Lire Sex and Horror: The Art of Emanuele Taglietti

Jackets through the 70s and 80s there s no explicit sex but plenty of sadomasochism implied torture and violence all reproduced in glorious colour with the original artwork as the main panel and a smaller illustration as it appeared on the published coverThe few available pictures in the product page blurb above give a fair impression of the contentA couple of short texts and some accompanying comments on some pieces or series provide useful commentary and contextA book that will no doubt be of interest to graphic artists and anyone into pulp fiction illustration at the time of writing this the book has just been re printed so grab it while it is available at an affordable price It is all a little on one theme though but I still enjoyed this collection I love this style of Italian artwork as well as Spanish etc and so it is a pleasure to get a collection of many of covers to books and magazines that are nigh on impossible to collect in the UK ok ou can find some but they are very expensive Really glad I got this volume as well as the other two in the series and looking forward to the fourth volume Edito negli stati unitisembra incredibile ma un disegnatore italiano non viene editato in ItaliaComunue un ottimo volume ben curato e il fatto che sia in lingua inglesenon da problemi perch anche chi conosce poco la lingua in grado di capireMolte belle riproduzioni delle opere di TagliettiInsomma a mio avviso un volume imperdibile insieme all altro della stessa casa editricedi Biffignand. Age of Italian comics His iconic work overflowing with violence and eroticism is unforgettable A must have for comic book fans artists and popular culture aficionados alike.

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The 80 s everything was up for grabs By the end of the 70 s the risu covers had descended into out and out pornography and ultimately came off second best up against home video Rape torture sadism bestiality necrophilia and even tentacles get a look inInevitably the 80 s proved far explicit and violent and the covers had to cater to the change in taste with blood to hold consumer attentionCertainly not for everyone but an interesting collection of pop artculture Dieser 225 x 26 cm gro e amerikanische SC Band mit 160 Seiten und Pr gedruck des Coverschriftzuges widmet sich dem Werk des italienischen Pulp Illustrators Emanuele Taglietti geboren 1943 der in seiner Laufbahn etwas ber 500 Titelbilder f r italienische Billig Comicreihen mit viel Sex Horror und Gewalt schuf ca 130 dieser Illustrationen kommen in Farbe zum abdruck als Bonus etliche davon noch mit fertigen Titelschriftz gen der Comicreihen seben Seiten sind einem Vorwo The first volume in a series from Korero Press that currently consists of three volumes on different Italian artistsThe title and cover illustration pretty much gives away the content this volume showcases the rather lurid work of graphic illustrator Emanuele Taglietti I knew little about Taglietti till I picked this up but his work has apparently been mistaken and miss attributed to his compatriot Allesandro Bifignandi an artist I do know about and the subject of volume two in the seriesAs one would expect the work presented here appeared on magazine and book. 70s and '80s he paintedthan 500 covers for adult comic books such as Zora la Vampira Sukia Mafia and 44 Magnum and became one of the most outstanding artists of the golden.

A look at the work of Emanuele Taglietti a comic book cover artist known for his artwork in the 1970 s and 1980 s Emanuele Taglietti painted than 500 covers for such books as Zora the Vampire Sukia Mafia and 44 Magnum Taglietti was one of most outstanding artists of the golden age of Italian comics crime and horror were his specialties His work overflowing with violence and eroticism is both eye catching and unforgettableOne of the key players and perhaps the most important of the Italian erotic comic movement was Emanuele Taglietti The pulp comics of the 70s were marked out by their beautiful bold and often confrontational covers rather than the content insideThe book opens with an impassioned foreword from collector and artist Mark Alfrey who discusses how history has forgotten Taglietti with many of his works sadly credited to some of his contemporaries instead Leading on to a revealing portrait of the artist enabling those in the dark to familiarise themselves with his work summarising his journey as an artist from working as an art director in the flourishing Italian film industry most notably with Fellini to working from home as a comic covers artist and recently painting murals and landscapesThe book is centred on Taglietti s work for Italian publisher Edifumetto they had a big share of the market for erotic fantasy and horror themed comics The images offer a captivating look at Italian pulp art particularly the paradigm shift from the 70 s concerning sex and nudity and how by. A long overdue look at the famed fumetti work of Emanuele Taglietti a legendary comic book cover artist known for his outrageous style In the course of his career in the 19.

Lire Sex and Horror: The Art of Emanuele Taglietti

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