(PDF) [Mortal Danger (Ann Rules Crime Files Book 13)] ↠ Ann Rule

Un in with a uy there once who attempted to assault me uite a few years ago for no ood reason other than he was having a bad day He was definitely paranoid and he was almost surely violent but luckily for me a police officer stepped in to save the dayGold Beach may seem idyllic if you ve been there but just like the main antagonist in MD don t let looks deceive you There are some strange characters in that town and MD seems to support my case You ve probably already read the synopsis about the main story there are several stories incl I have been a devout reader of Ann Rule s books for years and have read every one she has released I think Mortal Danger is an excellent addition to the outstanding work she continually puts out there With her past experience as a police officer she adds not only the knowledge but adds class to the cases she writes about not starving the reader of detail She has compassion and respect for the victim and their families and is doing an amazing service for them by etting their stories out for all to read and hear aboutHer latest endeavor is not an exception to the rule Keep up the Treacherous Is the Night (Verity Kent, great work Ann You are doing a fantastic job Great Book Ann Rule is my favorite writer The library doesn t carry very many of her books any so I decided to buy them because I can reread them many times and find something new each time The price wasood and the product arrived well packaged and on This book was brilliant I didn t want to put it down a definite must read Bit cheesy but overall a ood rea. Maged a presidential candidates campaign and ended in a bitter double tragedy in a uiet neighborhood three thousand miles awaythe shocking DNA link between a cold blooded crime and a cold caseand inside the horrific case of the man who crossed an ocean and several countries to stalk the Eurasian beauty who had fled from him in desperati.

(PDF) Mortal Danger (Ann Rules Crime Files Book 13) ↠ Ann Rule

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Es happen in this world we live in Rule is a wonderful author and her style is VERY readable Very ood book she is was my favourite author I think the fact she was a police officer made it better for the background to all her books reat readgreat author I have read nearly every book that Ann Rule has written I found them captivating incredible research and most of all well written These are true stories of criminals the crimes they have committed and how they are caught and brought to some type of justice If this is a enre you like to read check her out Or if you want to learn about criminals and how they are brought to justice you might want to read her novels I always look forward to her next book Mortal Danger is another of crime author Ann Rule s true stories I have not all but most of her true crime books and I found this one to be a Aguecheeks Beef, Belchs Hiccup, and Other Gastronomic Interjections good read that is if you are I like just about anything Ann Rule has written This book does not disappoint Could hardly put it down Yet another amazing and interesting book by the brilliant Ann Rule Love the way that she writes and how much information sheathers for her stories Only issue with my copy was that the pictures weren t in order and some of the pictures were muddled up I used to know someone who lived in Gold Beach Oregon but she died about a decade ago So I ve visited there uite a few times and finally Black Metropolis, Vol. 2 got around to buying and reading Mortal Danger MD by Ann Rule I will say that the people in that town are very strange and actually oddly dangerous I had a Sociopath to this riveting true crime collection Featured here is the case of a Southern California family man who lured a beautiful flight attendant into a passionate and dangerous relationship Other cases include that of the woman who masterminded her husbands murder toain his inheritancethe monstrous sadist whose prison release da.

As a former probation officer with mainly adult male felons as clients I really enjoy reading all of Ann Rule s books I especially appreciate the research that she does to By Words Alone give us alimpse into theperpetrator s life and laus before us the likely circumstances which led himher too commit the crime While she has said in some of her forward pieces that her intent is not to scare the reader but rather to makes the rerader aware of his or her surroundings not to include merely dark alleys and wooded forest but also and importantly the people who are in one s vironment As compared to some other crime writers she does not overdo the character development of the people about whom she writes but is masterfully able to balance that part of each story with information about the crime that heshe committed as well as the unending suffering and Constantinople and the West grief of the victims loved ones Ann Rules style of writing is nothing short of enviable sheives the reader the facts but manages to avoid sensationalizing the cruelty that these true crimes involved I look forward each time to reading her next book Maybe one day before too long I ll write her to suggest that she write about a schoolmate who brutally murdered a beautiful young lady with a samurai sword and subseuently joined the police from all of the major islands here in our beautiful state as they and the canime teams searched for her body ALL of Ann Rule s books are fantastic reads I highly recommend any one of them Since they are not fiction it pays to read about what CAN and do. In this unputdownable true crime collection from New York Times bestselling author Ann Rule discover fascinating cases of the spouse lover family member or helpful stranger whose lethally violent nature though masterfully disguised can and will killThe author of The Stranger Beside Me brings her brilliantly informed understanding of the.

Ann Rule is regarded by many as the foremost true crime writer in America and the author responsible for the genre as it exists today She came to her career with a solid background in law enforcement and the criminal justice systemAs a child Ann spent her summer vacations with her grandparents in Stanton Michigan helping her grandmother prepare meals for the prisoners in the jail She wondered why such friendly normal appearing men were locked behind bars and why the sweet woman in the cell upstairs who taught Ann to crochet was about to go on trial for murder That was the beginning of her lifelong curiosity about the uot;Whysuot; behind criminal behavior Following in the footsteps of her grandfather a sheriff in Michigan Ann joined the Seattle Police Department when she was 21 worked a year and a half but couldn’t pass the eye test After five years of rejection slips she finally sold her first article for 35 Soon she found her niche when she began writing for fact detective magazines like TRUE DETECTIVE Ann was a full time true crime writer from 1969 2015 Over the past 30 years she has published 33 books and 1400 articles mostly on criminal cases Ann has a BA from the University of Washington in Creative Writing with minors in Psychology Criminology and Penology She has completed courses in Crime Scene Investigation Police Administration Crime Scene Photography and Arrest Search and Seizure earning her an Associates Degree from Highline Community College Ann not only attended several police seminars on organized crime arson bomb search and DNA but taught her own seminars to law enforcement groups and was a certified instructor in many states on subjects such as Serial Murder Sadistic Sociopaths Women Who Kill and High Profile Offenders She was a member of the US Justice Department Task Force that set up the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program VI CAP and testified twice before Senate Judiciary Sub committees on victims rights and on the danger of serial killersAnns books deal with three areas the victims stories; the detectives and prosecutors and how they solve their cases with old fashioned police work and modern forensic science; and the killers’ lives Ann spent months researching for her books investigating the killers early childhood and even back into their family histories to find some of the genesis of their behaviorEight of Anns books have been made into TV movies and five are in the works She won the coveted Peabody Award for the miniseries based on her bookSmall Sacrifices and has two Anthony Awards from Bouchercon the mystery fans organization She has been nominated three times for Edgar Awards from the Mystery Writers of America She was also awarded the Washington State Governors Award Ann is active in support groups for victims of violent crimes and their families in programs to help battered and abused women and support groups for children caught in traumatic living situationsAnn Rule passed away in July of 2015 From Ann Rule “My first book THE STRANGER BESIDE ME was about Ted Bundy but amazingly I had the book contract to write about an unknown killer six months before Bundy was identified as the uot;Ted Killeruot; And I had known him all along and didnt realize it; he was my partner in the all night shift at Seattles Crisis Clinic”“To choose a book subject I weed through about 3000 suggestions from readers Im looking for an uot;anti herouot; whose eventual arrest shocks those who knew him or her attractive brilliant charming popular wealthy talented and much admired in their communities but really hiding behind masks”

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