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(DOWNLOAD) Never Kiss a Stranger

G with the love and passion that will make the both of them whole DNF p190I m counting this trash book because I m over halfway through it But honestly I m 190 pages in and the only thing that s happened is that Alys and Piers are STILL RUNNING AWAY FROM HOME overit My major beef with this story was the se of the F word Now I have no problem with sing that word myself but then again I don t live in 1276 where I can only imagine such a word wasn t sed According to Wikipedia the first known Captivated by the Millionaire usage of this curse was in 1475 200 years after this story took place The overuse of this word by the hero and Ise that word loosely just seemed wrong and inconsistent with the times Since superstition was alive and well in medieval times I A Mighty Big Wish understand the allure of the Foxe Ring and believe that true love would happen to those found together in the ring at midnight of the full moon So the fact that Alys Foxe fell in love with our anti hero Piers Mallory didn t surprise me What did though was Piers attitude towards Alys and her continued begging and pleading to go with her husband His continued acrimony and plain old nastiness towards Alys should have had her running back to her sister regardless of said sisters behavior It was 1276 after all when women just weren t safe outside the home and honestly Piers looking like a homesless bum could have been anyone intent on harming Alys but did she give a single thought to her own safety Nope She clung to Piers like a darn barnacleWhen Alys found out who Bevan s father was why did she not tell Ira Piers grandfather when he rescued her before Piers saw the King This is information that would have been invaluable to Piers in his time of need So why did someone who loved him to pieces not turn over this vital information especially since she was leaving with her sister I just didn tnderstand this behavior towards someone she l o v e dNow I do own the other books in this series but honestly I hated Sybilla and can t imagine enjoying her story and the other sister is so preachy and God fearing and headed to a nunnery that I can t even imagine reading her story never mind enjoying it So this being the best sister of the lot and her story was just so so I won t be continuing this series It s a shame since I ve loved every other Heather Grothaus book I ve read I ll definitely read this author again just not this series The story takes place in England in 1276 I think the story only spans about a month or so The heroine is eighteen year old Alys Foxe She s got pale blond hair and brown eyes She s the youngest of three sisters Her parents are deceased and her older sister Sybilla runs everything Alys runs away because Sybilla is making her marry someone whom she doesn t want to marryThe hero is thirty year old Piers Mallory He s poor and on a mission to claim his birthright from the King He comes across Alys sleeping at something called Foxe Ring It s a stone ring outside that is supposedly where you go to meet your future spouse Alys becomes convinced that they re now husband and wife I found that to be very annoying At the beginning Alys is given a monkey whom she names Layla The vicious monkey is on almost every page of the story I didn t care for that at all That too was very annoying I don t believe a romance book should feature a pet The monkey was very distracting and pointless really Piers suffers a terrible attack by two people who are very close to him I like those characters because I feel all books even romance need a villian or two I think they add to any story I don t think the ones in this story were given enough time to develop their characters There wasn t enough character development with both hero and heroine either Piers lost his mother when he was just six We don t really know anything of his life before he met the heroine Same goes with Alys What was her life like especially with no parents We learned nothing about their pastsAlmost from the start she claimed she loved Piers and not long after he claimed he loved her too That was way too rushed came too fast They don t really even know each other They were sort of thrown together and they didn t have anyone but each other during a stressful scary time Their feelings for one another grew faster than most I guess because of itI also didn t like the wood people who live in trees literally I thought that was bizarre and nbelievable like something you d read in a Grimm s fairy tale I guess it was a bit creative but a little too out of the box for meOverall I found to this to be silly and I was disappointed I grade it a C3 stars This was incredibly well written At first I thought like Piers that Alys was a spoiled selfish girl She wasn t she was smart and as Piers see that so do weLikewise Sybilla seemed like a total bitch and yet despite her many flaws Grothaus shows s that she is strict and harsh and mean but she means well and deep down she is a good person Sybilla holds Fallstowe keep denying the king s summons and generally pissing him off alone as an The Italians Stolen Bride unwed woman She takes lovers which was shocking and yet I was struck by how awesome that was Espe. End If a man and a woman meet at midnight within the ancient Foxe Ring ruins they are as good as married But when she finds a captivating stranger lurking there in the middle of the night she discovers the one man who isnawareIt's a deadly pursuit that brings Piers Ma.

Nowhere in medieval England are three women so powerful or adored as the heiresses of Fallstowe Castle Sybilla the ruthless beauty Cecily the pure hearted innocent And Alys the youngest sister whose wild spirit has yet to be matchedLady Alys thinks everyone knows the legend If a man and a woman meet at midnight within the ancient Foxe Ring ruins they are as good as married But when she finds a captivating stranger lurking there in the middle of the night she discovers the one man who is The Greek Tycoons Mistress unawareIt s a deadly pursuit that brings Piers Mallory to the Fallstowe lands But now that fate has attached the alluring and curiously insistent Alys to his side it may work to his advantage to play by her rules at least for a time Yet the danger Piers courts is no game and the passion he and Alys share is all too realMy thoughtsMy first book by Heather This was a cute enjoyable read Something different for a change would have liked to have seen a little bit of romance to this book though Lady Alys is being forced to marry She goes to the Foxe Ring ruins looking for her husband to be Its legend if you venture to the ring you will find your matepon entering it if you mate is agreeable with the Lady they are married by tradition But Piers enters with ring thinking the Lady is hurt and knows nothing of the legend Lady Alys explains to him what has happen and calls him husband but he is not grasping this He s been on the run as his step mother and brother are trying to kill him Piers is holding and object that with ruin there lives forever Piers will not leave the Lady so they decide to travel together to London as Piers is on his way to see the King This gives Alys a chance to work her way into his heart This was a slow budding romance between the two which brought tiny smiles while living there romance and adventure between the two The way the two strangers care for one another and fell deeply in love but denying they can be together foreverSometimes fate has a way of working its way out Looking forward to reading this other again Never Kiss a Stranger by Heather GothausHistorical Romance March 1st 20114 stars Never Kiss a Stranger is a medieval romance which features a tortured and noble hero that romance fans will adore Alys Foxe is young and impetuous noble woman who is somewhat spoiled Alys rebels when her overbearing older sister tries to tame her by arranging a marriage for her Alys is determined to find another suitable husband of her own choosing But Alys is a bit romantic and believes in the magic of the Foxe ruins where her parents met and found love She visits the site in hopes of finding her own true love there too There she meets a stranger named Piers Piers wants nothing to do with Alys He was nearly killed by his murderous step mother and step brother Piers is the true heir to his father s small estate and is on a journey to see King Edward and plead for his lands returned However Alys sees her chance in Piers and blackmails him into taking her as his traveling companion to London But their journey has not gone nnoticed by Piers s enemies or Alys overprotective and powerful sister Although this story starts with Alys I really became involved with Piers journey to reclaim his rightful birthright Alys was initially difficult for me to warm p to because she was sometime hard headed and seemed spoiled and immature at times But as the book progressed I admired her backbone and support in Piers Not just how she could se him to avoid her arranged marriage Piers is the perfect hero He has a high sense of honor even though he has been treated poorly which only made him worthy He is a highly sympathetic hero who will tug on any romantic reader s heart strings I was also fascinated by Alys s powerful sister Sybilla Although Sybilla was initially cast as a villain for arranging Alys s arranged marriage I really began to admire her spirit and strong character as she tried to do what was best for her lands and the sisters she cared for She and Piers were my favorite characters Now that Piers has found love I cross my fingers that the author s next book will feature the indomitable Sybilla Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club NEVER KISS A STRANGER by Heather Grothaus is an exciting historical romance set in 1276 England It is fast pacedfull of adventuredangerand witty banter between the hero and heroineThis is the story of a commoner Piers who is actually a noblemanHe has been betrayedhis bettershis stepmother stepbrother after his father s death attempt to kill himtry to discredit him and hunt him down when they find out they did not kill himFor he is headed to see King Edward to claim his rightful place as the Lord of Gillwic lady Alys knows the legend of the ancient Foxe Rings a place where a man and a woman meet at midnight within the rings they are as good as married She runs into a captivating stranger lucking there has no knowledge of the rings It is a deadly pursuit that bring Piers Mallory to Fallstowe Lands and the Foxe Rings and Lady Alys The fates has paired Alys to Piers They will share the danger that courts them both Endin. Nowhere in medieval England are three women so powerful or adored as the heiresses of Fallstowe Castle Sybilla the ruthless beauty Cecily the pure hearted innocentand Alys the youngest sister whose wild spirit has yet to be matchedLady Alys thinks everyone knows the leg.

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Cially the moment of weakness she has in private after sending away her latest lover yes she definitely slept with him its not rumor and how she longs to have a man of her ownCecilly is known as Saint Cecilly and at one point says she s not like her mother or sisters she doesn t pretend to see colours or cast spells to be special Which makes me feel for herIt was well done at first we see only what society of the book sees a ruthless beauty pure hearted innocent and the wild one but then we see beneath the surface One of the best example of showing not tellingPiers was such a strong hero trying to keep Alys safe and send her home in spite of her wilfulness and insistence that they are married He s trying to claim his birthright over his step brother and his evil step mother such a cliche to se but she was an evil conniving cowI believed Alys and Piers together and I loved itFor people who pick this Hoofd in de wolken (Puffin Island up and find Alys annoying hold on because for me almost immediately after I noticed that she was a selfish girl she matured 2013 reviewThis was the second time I read this book I re read it because I have the second book in the trilogy to read and I couldn t remember all the nuances of this story I m glad I took the time to re read this book I enjoyed it much the second time and even changed my rating from a 3 to a 4 This is a typical historical romance you have a headstrong girl a commoner who is being denied his birthrite as a Lord and even a cute little sidekick in the form of a Monkey I love stories with Monkeys in them They always lend a little humor to the story and I was not disappointed in this book Once again there was sarcastic humor that I enjoyed and I enjoyed the relationship between Piers Mallory and Alys Foxe I feel the relationship moved along at a believable pace that the love between the two characters didn t come too easy or too difficult I like the simplicity in the story so that you could focus on Alys and Piers I also enjoyed meeting Ira and I like the fact that he wasn t Alys biggest fan and again I felt their relationship evolved at good pace I look forward to reading the next installment in this trilogy which deals with another of the three Foxe sisters What I LikedI liked the humor in this book I liked how we saw Alys rowp before our eyes and take ownership of her actions and start to act out of knowledge and strength instead of childishness and selfishnessWhat I DislikedI disliked how the author in a couple tiny spots eluded to magic or witchcraft I don t think that was developed really well and probably should have been left out of the book as it didn t add anything I also disliked how the book is a cliffhanger If you want to know the story of why the king and Sybilla are having a battle of wills you have to read on Perhaps as I read on I will find out about this elusive magic but I don t think that will change how I feel about its presentation in this book2011 reviewA little slow in the beginning but then I got caught Twos Company up in the story of a young woman finding herself and her love on a journey to right wrongs done to all I will definitely read the next book in the series to find out what happens next More like 15 stars but I thought the overall rating way overestimated and the other comments too lenient with this bookI cannot say it is poorly written but neither is it nicely so Some sentences ringed out of time to me I never liked ANY of the characters and could not care for them Alys is a childish brat who finally realizes how she s been and hopefully will redeem herself in the future after the ending of the book however she s rather stupid and it site painful to hear her whinge The so called hero does not have much for himself the only words that come to my mind thinking about him are plainer than plain boring and lonely loner The overall story does not hold much and to my opinion is rather poor I never nderstood where the blooming love between the Hh came from The feelings of the characters are never described which does not allow for a lot of emotions bonding What irritated me the most however were the regular inconsistencies stupidities done by the characters First Alys whinged she could not go home on her own as she truly did not know the way the author justified that However two days later when they were further away from her home castle she still knew the village where to go to get food Secondly in this village she begged for food and told a tale that having food would help her get back to her Mom and be forgiven however a few minutes later she asked the woman the way to London and thought herself so witty for having misled her into thinking she would be on the road to London Last one when Alys was rescued from the villains just before Piers was to see the King to get his rightful title and property she reluctantly agreed to leave but did NOT tell the information she learnt that would make the difference for Piers despite her claiming she loved him and would do anything for his wellbeing and happiness And the hero was not wiser than the stupid chit he also did something really stupid which obviously turned bad. Llory to the Fallstowe lands But now that fate has attached the alluring and curiously insistent Alys to his side it may work to his advantage to play by her rules at least for a time Yet the danger Piers courts is no game and the passion he and Alys share is all too re.

Heather Grothaus has published twelve novels since 2006 which have been translated into several foreign languages She fell in love with historical romance after reading a Kathleen E Woodiwiss novel when she was far too young to be doing so and has since built a reputation for crafting twisting adventures laugh out loud dialogue and heart wrenching emotion When she’s not writing she spends