E–pub READ [MY Daily Zoo] Â Chris Ayers

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E–pub READ MY Daily Zoo  Chris Ayers


Inspired by The Daily Zoo Keeping the Doctor at Bay with a Drawing a Day and The Daily Zoo Year 2 Chris Ayers has created MY Daily Zoo to get the creativity of the young and old alike brewing This activity book will provide page upon page of xercises that will provide YOU with ample opportunities to create your own personal zoo of characters Some x.

Amples of what you will find within the cover an octopus with the nds of his tentacles missing you get to add what you would like to see held in the ight spaces scribbles that get turned into characters with scribbles drawn to inspire your own characters design a tortoise shell a hippo tattoo a bowling team's missing members the dog show's competiti.

On line up animal splicing parts of different animals are provided for you to create your own Have no fear this book of artistic challenges will be started off with a step by step drawing follow a long showing a line by line shape by shape progression of drawing a Daily Zoo character provided with blank spaces next to ach step for one to follow along.