Harry and Iakovos meeting was simply for a private music concert where the most dire problem was view spoilera runaway singer hide spoiler Best Moment MacAlister s characters are always full of funny moments and fast paced jokingdialogue I think my favorite moments as in many in this book are some of the inner dialogue moments of the heroine In particularthe last chapter is pretty fun I won t ruin any of the plot for you thoughWorst Moment The book opens with a potential sexual attack on one of Harry s wards and while defending the rights and honor of the ward who turns out to be a spoiled misguided brat Harry becomes sexually attracted to JakeIakovos The most problematic moment for me is that a scene not very long after that weirdly and frustratingly Lawbreakers Suspense Stories echoes the potential sexual attack scene they are debating at the beginningnot coolSynopsis Eglantine Harry Knight goes to Greece asmergency help for her friends band as a manger Harry doesn t HIPPO IN THE GARDEN expect to meet a billionaire playboy but lo and behold she does and she falls hard and fast for him Iakovos Papaioannou say that three times fast knew his sister was going to hire her favorite band to perform at her birthday but he did notxpect the 6 foot tall sexy woman He really didn t Spinal Trauma expect tond up in bed with her and he certainly didn t Shadow (New Species, expect to fall in love with her They are magnetically attracted toach other and it looks like this wild woman may revoke one Greek Prince s bachelor cardThe Good MacAlister s dialogue is fast paced and 細味人生100篇 entertaining Her characters are interesting and her heroes are always attractiveintriguing She works off of the Mr Darcy mold big time here I like that this book mixes humor with a kind of romantic necessity for a soft resolution Thend is very classically romance with the idea of a larger family and two people being un broken together though not necessarily fixed As always her heroines are uirky and usually physically voluptuous though not in that Hollywood sense of voluptuous like Megan Foxthink classic bombshells like Marilyn Monroe or modern figures like ueen Latifah It s a good fun fast summer read MacAlister herself says that she wrote this book in 6 days which leaves me aghast for many reasons one of which being The Gathering (Darkness Rising, envy and another the certainty that she must mean the first draft I won t ruin any of the plot for you but despite its problems this book is fun and itnds up having some of my favorite romance MongoDB elements Definitely worth a looksieThe Bad The characterizations kind of stink We re told a couple of times that Harry is like the sea and full of lost hopes and dreams and then that s followed by weird out of place moments of sexuality It s one thing to be hot forach otherit s uite another to immediately throw out sexy times moments when the characters have no back history and have said maybe five words to Chastity each other all of which are wordsxchanged in an argument Also the Experiential Learning echo of a potential sexual attack albeit completely contrived on the part of an obnoxious character isxtremely not okay While it may not be intentional or overtthat s part of the problem This is the kind of stuff that subliminally convinces girls and women that sexual violence is attractive There s a way to do fiery uncontrollable passion and Die Neurobiologie des Glücks even the violence of attractionthis is not it Other than thatjust some annoying side characters occaionally illogical and frustrating reasoning on the part of the heroine and thextreme sexy times attacks at A Final Story: Science, Myth, and Beginnings every turn when you d rather havemotional connections between the main characters make up the bad stuffThe Ugly Another half naked guy on a cover with half a face and a weird zombie stance sighWe ve all been there We re wandering through a bookstore or maybe aimlessly searching suggestions looking at random lists on com for something to read Happily we traipse through booktopias convinced that we re going to find something wonderful to read and then We are greeted with the coverBefore I begin I feel I must point out one very simple factMost authors get absolutely no input in their covers or if they do it s mostly a kind of courtesy Publishers rule Authors weep and hope for reprintsChallenge accepted Unleashing Mockery caption idattachment939 alignaligncenter width525 I m too sexy for my shirttoo sexy for my shirttoo sexyoh waitthis is your shirt SorrycaptionIs it just me or is the rash of half naked man covers a little horrific They all seem to be horrified at their own objectification I imagine there s some cover artist s computer somewhere full of cover characters who come to life at night and go to therapy for sexual objectification survivors This one would go something like Hi I m It sAllGreekToMe and II just can t take my job any It s allspeak sexy with an accent this and promise women your inhuman abs with that I justI just want to play computer games and maybe wear a shirt Can t I have a shirt Or maybe a vest Then there would be weeping and the cover of Fight Club would smoke a cigarette in the background while offering them a different lifeForgive the cover artists for they know not what they doAs posted on I did not like how fast things moved at the beginning It was way over the top they went from hello to wham bam thank you ma am in a mere few words However the thing that saved it for me though was that I also had a least a couple of laugh out loud moments one of which I reread to savor in the first chapter or so It kept me reading and while I think there could have been some judicious A New Philosophy of History editing ie for phrases like never failed to arouse him when they d only knownach other 3 days Never Talk to me about never after 15 years and 2 to 4 to 6 kids Or at least a couple of months into the relationship After a while I came to appreciate another perspective of the relationship the part of what happens after they decide they are meant for one another Of course in another book all that would be what happens before the couple decide to get married and have babies But anyway because it made me laugh several times I will try another Katie MacAlister and hope that it s a smoother ride 155Should have been 1 Star But the names of the characters are so funny so I gave it another 05 DThe first chapter is so confusing I don t get anything at all And the names made it worseWho would name her female character as Harry anyway Yeah MacAlister would To think that her real name is Eglantine Another weird nameThe strong willed girl from and most sought after bachelor in the Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction entire universe is an over used plot Nothing new Nothingxtraordinary Pretty predictable If not for my new year s resolution I would have skimm Eglantine Harry Knight is asked by a friend to go and manage a band in GreeceIakovos Papaioannou is a real Lexikon der Medizin-Irrtümer estate billionaire and he owns the island that the band are performing on and it s his sisters birthday tha I picked this up at the store out of curiosity Katie MacAlister has writt. When Eglantine Harry Knight sets off for Greece at the last minute to step in as manager of a friend's touring band the last thing shexpects is to meet a billionaire Greek playboy Iakovos Papaionannou is perfection on FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck every levelxcept for his unpron.

Understanding yet runs off at the mouth inappropriately has sex somewhat too soon declares her love a bit too soon and is totally irreverent to the ones she loves A book filled with sly jokes and innuendo SlapstickThe sex scenes and there were reams and reams of them in this book are typical of past books too The female Harry has an unhealthy fascination with the hero s Yacky body and typically what she want to do is to lick him a lot and in many ma When I was sent Katie MacAlister s It s All Greek to Me I thought it would be a light hearted fun and sexy romance between the awkward heroine who thinks she s a plain Jane and the to die for handsome Greek billionaire who falls in love with her It s sad that the first chapter is so full of WTFckery where you want to throw the book against the wall and really wonder what the author and the publisher were thinking when they decided to release this Also my antenna was raised when I read in the dedication from Katie where she mentions it took her 6 days to write this book That made me go huh because unless you re writing non stop for 6 days straight I can t see how anyone can finishing writing a manuscript that comes out to be a 326 page paperbackBut I digressThe first chapter is oh so droll and ha ha where Iakovos Papaioannou s brother or better known as Yacky to the heroine when they become lovers is accused of raping an Big Little Man eighteen year old girl Theighteen year old is Cyndi the lead singer of the band that was sent to perform for Yacky s younger sister s birthday party on his Greek island The heroine Eglantine Harry Knight is not only a famous author but a stand in manager for Cyndi s band Harry thinks she s plain and not that attractive She has had only one lover since she s so un attractive although Yacky thinks the The Man from Beijing exact opposite Harry and Yacky meet and lock horns when she comes to Cyndi s aidCyndi is naked in a bed crying and scared as well as having nasty looking raw marks on her neck and chest Cyndi has accused Yacky s brother Theo of raping her Harry knows right off the bat that something is wrong here and Cyndi is lying because Cyndi s petulant purse of her lips sound off some warning bells in Harry s brain We re told then told that Cyndi is milking this situation for all it s worth and Cyndi perused Theo and not the other way around Those marks on her chest are from whisker burns because Greek men need to shaveveryday because they become so hairy Theo accuses Cyndi of throwing herself at him and for some reason which isn t revealed he stops having sex with her Cyndi must be lying Creating Lasting Value even though she s crying and visibly upsetYacky accuses Cyndi of faking because in the past many women have wanted Theo because of his good looks and fortune Harry thinks Yacky is a jerk for thinking that and Yacky finds Harry to be a very strange woman But as this is all going on something primal some urge woke and demanded that he claim her in the most fundamental way a man could claim a woman Yacky is suddenly turned on by Harry while Theo has been accused of rape Good to know where Yacky s priorities lieYacky Theo and Harry go to the hospital with Cyndi to get her checked out Theo thinks Harry is a she devil because she dared not to believe him and kneed him in the balls when he got fresh with her Yacky thinks Harry is a luscious Theo continues to stay it wasn t his faultven though he was a little drunk along the lines of being buzzed He couldn t help himself because All Papaioannou men have to do is smile and women fall all over themselves to crawl into our beds From this statement Theo believes Cyndi was asking for it and Understanding Markets and Strategy even if she told him to stop at one point he shouldn t because of his pastxperiences with all these women crawling into bed to be with himHarry then talks to Yacky and instead of keeping her distance from him she does a little bantering and flirting with him Then they re kissing and Harry decides she ll have sex with him This all happens while Cyndi is still being check out for sexual traumaOver the course of the next few chapters Harry and Yacky become lovers conveniently forgetting that Theo may have raped Cyndi That situation is dropped and Montana Dreams everyone goes on their marry way as if it never happened Theo who knows Yacky and Harry have become loversven tries to seduce Harry at one pointThat s where I chucked this book to the side seriously thinking WTF did I read It s bad Immerwelt - Der Pakt enough a story starts out with an alleged attempted rape that apparently didn t happen because theighteen year old Cyndi is responsible for what happened to her because she threw herself at Theo Also Harry jumps right into Yacky s bed Modern South Asia even before the crime has been investigated or a doctor comes forward to say that there is novidence of Cyndi suffering any sexual traumaAnd don t get me started how Harry has no real sexual Picture Theory experience other than one partner This is a woman in her thirties who was with a man in a relationship for three years She tells Yacky she never had a man s tongue down her throat This leads me to believe a man never kissed her or gave her passionate kisses Hello What type of relationship were you in for three years if a man never kissed you with a little tongue action Yacky on the other hand has worlds ofxperience because he s handsome and a Greek BillionaireIt s All Greek to Me is a massive WTFckery with ridiculous situations that are insulting to women with a lame attempt to be slapstick Maybe I m missing something but when did a rape attempt or Ancestral Voices even a failed seduction attempt by anighteen year old girl who is refused by the older man she wants and then cries rape And Bid Him Sing even after there isvidence that the man has been intimate with her to the point of intercourse is considered oh so funny If someone can Aristotle Detective (Aristotle explain this to me please doBased on what I read here I will never read another Katie MacAlister book againRape being made fun in such of way regardless of the character s horrible personality or how she s overreacting and asked for it by her alleged rapist is so wrong on the author s part just to get a few laughs and bring the heroine and heroine together For shame Ms MacAlister 1 star Contemporary RomanceI m usually a generous reviewer and rarely rate a book less than 2 stars but this is an absolute Greek tragedy train wreck I ve never read anything by this author before so I don t know if fluffy and silly to the point of utterly ridiculous is her usual style or if this is just a disappointingxception I think the author was aiming for light humorous and sexy but it really missed the mark for meThe first chapter is annoying with one of the most unromantic scenarios for the Hh meeting in any romance that I ve read And the hero Iakovos and heroine Eglantine Harry yes those are really their names speed from animosity toward Bones, Clones, and Biomes each other in the first chapter to sex in the third chapter and the plot or lack thereof and dialogue are pour some wine cheesyHere s anxample of the strong cheese factorview spoilerAt one point the hero doesn t believe that he s the father of the heroine s twin babies because he was informed by a doctor that damage from an accident when he was seventeen that resulted in a prosthetic testicle also rendered him sterile But have no fear for this hero managed to overcome his affliction with Greek god sperm and impregnate the virtuous heroineand with twins hide spoiler. 's already Bringing the Empire Home ended up in his bed and in his heart Harry is so not his type She's as infuriating as she is intriguing and she can't keep her hands off his butt But she just may be the woman who knocks him off the world's mostligible bachelor list for goo.

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For as long as she can remember Katie MacAlister has loved reading Growing up in a family where a weekly visit to the library was a given Katie spent much of her time with her nose buried in a book Despite her love for novels she didn't think of writing them until she was contracted to write a non fiction book about software Since her editor refused to allow her to include either witty dialo