[Pdf Télécharger] Introduction to Research Methods: A Hands–On Approach

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Pdf Télécharger Introduction to Research Methods: A Hands–On Approach

Good not too dry I give it stars because it didn t have any issues with it Worked like it should and was the book I needed for class I debated between 4 and 5 stars I teach a graduate level combined research methods and statistics course for 1st year 1st semester graduate students This is ONE of the books that was reuired Many of them have not had a research methods class and are coming in right from college OR it was very sparse if they did and they don t remember much While I normally don t think of this book as a graduate level book it worked well for my purposes because of the limited nature of the content my students normally have prior to graduate school and the importance. Their lives Each chapter includes real research examples that illustrate specific topics that the chapter covers guides that help students explore actual research challenges in depth and ethical considerations relating to specific chapter topics3 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Read This Book1 Conducting research can be fun when you see it in terms that relate to your everyday life2 Knowing how to do research will open many doors for you in your career It will open your mind to new ide.

Ok Well organised and written with a logical progression this book covers the topic of research methods very well There are tons of illustrations and insets with visual information as wellIt is written at a level that I think most people with a bit of science background can nderstand It is a great book for anyone to brush Mortal Sin up on the topic Delivered in conditioned as promised Designing or breaking down a research study a survey an experiment etc is made much easier with this book It lays out all the fundamentals and then how tose the results The book is well designed for a textbook very colorful and easy to read Lots of seful examples to work through as well The readability is. Introduction to Research Methods A Hands On Approach makes learning research methods easy for students by giving them activities they can experience and do on their own With clear simple and even humorous prose this text offers students a straightforward introduction to an exciting new world of social science and behavioral research Rather than making research seem intimidating author Bora Pajo shows students how research can be an easy ongoing conversation on topics that matter in.

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On text being easy to read This book is easy to read and this is really important if my students are to engage in the materialI liked the organization and approachability of the book with lots of examples I did need to change some of the terminology as the way I se it in our field hence the consideration of the 4 stars but this was few and far between I really appreciate the emphasis on the research table for literature reviews which very few research methods books have that I came across In the end what matters is what my students thought of it and for the first time I got 2 thumbs p from them Hence if they liked it and found it valuable and actually read it then it gets 5 stars. As on what you might pursue in the future eg becoming an entrepreneur opening your own nongovernmental organization or running your own health clinic and give you an extra analytic skill to brag about in your job interviews3 Understanding research will make you an educated consumer You will be able to evaluate the information before you and determine what to accept and what to reject Truth be told nderstanding research will save you money in the short and long termFrom Chapter 1 of.